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Nabal – Nabal was a foolish man who was married to a very wise woman named Abigail.  He was a greedy and drunken man who eventually reaped what he sowed.
Naboth - Naboth was a very godly man who refused to sell his inheritance to King Ahab. Queen Jezebel plotted against him and caused him to be stoned so Ahab could take possession of Naboth’s vineyard.
Nahum - Commentary on the Book of Nahum
A Nation Judged – On September 11, 2001 the USA experienced the worst death toll on American soil.  After that the cry went out “God Bless America.”  Why should God bless America?  Here is a list of realities which go against everything that a holy God stands for.  Until America turns back to the Lord, we will continue to experience the judgment of God.
The Nation of Psalm 33:12 - Is the nation of Psalm 33:12 refering to Israel, the USA or another nation?
Native Americans and the Land - Are the Claims of Native American Ownership of the Land in America Valid?
The Necessity of Judging – Everyone cries that we should not judge and those who are doing evil are telling us not to judge them.  Is judging something that is not a part of the Christian walk.  Isn’t it necessary to make judgments so we can make proper decisions to walk with God and not against Him?
The Need for the Church Confession – A church confession is good for each church because it places their beliefs right out front for any possible new member to consider when searching for a church.  It can also point out any deficiencies in doctrine so they may be addressed.
The Necessity of the House Church – With so many organized churches going apostate it is necessary for Christians to have a back-up plan and that would be a house church which is just as biblical as a separate building.  The church got its start in houses and may have to go back to them so true Christians can avoid the apostasy of mainline churches.
The New Eye Opener – Here is a list of 200 Bible verses which have been corrupted in the modern versions of the Bible.
New American Standard Version - Another Gnostic Book – The NASV is proven to be a very Gnostic book with its incessant attacks on the Lord Jesus Christ.
The New American Standard Version Exposed – Here are fifty verses in comparison with the King James Bible, The Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible, and the Roman Catholic New American Bible.  Guess which two it agrees with?  The JWs and the RC Bible.
The New King James Version Exposed – The New King James Version is not an update of the King James Bible but it too contains many changes and it calls itself a portal version to modern versions.  It makes hundreds of allusions to the Hort-Westcott manuscripts.
The New Living Translation Exposed - The New Living Translation is as corrupt as all the other modern versions are!
New Version Scholar Loses Voice – Dr. Don Wilkins of the New American Standard translation committee loses his voice on the John Ankerberg show.
Nine Principles for Dealing with Disabled people - Dealing with Disabled people can be challenging, this may help!
Nineteenth Century Occult Revival - Legacy of Hort and Westcott – Westcott and Hort were the culprits behind the 1881 Revised Version.  They were anything but Christians.  If you use a modern version of the Bible, then you are using the corrupt Greek text of Hort and Westcott.  Their text was not the only thing that was corrupt.  They were corrupt in their lives also.
NIV Bible Quiz – Here is a 25 question quiz but you can only use the NIV.  Once you complete it you will want to run as fast as you can from the NIV.
The NIV Exposed – Here are 50 verses which show the severe corruption in the NIV.  It has agreement with the Roman Catholic bible and the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible.
The NIV Hates the Lord Jesus – The NIV deletes and shortens the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because it has been infected with the Gnosticism of the 2nd century.  Another dangerous book calling itself a Bible.
The NIV Infection – Here is another article which shows the severe corruption in the NIV by comparison of Scripture verses.
No Doctrines Are Changed? – The modern version proponents claim that the modern versions do not change any doctrines.  Here is an article which refutes that lie completely.
No Escape On The Last Day – We continue to sound the warning about judgment day.  People can escape the path of an oncoming hurricane by planning and leaving before it hits but once it hits there is no escape.  It is like judgment day, once it comes there will be no escape.
No More Salvation? – After the failure of Harold Camping’s date of May 21, 2011 as the end, some have not accepted the fact that they were wrong.  A new cult emerged from the Campingites and it teaches that salvation ended on May 21, 2011.  They believe and teach that God is not saving anyone anymore.  I told one Campingite to call Pacific Garden Mission and see if any had become saved since that date.  He never made the call because he would rather follow his cult than truth.
No, The Bible Doesn't Command We Stand with Israel - by Dr. Benjamin Corey
Now We Know How Germany Let It Happen - The Corona Virus Government response is destroying our Freedoms and it may be the end of Freedom as we know it.
Obadiah Commentary - Commentary on the Book of Obadiah
Obedience after Salvation – Since salvation is by grace alone, are there things we must obey after salvation?
Obedience Rethought – Many times God gives certain Christians a ministry but some feel inadequate and may walk away from the ministry until they have a chance to rethink.  Some walk away in disobedience.  Jonah is a good example of that.
Observations of Tyranny – If there is one thing which is prevalent in our world, it is government sponsored tyranny and false flag operations.
Obsessed with Sports? – Sports has become the god of the ignorant.  Many know more about sports statistics than what is happening in their own country.  Obsession with sports has become pandemic.
Obtaining the Fullness of the Holy Spirit – Many think that obtaining the fullness of the Holy Spirit is speaking in a gibberish called tongues.  Is that really the fullness or is it something else?
The Offense of the Gospel – The true gospel is an offense to the liberal and to the unbeliever, even to the compromised Christian.  Find out 11 tenets of the gospel and how it is an offense in a world that has gone against its Creator.
The Offer of the Gospel – Does the Bible teach that God offers the gospel to the world or does it teach He applies it to those He named before the foundation of the world?  Is the offer of the gospel truly biblical?
The Old Cemetery – Many think that old cemeteries are morbid but it is just the opposite.  We are standing exactly where our forefathers stood hundreds of years ago and we can learn about the spiritual atmosphere of past times.  Many claim we started as a secular nation but old tombstones teach us that people in the past sought the Lord.
The Old Latin Version and the King James Bible Readings – The Old Latin version was around since 157 A.D. (Not Jerome’s) and is in total agreement with the King James Bible.  It is an older witness than many of the manuscripts the modern version proponents claim to be oldest and best.
The Old Paths – God counsels us in Jeremiah to seek the old paths.  The old paths lead to salvation and eternal life while the modern paths are a diversion from truth.
The Old Rugged Cross (Revised Version) – I did a remake of the Old Rugged Cross using the same method that the modern versions used on the Scriptures.
The Old Testament Genealogies - The Importance for the Believer - Many skip over them but they represent a great biblical truth for the Christian!
The Omnipresent Christ on Earth - John 3:13 states that Jesus was both in Heaven and on Earth simultaneously!
The Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord God - Many cults claim the Lord Jesus Christ is not God but the Bible teaches differently!
One - One versus 305 Bible Versions - Not what you think!
One of God's Medicines – When we think of medicine, we think of something we take in a pill or with a spoon but did you ever think that the principle of chastisement is also medicine?
The Order of Salvation - The Bible gives a detailed description on how a person becomes saved and there is no "decision making!"
Origen's Gnostic Belief System – Origen is touted by many Christian theologians as a great early father of the church.  Is this true?  Origen had many pagan beliefs and even mutilated his own body.  He was a heretic not a Christian.
Our Mediator – The Lord Jesus Christ is not just our Savior but also our mediator for everything in life including tough situations.
