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09/22/21 added Ezra:Complete Commentary verse by verse
09/05/21 added Isaiah: Commentary complete verse by verse
08/30/21 added Manuscript Evidence for the 16 verses omitted in the modern versions
08/09/21 added The New Living Translation Exposed
06/28/21 added Very Little Time Left to Serve by Phil Reardon
06/27/21 added What is the Great Commission?
06/17/21 added Christian Mixed Marriages
06/12/21 added Retirement
05/10/21 added Cancel Culture is Cancer Culture
05/05/21 added Jew: Who is Biblically Entitled to that Name?
04/30/21 added The 144,000: Who are They?
04/13/21 added 1 Thessalonians 5:9 - The Misunderstanding
04/12/21 updated Rapture Watching
04/03/21 added When Did Christ Die?
03/23/21 added Keeping the Feasts
03/15/21 added ONE
03/07/21 added Who is the Enemy of Christians?
03/07/21 added The Nation of Psalm 33:12
03/03/21 added 1290 and 1335 Days
02/12/21 added Why the Levites Were Not Numbered
01/27/21 added The Third Temple
01/17/21 added The Dangers of False Prophets and Teachers
12/19/20 added They Are All Dead
11/29/20 added Joined to a Harlot
11/27/20 added I Only Read The Bible
11/25/20 added Commentary on the Book of Joshua
11/02/20 added Christ's Death was Particular not Random
10/24/20 added Quenching the Holy Spirit
10/15/20 added Where did God Place His Name?
10/09/20 added Confronting Other Christians
10/04/20 added Religious Prostitution
10/01/20 added Jesus Christ: The God of the Old Testament
09/15/20 added Christians Need to Become Biblicists
09/02/20 added Witnessing as a Doctrines of Grace Believer
09/01/20 added The Order of Salvation
08/24/20 added The Final Day
08/16/20 added Romans 7:14-25: Is it the Pre or Post Conversion of the Apostle Paul?
08/05/20 added Everything Changed at Calvary
07/05/20 added Paul's Missionary Journeys
07/02/20 added Nehemiah Commentary
06/14/20 added Thy Kingdom Has Come
06/13/20 added Slavery and the Bible
06/11/20 added Theological Slavery
05/31/20 added Discerning the Times
05/28/20 added Inside Perspective: Fake Fellowship
05/26/20 added Did Jesus Claim to be God?
05/21/20 added Romans 13 is not Unquestioned Obedience to Government
05/19/20 added Mask Wearing is Dangerous
05/18/20 added Why "Ends" and not "End" in 1 Corinthians 10:11?
05/08/20 added The Old Testament Genealogies
05/02/20 added Mark of the Beast - What is it?
04/28/20 added Standing with Israel is equal to Standing with Satan!
04/20/20 added The Omnipresent Christ on Earth
04/18/20 added Did Jesus Speak about Homosexuality?
04/09/20 added Commentary on the Book of Ruth
04/08/20 added Encouragement for the Spiritually Weary
04/06/20 added Fighting Corona Virus on Two Fronts
04/06/20 added Same-Sex Marriage - The World's Most Nefarious Sin
04/02/20 added Now We Know How Germany Let It Happen
03/27/20 added Christianity: The Distinction
03/19/20 added Is the Corona Virus a Prophetic Event?
03/18/20 added Commentary on Ecclesiastes
03/16/20 added Dispensationalism and the Corona Virus
03/15/20 added Jesus Christ - The Creator
03/06/20 added The Chosen People - Who Are They?
03/05/20 added The Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord God
03/02/20 added A Short Study on John 1:1
03/01/20 added Faith to Sight
02/29/20 added 20 Characteristics of a Cult
02/25/20 added Where do Babies go when they die?
02/23/20 added Modern Versions Do Not Agree With Each Other
02/03/20 added Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost?
01/18/20 added Completed Commentary on the Book of Zechariah