Studies Added in 2007



01/05/07 added Protect Yourself from E-Coli
01/12/07 added Frequently asked Questions
01/26/07 added 12 Ways to Mark a Pharisee
02/05/07 added The New King James Version Exposed
03/01/07 added Did the Lord Jesus Christ Go To Hell?
03/06/07 added Origen's Gnostic Belief System
03/27/07 added Rick Warren's PEACE Plan Updated
11/04/07 added Is the Government Poisoning Our Food?
11/06/07 added Christian Personalities
11/29/07 added Pre-Trib Rapture Desperados
12/04/07 added Words of Wisdom from Omar Andeel
12/10/07 added 1 Peter Commentary
12/21/07 added Was the Lord Addressing Peter or Satan?
12/30/07 added 2 Peter Commentary