Our Present Work Will Bear Future Fruit – Whenever we do any type of work for the Kingdom of God, it will bear fruit.  It may not bear fruit for 10, 20, 30 years or even after our home going.  We would love to see fruit now but fruit does not appear on a tree in an instant but takes a period of time for the fruit to develop.
Pal Talk Study - Ephesians – Back in 2001 I had done some Ephesians studies on Pal Talk from Ephesians 1:1-2:9.  Here are the transcripts.
Passing the Baton – Every generation must train the next generation and that includes us too since none of us will be around on earth 100 years from today.
Passing Tracts is Legal – Here are some Supreme Court decisions in favor of street preaching here in the USA!
Paul's Missionary Journeys - The three missionary journeys of Paul plus his journey to Rome and Glory.
Peace – There is a great difference between the peace the world gives and the peace which God gives to His children.
The Peace of God – God offers great peace to His children but are there things we do in this life to hinder and even frustrate the peace which God wants to give to each of His children?
Peace on Earth - At Christmas every one speaks of peace on earth, but what peace is it in reality?
Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace – Enemies of the gospel can take true peace from us when they verbally attack us.  As Christians we need to understand what the peace of God is.
Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism - What are they and are those beliefs around today?
Pentecost: The Misunderstanding - Was Pentecost the birth of the church?
The Perfect Tree – Many of us have had Christmas trees in our homes growing up and it filled the house with fresh pine scent.  It enhanced the Christmas season.  However, those trees were not perfect but there was a perfect tree long time ago which has affected untold millions.
Peripheralism: The Christian Attack on God's Word – The Bible is the infallible word of God and all parts of it are important.  What has happened in our day is that just because people do not understand certain parts of it, they marginalize it, in fact, some theologians just take parts of the Bible out and dismiss it as not being part of the original which is a very dangerous game because it carries with it eternal consequences.
Personal Ministry – Every Christian has the ability to have a personal ministry.  It does not cost tons of money nor do you need a seminary education to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.  No one need sit on the sidelines and let valuable time dissolve away.
The Perversion of Truth – Many cults have perverted the truth of the gospel.  Find out here the methods they use to try and snare you into their evil clutches.
The Pharisee of Today – There is a little of the Pharisees in all of us and we need to recognize those traits so we can quickly expunge them from our Christian walk.
Philemon Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Philemon
Pictures of Jesus – Since the dawn of the first century people have been either drawing pictures of Jesus or since the advent of the camera taking pictures and making them look like Jesus.  However, you do it, it is not biblical and no Christian must ever purchase anything that seems like a picture of Jesus.
Pitching Our Tent Toward Sodom – How many times do we rely on sin to help us out of situations which come upon us?  Find out the principle which may derail us if we follow that method.
The Plague of Pornography – Pornography is rampant today on the internet but now it is more visible on TV, even prime time viewing has nude scenes.  Pornography is a satanic trap for both males and females.  Satan uses it to try and convince lonely people that it is okay to watch.  Stay away from it at all costs.
Playing the Lottery – The Lottery promises untold wealth and if you play you have a chance to win millions of dollars.  What snares does playing the lottery bring into a Christian’s life?  With odds like 1 in 170,000,000 of winning, do you really want to put your faith in the numbers?  If God wants you to have $50 million dollars, He definitely does not a medium like gambling to get it to you!
Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton – In 1969 Red Skelton gave a beautiful rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance by explaining each phrase and how important it is.  There is a link on this article to the live video where you can heat Red recite it.
Pornography – A good article warning Christians about the dangers of pornography and how it can lead to addiction if we do not stop from watching it. 
The Portal Sin – Many sins in this world seem very harmless yet they are something called portal sins.  For example drinking a beer seems harmless yet it is a portal to drunkenness.  Watching an “R” rated movie may seem funny but it plants images and wants you to go further into porno until you are addicted.  Portal sins are not fun but dangerous.
Praise God in Truth – Psalm 47:7 states that we are to praise God in truth with understanding.  How many are praising God in churches without even a knowledge that they may be praising God abstractly instead of properly?
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem – Many prophecy preachers and their followers believe that Psalm 122:6 speaks about the modern city of Jerusalem.  However, the Scriptures teach something else concerning that verse.  When it was first penned about the 10thcentury BC, it would have been speaking about the ancient city of Jerusalem.  Since Christ went to the cross many things have changed including definitions.
Prayer – A good prayer life is necessary for all Christians.  Find out here the principles which make for a good prayer life.
The Prayer of Pastor Joe Wright to the Kansas State Senate – On January 23, 1996 Pastor Joe Wright opened the Kansas State Senate with the prayer that sent shockwaves through the nation.
Preach a Sermon, Preacher (or hypocrite's delight) – A poem dealing with the way preachers deliver messages today in church.
The Precious Importance of Time – Jonathan Edwards gives a great message on the importance of time and that we only have so much of it from God to be able to perform the ministry He has given us.  To postpone getting involved in ministry is to waste a precious resource.
Predestination – Predestination is a very important and biblical doctrine based upon the fact that man is dead in sin and could never “accept the Lord.”  Those whom God has named before the foundation of the world will become saved on the date that God has determined.
Pre-Trib Rapture Desperados – The pre-tribulation rapture has only been around since 1830 and we need to know who the players are that spawned this heresy.
Pre-Trib Rapture Diehards by Dave MacPherson – Here is a timeline of the pre-tribulation rapture and those who brought it up to today.
Principles for Living a Sacrificial Life – Christians are called to live a life of sacrifice and we need to know the principles of living a sacrificial life.  Find out here.
Principles for Street Evangelism - Christians who want to do street ministry will find some ideas here to help them.
Principles for Teaching at Church – Taking on a teaching position at a church is more than just preparing a lesson and delivering it on Sunday.  Here are some principles that go beyond the basics of teaching.
Principles of Bible Preservation – The Bible has been miraculously preserved down through the ages and here are some principles concerning Bible preservation.
Priorities – What are your priorities in your Christian walk?  Do you see yourself stronger this year than you did last year?  Here are some principles of priorities.
Process Salvation – Is salvation a process or is it an instantaneous event in the life of a believer?  Find out here.
The Prodigal Son – The Prodigal Son is more than just a story.  It contains some major principles that we can extract from it in this article by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.
Professor William L. Craig Leaves Tim LaHaye Behind – Professor William Craig of Talbot Theological Seminary declares that the Left behind series of Tim LaHaye is not Scriptural.
Prohibition Success – Many drinkers today claim that Prohibition did not work but the facts of history show otherwise.
The Promised Judgment of God – Just because everything seems to be going along smoothly, even sin, we may get the idea that God will not judge anything.  However, He is seeing everything and all sins will be brought into judgment which isn’t paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Prophecy and Paranoia – If there is one thing which accompanies the Christian who is solely focused on prophecy, it is paranoia.  Prophecy can drive a person mad because all kinds of scenarios can be made up from just one event. 
Prophecy and the Internet – The Lord Jesus gave the command to go into all the world and make disciples through the preaching of the word.  For the first time in history that has been done and in our generation.  It is now a question of how long till the Lord returns. The month before this writing my website was viewed in 184 countries.
Prophecy Books are Dangerous - Are Prophecy books a help or a hindrance to true Biblical Understanding?
Protect Yourself from E-Coli – This article from 2007 gives principles on how to avoid contracting e-coli.
Proverbs verse by verse commentary – A verse by verse commentary on the book of Proverbs.
