Studies Added in 2013

01/19/13 added Was King James a Homosexual? - The Real Story of King James I
03/23/13 added Commentary on Matthew
05/19/13 added Commentary on Mark
08/22/13 added Commentary on Luke
09/05/13 added Who Does God Call and Use?
09/12/13 added Teaching the Bible
09/13/13 added Heaven
09/14/13 added Adam and Eve: Fear or Repentance
09/15/13 added Is Smoking a Sin?
09/15/13 added Unholy Laughter - Part 1
09/15/13 added Unholy Laughter - Part 2
10/03/13 added Why is the 21st Century Church Failing so Miserably?
10/06/13 added Gay Christians? No Such Thing!
10/22/13 added Giving With Wisdom
11/07/13 added Was it Samuel?
11/12/13 added Counterfeit Versions - Why I use the Term
11/14/13 added Why Did They Turn The World Upside Down?
12/06/13 added How to Have a Successful Ministry