Studies Added in 2010



01/21/10 added Completed commentary on the Book of Proverbs

01/24/10 added Suicide and the Christian

01/27/10 added Breaching not Preaching

02/13/10 added 1 Thessalonians Commentary

02/16/10 added Why are Christians so Miserable?

03/03/10 added 2 Thessalonians Commentary

03/06/10 added Are You a Meeting Christian or a Meaty Christian?

04/23/10 added Salvation - 3 Parts

04/27/10 added The Great Apostasy is Here

05/10/10 added Watching: Is it Faithful Service or Date Setting?

05/11/10 added Ecclesiastes 8:5 - Discerning Time and Judgment

05/14/10 added ESV - More Changes to the Text

05/14/10 added LXX - A Model of Reverse Engineering

06/03/10 added Scoffers and Mockers

07/13/10 added Five Ministries Any Christian Can Do

11/04/10 added Commentary on the Book of John

11/15/10 added What Happened at the Cross?

11/21/10 added Disaster Just Ahead - The failure of the TEA Party Movement

12/06/10 added The Importance of Thee and Thou

12/18/10 added Time for Christians to shred their Bibles

12/23/10 added Common English Bible Exposed