Studies Added in 2017


02/05/17 added Quicksand on the Galilee

02/26/17 added Verses from the Free Will Bible
03/16/17 added Without U.S. Support Modern Israel is a Failed State
03/22/17 added Commentary on the Book of Daniel
04/08/17 added Washing the Feet
04/23/17 added Prophecy Books are Dangerous
05/08/17 added Hostile Free Willers
05/18/17 added Today Jefferson Davis: Tomorow Thomas Jefferson
06/12/17 added Trojan Horses in the Church
06/23/17 added A More Definitive Explanation of the Gospel
06/23/17 added Bible Doctrines affected by Modern Versions
06/26/17 added Interfaith Dialogue
07/06/17 added Pentecost: The Misunderstanding
08/16/17 added Assumptive Hermeneutics: Interpreting the Bible without Facts in Evidence

09/12/17 added With Men Salvation Is Impossible
09/28/17 added Nine Principles for Dealing with Disabled people
10/22/17 added Lupus Occultis: The Paganized Christianity of C.S. Lewis