Have you looked at labels lately?  Do you see  FDA  (government agency) approved unnecessary additives such as: Aspartame, Monosodium glutamate (MSG),  artificial colorings and flavorings,  BHA,  BHT,  yeast,  yeast extract, caseinate,  'hydrogenized' ingredients,  L-cysteine,  'proteins',  'seasonings', 'spices',  cottonseed oil,  canola oil,  and the list goes on and on !

So you say, "what's wrong with these?  Seasonings and spices  sound  okay. And  the FDA  approves of all these things - so what's the problem?"  If  'spices' and 'seasonings' were really what the words indicate, there would be nothing wrong with it - - - but  surprise!  They are "cover"  words for MSG when used in general terms like this.  If they were really 'spices' and 'seasonings' as we would normally think of them to be,  they would  NOT  be listed in these general terms;  the spice or seasoning would be individually named, like  salt, ginger, cinnamon, etc. - you get the picture.   If it was really a spice, it would name  the spice - - - not be listed as the general term 'spices' or 'seasonings' or 'flavorings.'      MSG  and all these 'cover' words it uses to  deliberately deceive   the  public,  is a flavoring and flavoring enhancer,  but a killer one!

By the way,  MSG  paves the way to Alzheimer's disease.   It does permanent brain damage!     Haven't you ever wondered  why  our kids today can't learn in school the way they use to,  and  why  they have so many learning and behavioral problems today?   [I'm not just saying this;  this has been proven by extensive research !] This is why it is hidden under other terms,  so YOU the public,  won't know what you are unknowingly putting into your body !

Why you can't even buy a stick of gum or  a can of soup without these poisons added to it!!    All processed foods,  cake mixes,  crackers, bread, and even pet foods  are loaded with these deadly killers!   Aspartame is Nutra Sweet,  and also causes brain dysfunction.  Airplane pilots have been known to have brain seizures while flying, after drinking a can of diet soda!

Then there's the waste products, cottonseed oil and canola oil - neither of them meant for human consumption.   They're cheap,  that's why companies use them; but they are dangerous.  They can cause stroke or heart attacks, since both oils cause the blood to become a sticky substance.  That's like gumming up your car engine with glue, in place of good, clean oil.

Also all these additives are fattening!  So are the antibiotics you get from your doctor (bet you didn't know that);  And the antibiotics in cows milk, not to mention all the other poisons and chemicals in it.

Why would the government  want  to do this, you ask? Simple -  money and control! Plus there's a not-so-well-known agency within the government that was started way back in the early 1900's by the Rockefellers.   It is called the "Population Control" Agency  and its meaning is exactly as it sounds! It's not just by chance that we have a  'different flu epidemic'  every year and exactly at the same time every year.  Why we even have the Agenda Media having you  expecting  it each year and now even have a season name for it!  - - the  "Flu Season."  You never heard this term 35-40 years ago.

Oh yes,  the main-stream agenda (gov't) media spoon feeds us exactly what the government elite want us to feed on, and exactly when, where, and how too! Fifty years ago there was no "flu season" --  in fact, flu was rare;  it certainly did not have a yearly visit as it has now for the past 20 years.

It's no secret anymore that our government has used its' citizens as experimental guinea pigs for many, many years, and still does. Everything from radiation experiments to biological experiments.  Just as  the Gulf War Syndrome was created in the Maryland government lab and  deliberately  injected  and   put into the  food   of  our soldiers (they were also given pills).    Yes -  they were guinea pigs!   It was NOT  Saddam  Hussein, as crazy as he is,  that did it to our soldiers, it was our own government !!

And even after the Gulf War Syndrome was found to be contagious, our government refused to help our people  -  when the treatment was as simple as the use of a common and safe drug 'Doxysycline'  that's been around for ages! No!  Our wonderful government just kept denying the existence of the illness because  their  experiment  was  not  finished  yet !!!

Our government (elite) used biological weapons against our own people! Thank you, George Bush!    Hope you're proud of yourself!   [Or have you forgotten that deal that the government and media quickly swept under the rug, and we never heard of it again!?  Cover-up!!  One of  many !]   There was even a song written and recorded about all this -  "Where Are The Voices That Care?"