Psalm 23 - Seventeen Precious Promises – 17 precious promises from the most famous Psalm in the Bible.
Publishing the Gospel to the World – The gospel has been published to the entire world via the Internet.  Christians should try to make an effort to get a presence on the web.
Purpose Driven Life: A Modern Day Golden Calf – There are many unbiblical aspects to the Purpose Driven Life from Rick Warren.  Find out what they are here.
The Purpose Driven Church Nightmare – The Purpose Driven Church is a nightmare as it reflects many unbiblical principles.  Find out here.
Qualifications of the King James Translators – The King James translators were men of exceptional quality and education.  They far exceed the Bible translators of today.
Quenching the Holy Spirit - Is Sin the only thing which can quench the Holy Spirit?
The Question of Hermeneutics – Hermeneutics is the study of Bible interpretation.  To understand Scripture we must have the correct hermeneutic.
Questionable Things – How do I deal with questionable things?  Here are some principles to guide you when you come in contact with something questionable.
Quicksand on the Galilee - When Peter sank in the Sea of Galilee, what caused him to do that?
Racism: The New Diversion – Racism has become a major issue in our country and not only in the political realm but especially in the church where Satan uses it to divide Christians.
Random Thoughts Concerning Election and Free Will – God is in control of salvation not unsaved man and his mythical free will.  Here are some principles concerning free will.
The Rapture Index by Dave MacPherson – Modern pre-tribulational preachers have created an index or a progression of events toward a pre-Trib rapture.  Is it biblical?
Rapture Watching – Christian involvement has waned because too many Christians are sitting around waiting for the rapture.  It seems they can wait for it while watching TV but not getting involved.  Rapture watching is unbiblical and sinful.
Reaching the World Without Leaving Home: Ministry on the Internet – Principles for reaching the world through the Internet.  It seems the Internet will be the final method of reaching the world for Christ since it offers instantaneous access to studies and Bibles. Here are some principles to build your own website.
Reaching Your Unsaved Co-Workers – Christians have a great opportunity to reach their co-workers.  It is your mission field.  There are many unsaved at work and you have a golden opportunity to reach them for Christ.
Rebellious Nations Will Perish – Every nation which goes in rebellion to God will eventually perish.  In history we have such empires as the Roman and Greek empires which eventually faded into history because they were judged by God for their evil.  No nation will ever escape the judgment of God.
Rebuilding the Crumbling Foundations of America – Can tyranny be opposed and defeated?  Yes it can and here are some principles.
The Received Text – A small article on the accuracy and truthfulness of the Received text which underlies the King James Bible.
Red Flag Laws - Is there a reason behind these laws that affects Christians?
Red Letter Editions of the Bible - Are Red letter editions of the Bible another publisher's money maker?
Reformation not Halloween – Christians need to celebrate the Reformation and not Halloween with all its satanic messages.  Halloween is not something any Christian should be involved with.
Reformation or Halloween – Christians today must choose between the world and their commitment to Christ.  Nowhere is this more evident than when Halloween rolls around and Christians get involved with it.  On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the door of his church in Wittenberg, Germany and it cost countless millions their lives to remain faithful to Christ.  It is no coincidence that Halloween falls on October 31.  It is Satan’s way of smothering the beginning of the Reformation.
Religious Prostitution - It is Counterfeit Salvation!
Religious Rock – The modern “praise” music in churches today is nothing more than religious rock and roll.  The beat is so similar to what is played in nightclubs and rock stations that it would suit them fine if they just changed the lyrics.  This article will give you information to see if your church is heading toward religious rock and roll.
Reluctance – Jonah was a reluctant prophet and attempted not to obey God but it did not work.  We need to make sure that we do not adopt the reluctant mindset but be obedient to the best of our ability.
Repentance: The Requirement for or the Result of Salvation – Many people claim that one must repent of their sins and then accept the Lord to be saved but is that biblical?  Is repentance a requirement for salvation or a result of it?
Replacement Theology Needs To Be Replaced – One of the newest monikers for the Reformed faith is called “Replacement Theology” which the free willer states that the church has replaced Israel and all its blessings.  The reality is that the modern nation of Israel is not a biblical nation but a political nation and has nothing whatsoever to do with our salvation or Bible prophecy.  Everything changed at the cross including theologies from law to grace, from national Israel to the eternal church.
Resemblance Deception – The Christian must be very careful because Satan is making many of his false teachings look like the real biblical teachings.  Here are some principles to help us identify false teachings and to keep us from becoming snared by them.
Resurrection – It sounds too good to be true that after death people will live again.  Both believers and unbelievers will be raised on the last day.
Resurrection or Resurrections? How Many Are There? – The Bible straightly teaches that there is going to be one general resurrection on the last day.  However, I have had people tell me that there is going to be as many as 3 resurrections.  Both cannot be correct so let the Bible be our guide.
Resurrection Power – The true believer has the same power available to them for ministry which raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.  Find out more about resurrection power in the life of the believer.
The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (1722-23) – Here are the 70 resolutions of Jonathan Edwards which he counseled his hearers to read at least once a week.
Resting in Calvary – The believer can rest in Calvary that all their sins have been paid for and removed.  The reason that some cannot rest is because they still feel they have to add some kind of good works and that changes rest into anxiety always believing they have not done enough when all that was required by God was done on Calvary.
Rethinking the Apostles Creed – A discussion article on the Apostle’s Creed by the Trinity Foundation.
Retirement - It can be a great time in your life or a useless time of doing nothing!
Revelation Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Revelation
The Revised Standard Version Exposed – The Revised Standard Version was created by the National Council of Churches in 1946 and completed in 1952.  It is another counterfeit version as its grandchild the ESV.  Here are 50 verses which show how much it agrees with the Jehovah’s Witness Bible and the Roman Catholic New American Bible.
Revisers of  Pre-Trib  Rapture  History – The pre-tribulational teaching of the two stage appearance of Christ and a pre-Trib rapture did not come into being till 1830 but many pre-Trib theologians are trying to revise the dates of its appearance.  How biblical are they?
Rewards – Many teach today that we are going to get rewards at the Judgment seat of Christ.  They have basically written their own self-worth programs.  The Bible mentions rewards but are they some kind of physical rewards or are they something else?
Richard Bayfield – Richard Bayfield was a monk who was converted to the truth of the Gospel.  He opposed Roman Catholic doctrine and was burned to death on December 4, 1531.
Rick Warren's PEACE Plan Updated – Rick Warren has revised the meaning of a church but it isn’t in keeping with what the Bible teaches.  Find out here another heresy by Rick Warren.
Risk Factors in Breast Cancer – Some risk factors in Breast cancer written by a General Surgeon.
The Rise and Fall of Historic Fundamentalism - Fundamentalism began as an Organism and not an Organization!
Rolling Back Government: Lessons from New Zealand – Many governments are out of control especially when it comes to spending.  Most have central banks which are nothing more than money printing mills.  Here are some principles about the proper operation of government.
Roman Catholicism: Chronology plus Commentary – Here is a commentary on the history of Roman Catholicism.  It has the heresies they espouse and the year they added those heresies to their teaching.
Romans 13 is not Unquestioned Obedience to Government - Does Romans 13 teach that we must be blind followers of Government even when they violate the law of the land?
Romans 7:14-25: Is it the Pre or Post Conversion of the Apostle Paul? - Is Romans 7:14-25 speaking about Paul's pre-conversion life or his Post-conversion struggle with sin?
