Studies Added in 2008


02/08/08 added Galatians Commentary

02/23/08 added Titus Commentary

04/04/08 added Easter or Passover in Acts 12:4

04/26/08 added Superiority of the King James Bible

05/01/08 added Faith: Where Does It Originate?

05/02/08 added 2 Corinthians Commentary Completed

05/23/08 added Colossians Commentary

06/18/08 added The Attack on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the ESV

06/22/08 added Did Rome Give Us The Bible?

07/11/08 added The Qualifications of the King James Translators

07/14/08 added Nineteenth Century Occult Revival - Legacy of Hort and Westcott

07/17/08 added Why I am King James Only?

08/20/08 added Why 1 John 5:7-8 is in the Bible

08/20/08 added Westcott Hort Only Controversy

09/02/08 added Hebrews Commentary

09/29/08 added Philippians Commentary

11/26/08 added 1 John Commentary

12/02/08 added 2 John Commentary

12/04/08 added 3 John Commentary

12/06/08 added Trouble and Pain caused by Mental or Physical Disability

12/27/08 added The Coming Economic Nightmare: Can Christians Help Prevent It?