To get back to the subject of our "doctored up"  foods with the big stamp of approval by our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) - It is virtually impossible to go to the food stores today and find any food pure without some additives added.    Why, try a can of Tapioca pudding ready-to-eat,  then make some the old fashioned way with the real tapioca and milk (fresh goat milk, NOT  cows milk)  and then compare the taste.  The can stuff is so loaded with "flavorings, enhancers"  that it doesn't taste at all like real tapioca pudding. My son loves tapioca pudding -- but he's only had the government's version, which is so loaded with MSG flavoring enhancers that it's like eating candy. When I gave him a taste of the real thing (which is a very healthy food) --- he darn near choked on it!  It's bland next to the overly 'flavored enhanced' and artificially sweetened government version.

What has happened is,  kids are raised from young on, on these government controlled  'foods'  and their taste buds on their tongue and the connections in the brain have become "programmed" as to what something is  suppose  to  taste like, even if it is fake, (and toxic!).

This has been a progressive procedure by our government  --  all leading to one thing --  full control of the people. Just think about it ---  if you control the health of the people,  then you control  THEM.    Simple really.  And it has worked!  The U.S.  is the UNhealthiest nation in the civilized world.

Try to find a young person today that knows what  TRUE  FOODS  and their  REAL  TASTE  are.     You can't.  They have all been "programmed"  from young on, and that includes the young parents of today, who think a 'meal'  is running to McDonald's,  Taco Bell,  Wendy's,  or Burger King.

These are not only unhealthy 'foods' but dangerous as well!  Look at all the heart attacks that are now happening to the young people --  17 year old boys dropping dead on the school basketball court!  Teens'  blood pressure today are that of 80 year olds!    I heard a doctor in Tampa, Fla. report on his radio show that he is seeing so many of these now.  And it's all due to our  American diet of fast foods.   No one knows what a home made dinner is anymore!  No one cooks anymore!  And it's killing us.

Even canned vegetables are "flavor enhanced" and nothing can change those "programmed"  taste buds, once they're formed.  It begins with the first 'people foods'  that  are given to babies -- and that ungodly concoction called 'soda.' I could scream every time I see a young child being given  a drink of soda. That stuff (except for ginger ale)  can kill you!  If you could only see what it does to your insides, you'd never touch this poison again !

But what can you expect?!  These new young parents today are a product   of  government  foods and chemicals.  That's why it's called  - "The Chemical Generation."

All this is leading to the ultimate government U.N. One World Order control. It will be a snap for them now that they have the peoples' very lives in the palm of their hand.  If they have your health -- they have  YOU! Remember that!

I'll bet you don't know that the human chip implant is already being used, do you?   Don't expect the government to allow you to know it either.  Not until they  are ready to. These chips will not only carry your life story and information in them, but they are secretly designed to  "eliminate"  you at a set time! Also, these chips are being implanted into your children without your knowledge via the now 'mandatory' government vaccinations!   Also in some hospitals, newborns are being implanted!   Don't expect the government to own up to this, but it is happening.  This was reported by an ex-government man who worked for the CIA.    And that's not all!   Some vaccinations are deliberately  tainted with the Aids virus ( also made in that government  lab). Yes,  Aids was also a man-made biological weapon made by our own government!    (Yes, I have proof by the government's own documents, and I also met a man who worked in the lab that worked on it way back then, and he confirmed it also.)   But the government convinced  YOU   that it was a monkey's fault!  Not so!

People need food -- and the government controls it all!  Think about that! They have control on what you put into your body.  They control how foods should taste to you.  They have  you fully programmed just the way they want, and you don't even know it.  And remember,  sick people are money makers for everybody concerned with the government:  the doctors, the drug companies, the thousands of health organizations (bet you didn't know the gov't has its fingers in all of these, did you!).  Weak and sickly people are easier to control. Healthy people can fight back, and the government does not want that.

Keep in mind that the American government that we have now, is NOT the same one that was formed in 1776.   This is another subject and is covered in another page. So,  do you still trust the government's FDA with your life ?

Do you still trust this government elite in Washington?


It is time that we the people stand up for ourselves and  for our  children  and   for  our  Country -- the true  AMERICA.