Romans Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Romans.
Roots of Corruption – Here is a Scripture comparison between the 1973 NIV, 1901 American Standard Version, 1881 Revised Version and the King James Bible.  You will see how corrupt the modern versions are and that they must be avoided at all costs.
Ruth Commentary - Verse by verse commentary on the Book of Ruth
The Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday – Many Christians continue to celebrate the Sabbath as still being the Seventh Day as under the old dispensation.  Many foes of the Sunday Sabbath claim that Rome changed the day but the Bible teaches that God changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and it is found right in the Greek text.
Safe in The Arms Of Jesus - Can We Lose Our Salvation? – Many Christians place themselves in bondage to a works gospel or a “sin one time and you lose your salvation.”  They simply do not understand what happened at Calvary and how the blood of Jesus has removed every sin from the true believer, including all the sins that the believer would commit in the future.
Saint or Sinner - Which are You? - Too many Christians refer to themselves as "Sinners Saved by Grace."  Is that a biblical saying?
Salary Gluttons - Many ministries are paying humongous salaries to the leaders of the ministry which is actually ripping off the donors who trust them with their donations.
Salt: Friend or Foe – Many use large amounts of salt and some abstain from using it altogether.  Find out what salt can do for or to your body.
Salvation – Here is a 3 part study on the subject of salvation which covers many aspects of it.
Salvation is Forever – Salvation is not something you get and then lose and get and lose and so on.  When God saves you, you are saved forever and nothing can change that.
Same-Sex Marriage - The World's Most Nefarious Sin - Sodomite marriage is an abomination unto the Lord and is not to be embraced by Christians at all!
Satan Has Nothing In The Believer – Satan has no authority over the believer.  When a believer sins it is voluntary because we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and He is now our Lord and we do not serve Satan as we did before salvation.
Satanism: The Untold Half – Satanism does not always come with witches and ghosts but comes in seemingly very innocuous packages.  Did you ever think of psychology as Satanism?  Why not?  Psychology opposes the Bible and whatever opposes the teachings of Scripture is of satanic origin.
Satan's Methods – Satan’s greatest tool in his arsenal is deception and he has many methods to try and snare unsuspecting people including Christians if we do not remain spiritually astute.
A Saving Faith – What does the term saving faith mean?  We have heard that saying all our Christian lives.
The Scandal of Christian Ghostwriting – Many famous Christians do not write their own books instead they use ghostwriters.  Find out who uses them and why!
The Schoolhouse Poem – A poem concerning the facts that we cannot bring a Bible to school or pray.
Scoffers and Mockers – Who are the true mockers and scoffers found in Jude 18 and 2 Peter 3:3 and what is their focus?
Scriptural Perspective on Tongues – A study on tongues from a strictly biblical perspective.
Searching for a Pastor? Learn What Questions to Ask? - When searching for a pastor many churches never go beyond the same old trite questions. When searching for a pastor they must be vetted a little deeper than normal because eternal issues are at stake.
Seek the Old Paths – God counsels us to seek the old paths because they are tried and true.  The new paths as we see today lead to eternal destruction.
Seemingly Universal Atonement and Free Will Vocabulary – The Bible sometimes uses words or phrases which seem to endorse free will but we must investigate them a little deeper and compare Scripture with Scripture to gain spiritual truth.
Selling the Vineyard – Naboth was a man who held to biblical principles and refused to sell his vineyard to King Ahab.  Jesus also used the vineyard in a parable and had a great meaning for the ancient nation of Israel.
Sending Forth the Gospel The believer has a responsibility in this world and that is to send forth the Gospel to all the world.
Separation: A Key to Spiritual Strength (Part 1) – The believer is to separate themselves from the world system which seeks to bring them down.  In part 1 learn what the problems we will encounter if we do not separate.
Separation: A Key to Spiritual Strength (Part 2) – In part 2 learn the principles of living a separated life and how it impacts the strength of our Christian walk.
Separation of Church and State – The church has continually been bombarded with the argument that the constitution states there must be a separation of church and state.  There is no such thing in the U.S. Constitution but find out here where it is found.
The Septuagint – The Septuagint is not an inspired writing because it contains many errors and it is believed that it was written by Origen and not by 72 Jewish scholars in the 3rd century B.C.
Sequestered Seniors – In many areas around the country we see things such as retirement communities where seniors can go live at a reduced expense.  It may sound good but when we analyze the removal of senior saints from the world, a different picture emerges.
Sermons – In ministry sometimes we need a little help in developing our sermons.  Here are 68 pulpit ready sermons in 4 pages for free.
Setting Goals – It is not wrong to set goals but as Christians we must set them according to the word and will of God.  Here are some guidelines to help in setting goals.
Seven Year Tribulation Period - Is it literal or does it represent a different time frame?
Seventy Years of Turmoil, Treachery, Death and Destruction - Modern Israel is not a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy
Shampoo Ingredient Warning – Check your shampoo to see if it contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate.  If it does then find another shampoo.
She Did What She Could, Did You? – What ministry has the Lord Jesus put before you?  Is it a small one or is it a large one?  You may not be able to do everything but you can do what you can and what God has empowered you to do.
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? – Many Christians do not celebrate Christmas because of its pagan roots.  The Lord Jesus Christ was probably born in either September or October but can December 25th be used as a good witnessing opportunity?
Should Christians Run For Political Office? – Many claim that Christians should not run for political office.  I ask the question why is biblical for them to flip hamburgers but not run a city as mayor?  There is nothing unbiblical about running for public office.
Should Pastors Rule the Church – The Pastor is a spiritual gift not a ruling office like Elder or Bishop.  Many pastors have unlimited power and have ruined churches or have spiritually ruled their people like a dictator.
A Short Study on John 1:1 - John 1:1 teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is eternal God
The Sign Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12: Are they still in force today? – The sign gifts which were in force in the times of the Apostles were needed when the church was in its embryonic stage but are they still active today?
Signs Along Life's Journey – There are 5 traffic signs that we see along the highways which can also have a spiritual lesson for us along Life’s highways.
The Sin of Inconsistency – If there is one type of person that always throws a wrench into the ministry and that is the person who is inconsistent.  These people are unreliable.
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God – Here is the transcript of the famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards delivered July 8, 1741.
Sinning Christians – As Christians we must never walk in sin of the old life we must reject what we were and delight in who we are.
Slain in the Spirit – One of the teachings of the charismatic movement is that of being slain in the spirit.  Is there such a thing in Scripture and if not then what is it and what does it mean?
Slavery and the Bible - Christians keep getting blamed for slavery because they do not challenge that accusation, simply because they do not know their Bible!
Small Ministry – Some ministries grow into huge ministries and as a result the money flows in and the preachers in charge become like Hollywood personalities.  Sometimes mega-ministries are not always the most biblical.  The time has come to support small ministries which make themselves more accountable to people.  Did you ever try and get a letter to the head guy in a mega-ministry?  Too many buffers to protect the big guy so you can never challenge anything they say.
Smoking - How Does Smoking Affect Christians?
So You Wanna be a Christian – Some people want to become a Christian but they think that it only means you go to church.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Find out here the realities of Christianity.
The Sodomite Scourge – Sodomy has become a scourge on the land and no country can tolerate its ungodly lifestyle.
