Studies Added in 2018



01/26/18 added Commentary on the Book of Judges 

05/03/18 added Marxist Brain Trust gathers at Wheaton to discuss moving evangelicals left

05/10/18 added Seventy Years of Turmoil, treachery, Death and Destruction

07/14/18 added Does the Bible Teach Christianity or Wimpianity?

07/22/18 added Haggai Commentary

08/21/18 added Obadiah Commentary

08/30/18 added Jonah Commentary

08/31/18 added Zionists are Capitalizing on the Fear and Ignorance of Christians

09/01/18 added The Christian Standard Bible Exposed

09/10/18 added Is the King James Only Position a Cult or is the Modern Versions Only Position a Cult?

09/14/18 added Update of Foundational Bible Studies for New Christians

09/14/18 added Commentary on the Book of Nahum

09/16/18 added The Rise and Fall of Historic Fundamentalism

09/16/18 added It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law. Psalm 119:126 (KJV)

09/18/18 added Famous Christians

09/23/18 added Commentary on the Book of Habakkuk

10/04/18 added Living Biblically in an Apostate World

10/12/18 added Commentary on the Book of Zephaniah
10/14/18 added Red Letter Editions of the Bible
11/05/18 added Smoking
11/07/18 added Malachi Commentary
12/07/18 added Study shows that Prosperity Preaching  is a Mind-Altering Drug11/12/18 added Letting Them Back In?
12/10/18 added Cold Water Principle