Studies Added in 2016



01/14/16 added Pictures of Jesus

03/20/16 added Daniel 3:25 - God or gods?
03/24/16 added Your Spiritual Legacy
04/02/16 added Understanding Limited Atonement
04/15/16 added Jesus: King of the Jews
04/21/16 added The Sign Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12: Are they still in force today?
04/28/16 added Effectual Salvation
05/12/16 added The Beginning of the series "The Apocrypha.  What's in your Bible?"
05/21/16 added False Teachers: How to Identify them
06/11/16 added True Teachers: How to Identify Them
06/28/16 added Prophecy and the Internet
07/16/16 added Facts About God's Preciseness
07/16/16 added Pornography
07/16/16 added Hell from the New World Translation
07/16/16 added Erasmus and the Textus Receptus
07/21/16 added Dangers of Diversion
07/22/16 added The Old Paths
08/24/16 added Then Sings My Soul
09/09/16 added Before 1611
09/21/16 added Arminianism: The Golden Idol of Free Will
09/25/16 added Is the Hebrew Masoretic Text Uncertain?
11/24/16 added 100 Questions for those who deny Eternal Torment
12/18/16 added Peace on Earth
12/26/16 added Salary Gluttons
12/28/16 added The Modern Church is a combination of the Galatia and Corinth Church