Sodomites in the Land – Just like Israel of old many countries have begun to accept sodomy as an acceptable lifestyle and they are being granted the same privileges as married people have been getting for years.
Sodomy: The Final Sin – The Bible states that sin will increase before the return of the Lord.  However, the Bible in Romans 1 states the sin of sodomy in specific terms.  That is the only sin written of in detail because it seems the Lord is focusing us on that sin as a sign of his soon return.
Sodomy and the NIV – The NIV used two sodomites on their translation team.  God would never give His Bible over to any sodomite for them to correct it as they seem fit.
Sons of God - Demons or Men? – Who are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?  Are they people or are they demon spirits who have had sex with women and created offspring?
Spanish Bible Studies – Here are many Bible studies in the Spanish language.
Speaking in Tongues – A study on the speaking of tongues, is it for today or is the tongues of today something different than those of the first century?
Stability – The one way a Christian can deal with what comes each day is by becoming a strong believer via Bible study.
Stabilizing Your Beliefs – As Christians who wish to remain faithful to the Lord we must make sure that our beliefs are rock solid.  This world can cause us to stray in our beliefs but if we are to remain stable we need to be strong in the Scriptures and not deviate from their teachings.
Standing in the Gap – God expects His people to stand in the gap, that is, to be available when a need arises in a ministry or even in another person’s life.  Ezekiel stood in the gap and we need to be ready to stand in the gap.
Standing With Israel is Equal to Standing with Satan! - Christians that stand with Israel are standing with the enemies of Christ because their religion hates and denigrates him!
Starting Small Ending Big – Every believer who becomes involved in ministry to this world may start very small but because of perseverance in ministry will finish big, even if it seems their ministry is still small.
Strength for the Battle – God does not expect us to take up the mantle of ministry without His strength to guide us.  We will run into some tough times bringing the gospel but God makes us tougher by undergirding us with His divine strength.
Stress Management – We live in a very stressful time and almost everything causes us stress.  What are we to do when that happens?  The world turns to booze and pills but what do we turn to? Better yet, who do we turn to?
Study Finds Prosperity Preaching to be a Mind-Altering Drug - Does the idea of Prosperity have an effect upon the brain?
The Successful Christian – Here are 22 principles which can cause a Christian to become a successful Christian but not according to the world’s methods but according to God’s methods.
The Suffering of Christ – The suffering of Christ was planned in eternity before the world was even created.  He suffered for us.
Suffering Rejection – As Christians we are going to face rejection by those unsaved in the world and yes, even in our own families and extended families.  This is something which has gone on since the day of Pentecost.
Suicide and the Christian – If a Christian commits suicide, do they still go to Heaven?  Many say no they won’t but is that what the Bible teaches?
Summa Citatio or the Highest Calling – The highest calling on this earth is not some office in politics or even being made rich by some business.  The highest calling is the call to be a Christian because we are representing the Kingdom of God to this world and we have been taken from being sinners to being made Princes and Princesses.
Sunday or Friday – What type of Christian are you, are you the Sunday crowd who likes all amenities at church or are you the Friday crowd who accepts the troubles that accompany being a strong Christian?
Superiority of the King James Bible - Here is a four-fold study showing the superiority of the King James Bible over the modern versions and their errors.
The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Scripture – A Christian needs to know that the Bible is sufficient to bring us through life and we do not need things such as psychology or other worldly disciplines.
Supreme Court Victories on Street Preaching – Some groups of both Christians and non-Christians have taken the subject of street preaching all the way to the Supreme Court and they ruled in favor of street preachers which means you may go to the street without the government’s permission and you may use loud speakers too!
Take Up Your Cross – Each Christian must bear their own cross and it goes way beyond a hard day or a single circumstance.  Bearing our cross has great responsibility.
Take Up Your Cross (Pilgrims) – The Pilgrims who came here in 1620 decided to take up their crosses and move to a new land.  Their decision has led to many ministries being started and this country being a source for Christianity.
Taking the Name of God in Vain – Taking God’s name in vain is very serious business and it carries consequences.  We are to never teat the name of God as something common.
Tax Deductible Receipts and Your Attitude of Giving – Many Christians will not give to ministries unless they receive a tax deductible receipt.  Many see the IRS as their benefactor instead of God.  Giving to ministries should be based upon whether they are giving out the truth and not whether you can deduct from your income tax.  My small ministry sends out the Gospel to about 150-175 countries every month with about 4500 unique visitors daily.  Is a ministry record like that not worth supporting?
Teach us to Number our Days – We only have a certain amount of days given to us by God when we are born.  We need to realize that someday they will come to an end and that hyphen placed between the birth and death date needs to count for something in our lives.
Teachers of the True Gospel – Are true teachers of the gospel only found among seminary graduates?  The answer is no.  Sometimes the best teachers are those who never set foot inside of a seminary.
Teaching the Bible – Teaching the Bible is a very important thing.  It is nothing to be tampered with by people who just want to make a name for themselves.  Find here the difference between qualified and unqualified teachers.
Temptation and Testing – Do you know the difference between temptation and testing?  They are different according to the Scriptures.
Test Tube Babies- Test tube babies have been talked about for years in the scientific community.  This article speaks to that issue.  Written by a general surgeon.
Ten Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing Hucksters – Multi-level marketing is one of the biggest frauds.  I know because I got caught up in the hype several times.  I was promised great riches and all I did was lose money on every venture.  Find out here ten big lies that are used to entrap people in these schemes.
The Ten Replacements – Since the Ten Commandments are no longer allowed in school or even in courthouses, we need to revamp them so they can once again be placed back where they belong.
The Terrors of Hell – Hell is not a place of parties and fun.  It is a place of eternal torment and those who are unsaved will be sentenced to Hell with no way of ever getting back.  Seek the Lord while He may be found now!
The Testimony of Peggy O’Neill – Peggy O’Neill was a Nun in the Church of Rome and at the age of 70, the Lord saved her.  Here is her story!

Testimony of Richard Delfino – Rich DelFino is a personal friend of mine and a former police officer.  His life got tangled with drugs.  He put his entire retirement fund into cocaine and depleted it to zero.  God saved him and now he has a wonderful testimony.
Testimony of S. Franklin Logsdon (Chief NASV Translator) – The Lord opened the spiritual eyes of S. Franklin Logsdon who was a translator of the New American Standard Bible which is another counterfeit version.  Read the confession here and see how he finally rejected the NASV for its corruption.
Textual Criticism: Fact and Fiction – Here is an in depth article concerning Textual Criticism which the foes of the King James Bible treat as the gospel itself.
Textual Criticism - A Satanic Success Story – When the Bible is ripped apart by the so-called scholars using textual criticism, it has far reaching effects beyond just the change of the text and the removal of the King James Bible.
Their Own Land - That phrase is used 11 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.  Does it refer to modern Israel or to the body of believers?
The Chosen People - Who Are They? - The prophecy pundits keep telling us the Modern Jews are the Chosen People of God but does the Bible Really Teach That?
Theological Slavery - Theological systems do not allow Christians to grow in truth and hinder their growth
The Theologically Confused Christians – It seems today Christians are totally confused and many do not even know what they believe anymore.  They defend the false while decrying the truth.  How did we get this way?
