Studies Added in 2006



01/07/06 added Revelation Commentary - Completed

02/07/06 added Allegory - Its Use and Abuse

06/13/06 added Religious Rock

06/16/06 added Is Your Church Going Purpose Driven?

06/25/06 added What Tracts?

07/22/06 added The Hungarian Reformation

07/22/06 added Azusa Street - Birth of a Lie

08/22/06 added Playing the Lottery

09/08/06 added The Rapture Index

09/30/06 added Biblical Prescription for Dealing with False Teachers

10/03/06 added Random Thoughts Concerning Election and Free Will

11/01/06 added Everything in Moderation

11/03/06 added Are You in the Ministry?

11/19/06 added It's The Rapture Stupid! by Dave MacPherson