Studies Added in 2014


01/24/14 added Living on the Backside of the Desert

02/14/14 added Sodomy: The Final Sin
04/12/14 added How to Make A Small Church Great
04/16/14 added Resting in Calvary
05/26/14 added Algebra or Fiscal Responsibility
05/31/14 added Christian's Love of the Warfare State is Killing Other Christians
07/12/14 added Why is the Youth Leaving the Church?
07/30/14 added Worshipping God in Spirit - John 4:24
07/30/14 added Trying Times
08/01/14 added How to Build the Kingdom of God
08/14/14 added Who Are They Really Attacking?
08/16/14 added Hating the King James Bible?
09/04/14 added Trying Times - The Sequel
09/19/14 added 15 Statements Biblical Christians Would Never Make
09/24/14 added Two Major Events Pointing To The Lord's Soon Return
10/07/14 added Multiple Version Disorder
10/09/14 added Last Will and Testament of Christ
10/11/14 added Sequestered Seniors
11/08/14 added John 3:16 - An Offer of the Gospel or a Declaration of the Gospel?
11/14/14 added Prohibition Success
11/17/14 added The Car Buyer
11/17/14 added Immigration Wake Up Call By Frosty Wooldridge
11/26/14 added Genesis 12:1-3 - Of Whom Do the Scriptures Speak?
12/04/14 added New Section - From The Inside - Articles by Prison Inmates
12/13/14 added No More Salvation?
12/15/14 added The Final Appointment
12/18/14 added America's Spiritual Decline