The thorn in the flesh and it's modern counterpart – Many people think Paul’s thorn in the flesh was a physical problem but it was not.  Paul’s thorn in the flesh were the Judiazers.  Today the thorn in the flesh that the church and Christians face is the charismatic movement with all its signs and wonders.
The Trinity in the Old Testament - Many Christians Deny the Trinity in the New Testament but it is plainly taught in the Old Testament too.
Then Sings My Soul – The music ministry in many churches has been destroyed by removing the hymnals and replacing them with the overhead projector and charismatic praise songs.  Find out here why this has been a grave and eternal mistake.
They Are All Dead - A listing of the founders of the world's false religions showing how they are still dead while Christ is Alive!
They Dare Call it Science – Higher Criticism is considered to be a science but really is it or is it just an attack on the pure manuscripts behind the King James Bible?
Three Results of Salvation – Salvation is not only being saved from sins but there are many more results from salvation.  Here are three of them.
Three Rules for Studying the Bible – Here are three basic rules for studying the Scriptures by Thomas Schaff, Instructor at the Family Radio School of the Bible.
Thy Kingdom Has Come - Dispensationalists teach that the first coming of Christ was to establish a kingdom which did not happen because he was rejected.  Is this what the Bible teaches?
Time: Old Testament and New Testament Timing Methods – The Old and New Testament uses time in a different fashion.  The Old Testament used specific time periods but the New Testament is void of specific time periods.
Time for Christians to Shred their Bibles – Challenges to standing governments is plentiful in the Scriptures and Christians have not noticed these.  They might as well shred their bibles if they do not get those parts of the narratives.
Time of Jacob's Trouble – For many years we have been taught that the Time of Jacob’s trouble had to do with the modern nation of Israel.  The Bible teaches something very different than the typical prophecy book explanation.  It is necessary for Christians to investigate beyond the Hollywood style of teachings.
Titus Commentary– A verse by verse commentary on the book of Titus
To and Fro... – Why is there so much discontent among modern Christians?  They seem never to be satisfied with anything.  What is the source of this discontent?
To Be Absent From The Body – Should Christians be involved with Roman Catholics or should they view them as a mission field? 
Today Jefferson Davis: Tomorrow Thomas Jefferson - What is the real reason for the removal of these statues of Confederate Soldiers?
Today's New International Version Exposed – In 2002 the TNIV made its debut but soon faded from the shelves of the book stores because it was another flawed modern version.  I did this analysis in 2002.
Tongue Speaking – Tongues are a scourge on the church and sends Christians into confusion.  This article is a good treatise on the subject of tongues but please read the disclaimer at the top of the article first.
Tongues - 1 Corinthians 14:21-22 – 1 Corinthians 14:21-22 give an Old Testament perspective on the modern tongues movement and how anti-Scriptural they are.  We need to heed the warnings from Isaiah given through these verses or else we can find ourselves in apostasy.
Tongues Phenomenon – Tongues is a modern phenomenon totally different than the legitimate biblical tongues of the first century embryonic church.  It is not for today.
Total Depravity by Frank Beck – Total depravity is the “T” in the Tulip which is the first tenet of the 5 points of Calvinism.  It shows that man is too depraved to save himself or even ask the Lord for salvation and must be saved totally by God.
The Tragedy - A Christian poem by Bertha Reynolds from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania concerning making the wrong decisions in life.
Train up a Child (Big Ones Too!) – Proverbs 22:6 tells us that we are to train up a child in the way he should go but that also applies to new Christians because they are also babes in the faith.
Training the Next Generation – Let’s face it, you and I will not be around forever therefore it is necessary that we train the next generation of Christians to carry the uncompromising message of the gospel to the world.
Trendier Than Thou - Contemporary Worship – The majority of churches have adopted the contemporary worship service believing that somehow the church can walk the line of compromise and have a stronger message.  Is that true?
Trojan Horses in the Church - What things has the modern church accepted that has weakened it so bad?
Trouble and Pain Caused by Mental or Physical Disability – Disabilities are a great challenge even to the people of God.  Much trouble and pain are associated with disabilities.  Learn some of the challenges disabled people have.
True or False Pastors – Here are 11 simple guidelines to see if your pastor is true or false pastor.
True Teachers - How to Identify Them – Just as we are to identify false teachers we should also know the principles of identifying a true teacher.
Truth Tellers Be Gone - Truth is a rejected reality in today's Christianity!
Trying Times – Trying times are going to come with those who have disabilities but God has not left us alone or without strength for each daily challenge.  Our physical condition has no effect whatsoever upon our salvation.
Trying Times - The Sequel – The Bible is replete with people who had faced trying times but God had always given them the strength to make it through victoriously.
Two Major Events Pointing to the Lord's Soon Return – There are two major biblical events which precede the Lord’s return and we are seeing these two events taking place right on the TV every night.  Find out how close we are to the return of Christ
Unconditional Election by Frank Beck – Unconditional Election of God’s Saints is a biblical doctrine which cannot be refuted by Scripture, only by emotion and feelings.
Unconditional Election – God chooses His children and they are chosen by election which is God’s choice from the foundation of the world.  This is a doctrine which is totally biblical but is hated by those who hold to the myth of free will.
Understanding Limited Atonement – Limited Atonement has become a vilified doctrine simply because the free willers do not understand salvation.  Limited Atonement is associated with the concept of the last will and testament.
Understanding the Times – It is important that we know and understand the times we live in.  Are we living in the last of the last days?  How should we react to the signs of the times?
Unholy Laughter - Part 1 – The Holy Laughter movement has been taking over the charismatic churches.  These outbursts of laughter are being attributed to the Holy Spirit but is that true.  Is the Holy Spirit behind it or is an unholy spirit behind it?  By Dr. Cathy Burns
Unholy laughter - Part 2 – The Holy Laughter movement has been taking over the charismatic churches.  These outbursts of laughter are being attributed to the Holy Spirit but is that true.  Is the Holy Spirit behind it or is an unholy spirit behind it? By Dr. Cathy Burns
Until They Know (Missions Song) – This a missions song sung to the tune of How Great Thou Art.  Great song for a mission’s conference in your church.
Updated Version or Replacement? – Is the Revised Version of 1881 an updated version of the King James Bible or is it a total replacement?  Has Christianity been sold a bill of goods concerning the modern Bibles?
Verses from the Free Will Bible - There is no such thing as a free will bible but the way some preachers expound the Scriptures you might as well think there is!
Vocabulary and Verse Usage - Doctrines of Grace – There are words associated with the Doctrines of Grace such as predestination or foreknowledge.  Find out the meaning of these words from the Greek.
Wait – How many times are we ruled by impulsiveness?  It behooves the mature Christian to wait upon the Lord’s timing.  Being impulsive is very dangerous.
Waiting on God – Psalm 25:5 teaches that the Psalmist has been waiting all day for the Lord because he knows it is to his benefit.  Here are 8 benefits of waiting upon God.
Waiting on God - An Investment We Neglect – Many times we are required to wait upon God and we may see this as a waste of time yet in reality it is an investment of time because while we are waiting God is working something out for our benefit.
Walking in the Ways of the World – Are you walking in the ways of Scripture or are you walking in the ways of the world system?
Warning: Know Your Bible Study Teacher! – Know your Bible study teacher.  There are some great principles found in Luke 1:1-4 concerning teachers.  You can find them here to make sure your teacher, or you if you are teacher, to see if you are following the biblical manner of a teacher.
Was it Samuel? – When King Saul went to the witch of Endor and asked her to contact Samuel.  A being appeared to her, so the question to be answered is “Was it Samuel or was it a satanic counterfeit?”
Was King James a Homosexual? - The Real Story of King James I – King James has been unjustly vilified as being a homosexual.  Find out where that accusation came from and learn the truth behind these false rumors.  King James has been accused simply because the same people that hate the King James Bible love their Roman Catholic Versions.
Was the Lord Addressing Peter or Satan? – When the Lord said to Peter “Get thee behind me Satan” was He addressing Peter or was he addressing Satan as the one who motivated Peter to speak?
Was Mary Sinless? – The Roman Catholic Institution teaches that Mary was sinless.  Do the Scriptures agree with this or does the Bible teach something different?
Was the Septuagint the Bible of Christ and the Apostles? – Another aspect of the story of the Septuagint is the belief that it was the Bible of Jesus and the Apostles.  Is that true?  Find out in this article.
Washing the Feet - What was the spiritual reason that Jesus washed the feet of the Disciples?
Watching: Is It Faithful Service or Date Setting? – In the Scriptures, we are told to watch for the return of the Lord.  Until the Lord does return, are we to partake in Date Setting or are we to partake in faithful service until He returns.
The Watchman – What is the function of the watchman in Christianity?   We know that a watchman keeps an eye on property when no one else is there so the thief will not come in and steal.  It is the same with Christianity, the watchman keeps an eye to make sure no false gospels creep in.
Water: Facts you should know – Here are twenty facts you should know about water.
Westcott Hort Only Controversy – Westcott and Hort were the ones behind the 1881 RV which attempted to displace the King James Bible.  What did Hort and Westcott believe and what was their reason for trying to do away with the King James Bible?
What about those Thees and Thous? – In the King James Bible, we see the copious use of the words thee and thou.  Is there a specific reason that words like these were used?  Find out here why these words are very important.
What God has Joined Together – It seems that in the Christian church many married people are becoming divorced on a whim.  What does the Bible teach about marriage?  Does the Bible teach that marriage is a permanent institution or a temporary one where divorce can be had for any reason whatsoever?
What Happened at the Cross? – Did Jesus just die for our sins?  Did His sacrifice on Calvary yield more for the believer?
What I understand about the Local Organized Church by Tom Schaff – Tom Schaff was a teacher with the Family Radio School of the Bible who wrote an excellent article in favor of the local church at the time when his father-in-law Harold Camping was denigrating the churches.
What is Love? – How do we recognize phony love?  The word “love” is thrown around today as if it can cover any and all situations.  This article helps you identify false love.
What is Ministry? - What is the core essence of personal ministry?
What is Past is Prologue – The title of this article is from Shakespeare.   Do we allow the past to rule us or do we dwell in the past or allow the past to be the catalyst for future Christian living?
What is the Corporate Church? – What exactly is a corporate church?  It happens to be a unified body of believers with the same goals in mind.
What is the Great Commission? - Are modern day Christians being guilt manipulated because of the modern versions?
What is the Resurrected Soul? - To be saved our souls must be resurrected before we can believe!
What is the Pastor's Heart? – What is the true heart of the true pastor?  Many are in the pulpits of churches who do not belong there.  How can we tell if the pastor we have has the true spiritual gift of being a pastor?
What is the Septuagint? – Many Christians treat the Septuagint on par with the Scriptures.  Find out who is pushing the Septuagint on Christians and is it a writing that we should even consider as valid?
What is the True Gospel? – There are many gospels being offered in our day.  How then do we tell which is the right one and if we are truly following the true gospel?
What is Your Authority? – What is your authority?  Is it the words of men such as preachers or evangelists?  When you need counsel, who do you go to?  Do you consult the Bible for all matters or not?  Who or what you seek will determine your response to your situation.
What the Bible teaches about Purgatory? – Purgatory is the Roman Catholic belief that the cross of Christ was insufficient to pay for the sins of the Christian and that upon death the person must go to Purgatory to have every vestige of sin purged and then they are readied for Heaven.  Is there such a place as this?
What Tracts? – While there are many ways to get the gospel out to the world, many of these are not available to the working Christian.  However, one of the most economical methods of getting the gospel out is the use of tracts.  Find out here about this most effective method of fulfilling the Great Commission.
When Christians Drink – Many Christians today believe it is fine to drink and they even use, or rather misuse the Bible to try and make their case. Find out why alcoholic drinking for the Christian should not even be considered and what it does to the Christian testimony.
When is the Rapture? – There are 4 beliefs of when the rapture is going to occur but only one of them can be correct.  Find out the timing of the rapture according to Scripture and not according to prophecy books.
When Did Christ Die? - Many Christians believed he died on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Friday.
When Satan Attacks – One fact of the Christian life is that we can expect Satan to attack us and especially at our weakest time.  How do I handle those times when Satan attacks?  Find out here how we are to handle that.
When you are on the back side of the desert! – Do you seem to be in a period of time which appears to be neutral where nothing is happening?  Sometimes God places us in situations which appear to be times of stagnancy but is that true?  When Moses was in Midian for 40 years, God had a reason for keeping him there for that length of time.  He also has a reason for placing you in a similar situation.
When Will The Holy Spirit Be Taken Out of The Way? – Much has been written about the Holy Spirit being removed from the earth when the church is raptured.  Now we know that the Pre-Trib rapture is unbiblical, so when will the Holy Spirit be taken out of the way?
Where Did Calvinism Originate? - Was it Calvin or were the Five Points created elsewhere?
Where did God Place His Name? - God placed his name in Ancient Jerusalem but after it was destroyed, where did he place it?
Where Do Babies Go When they Die? - Many teach that Babies go right into Heaven.  Is that what the Bible teaches?
Where Will You Be After Death?   (Tract) – This tract asks some very important questions as to your spiritual state. 
Which Bible? It's Easy to Decide – There are two streams of extant manuscripts underlying bibles today.  Find out which stream your bible is of and if it is an accurate version.
Which Bible is Preserved of God? – With so many bible versions available to the Christian today, only one can be the preserved word of God.  Find out which Bible God has preserved down through the ages.
Which Road? – Which road should the Christian choose, the road of the Spirit or the road of the flesh?  Sometimes we go off course and may not realize we are walking in the flesh, so we need to evaluate and get back on the right road!
Whitefield on Effectual Calling – A long quote from George Whitefield on the subject of the effectual calling of God.
Who Accepts Who? – We all heard the expression “accept the Lord.”  Is that the correct way to look at it or should we be saying “The Lord accepted me?”  Find out here!
Who are the Children? – Many times the Bible uses the phrase “little children.”  Who are the children spoken of in Scripture?  Is it those who are young or is it a reference to Christians?
Who are the Christian Leaders? – Many times I hear the news speak of some famous Christian or better yet some compromised Christians as a “leader.”  In Christianity, is leadership measured in the same way as the world measures it.  Find out who the real Christian leaders are in this article.
Who are They Really Attacking? – When unbelievers attack Christians, who are they really intending their attack to reach?  Is it the Christian which is the direct enemy of the world or are the unbelievers still attempting to persecute Christ as Saul of Tarsus did?
Who Controls the World, God or Satan? – Many Christians feel that because Satan is called the “god of this world” that he is the one running it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He is subservient to God and can only make a move with God’s permission.
Who Does God Call and Use? – Many Christians are under the mistaken notion that God only calls the people who are qualified for ministry.  The reality is that God calls ordinary people and then qualifies them for ministry.  There is no one called by God who is special, God makes them special after they are saved.
Who is the Antichrist? – Since I became saved I have heard prophecy ministries making predictions of who the Antichrist is.  They have named many leaders from the Pope to Ronald Reagan.  Find out here who the real Antichrist is.
Who is the Enemy of Christians? - Enemies of Christians exist everywhere so how do we handle them?
Who says a Christian can't be a Mason? – Can a Christian be both a Christian and a Mason?  Masonry has been around for a long time so what makes it so dangerous to Christians?
Why 1 John 5:7-8 is in the Bible – Many claim that 1 John 5:7-8 is not part of the original Scriptures as God gave them.  However, the evidence shows just the opposite with much manuscript evidence.  Why then do these theologians continue to ignore the evidence?
Why are Christians so Miserable? – It is a strange phenomenon that many Christians I have personally met seem to be so miserable.  Why is this?  Shouldn’t Christians be the most joyous on earth?
Why Did They Turn The World Upside Down? – What caused the early church to turn the world upside down?  What caused Christians like Martin Luther or Richard Bayfield to turn their world upside down?  Can the modern Christian turn the world upside down or will apathy be the description of our generation?
Why do we worship on Sunday and not Saturday? – Sunday has been the designated day of worship for Christians since Christ rose from the dead.  Find out why Sunday and not Saturday is our day of worship.
Why "Ends" and not "End" in 1 Corinthians 10:11 - The Bible is very meticulous in choosing the right words.
Why I am King James Only? – Many people use modern versions only and are well-accepted by the majority of Christians.  I am totally King James Only and that title brings the ire of the Christian community.  Find out why I hold only to the King James Bible as the preserved word of God.
Why I give the Bible Studies Away for Free – On my website are many studies which are all given for free and I never ask one penny for them.  The Bible teaches freely we receive and freely we should give.  Why then do so many ministries charge for their materials instead of obeying the mandate of free distribution?
Why I left Facebook - Facebook is a lot more than just a social media site, it is a danger to your spiritual and emotional growth
Why I left Scofieldism by William E. Cox - Scofieldism is an erroneous belief system.  here is one man's exodus from it.
Why is America being targeted for destruction? – Why is America being targeted for destruction?  It is not just because other nations or religious groups like Muslims hate us.  It is a spiritual warfare which is going on and Christians can help avert disaster but their apathy is bringing about America’s decline much faster.
Why is Calvinism so Hated? - Calvinism is hated by 95% of all Christians because it takes them off the throne of their life and puts God back on the Throne where he belongs.  Find out why Calvinism is "THE HATED TRUTH."
Why is sin abounding in our day? - Is there a reason that sin has mushroomed greatly in our time?
Why is the 21st Century Church Failing so Miserably? – It seems the modern church is unable to hold on to their exiting people.  Why is the modern church failing so miserably?  This article gives some reasons why the modern church is facing failure which should be faced head on.
Why is the Youth Leaving the Church? – There is an exodus of youth leaving the churches today and it seems the leaders cannot stop it.  Here are some reasons why they are leaving.  See if any of these are present in your church.
Why No Revival? - What is the reason or reasons revival has not come?
Why so Many Denominations? – Have you ever wondered why there are so many Protestant denominations?  It seems every few weeks a new one is popping up.  This article gives insight into the reasons for so many denominations of churches today.
Why We Don't Speak in Tongues – Tongues is a phenomenon which has taken over many churches and permeates the thinking of many Christians.  Find out why speaking in Tongues is not for the true, saved biblical Christian.
Why the Levites Were Not Numbered - Did you ever wonder why God did not have Moses include the Levites in the census in Numbers?
Why We Must Speak With Authority - The Message of the Bible must be spoken with authority not timidity!
Why Should a Calvinist Preach the Gospel? – Those who believe in predestination and election have the same responsibilities as all Christians.  The belief in these doctrines does not negate the responsibility of evangelism.
Will Islam Cause World War III? – With the spread of radical Islam, will it be the catalyst for starting another major World War?
The Will of Man - The Misunderstanding - The Will of Man has been a mystery for many Christians believing that even a dead will can will themselves into Heaven.
Will You Be In Hell? – This tract/article asks some pertinent question concerning your spiritual state which must be faced.  Salvation will save you from Hell but are you saved?
Will you have a Coke or a Glass of Water? – Coca-Cola contains many unhealthy ingredients and recently have added GMOs to their drink as did Pepsi.  You are better off having a glass of water than a coke.
Willow Creek - Hegelian Dialectic & The New World Order – Willow Creek Church of Bill Hybels has been at the front of many anti-Christian movements including removing the traditional church service and replacing it with a play.  This article is very informative as to what this church has perpetuated and how many churches have chosen to follow its model.
Wine in the New Testament - New Testament Statistics on Wine
With Men Salvation Is Impossible - Salvation is performed by God by making a person spiritually alive because man does not have that ability to raise himself up from spiritual death.
Without U.S. Support Modern Israel is a Failed State - Many Christians believe the modern state of Israel is of God but it is not and Christians need to stop treating this country as an idol.
The Witness of the Word – Contains a number of Scripture verses on many different subjects.  Just Scripture without comment.
 Witnessing As a Doctrines of Grace Believer - Belief in the biblical doctrines of Election and Predestination in no way negates our responsibilty to the Great Commission
Women Preachers – In our day it seems many women have been taking the pulpit and becoming preachers and evangelists.  Does the Bible teach that this is fine or are they in direct violation of the commands of Scripture?
Women's Heart Attack Symptoms – Women have different symptoms than men when experiencing a heart attack.  This article will help prepare you in case you or someone you know may be experiencing a heart attack, which otherwise would not look like one.
Word of Faith Movement and the Cutlic Renewal of Indulgences - What does the Word of Faith Movement and the Roman Catholic Church share in common?
Word of Faith Preachers - What they Teach – The word of faith movement is very prevalent today in many churches.  Find out here what they teach and preach so you will be able to defend against it when you are confronted with its teachings.
The Word of God – The Word of God keeps us strong against drifting and accepting any of the many false teachings which have permeated the church.  If we know the Scriptures, our Christian walk will not experience and serious ups and downs.
The Word of God is the Key – The word of God is the key to keeping your life stabilized and enduring.  Find out why!
Words of Wisdom from Omar Andeel – Omar Andeel was the host of the Morning Clock on Family Radio and always ended his program with a wise quote.  Here are some of them.
Word Peddling – If we turn on the radio today, we will come across talk programs.  These are designed so people can get their opinions out to others.  The problem is that talk shows are never designed for action.  People have the words but never get involved beyond talk because they think that their opinion is the extent of their commitment which is false.  Find out here how deceitful talk shows can be.
Work of Faith – What is a work of faith?  Is it something that only a saved person can do?
Workers - Christians need to be in some aspect of Christian work
Works – Are works necessary for salvation?  Does the Bible teach that we must add to our salvation by doing some kind of works?
Works n' Faith - James 2:14-26 – Many Christians look at this portion of Scripture and sincerely believe that the Bible teaches that works are necessary for salvation.  Is that what James 2:14-26 teaches or does it teach something completely different?
Worshipping God in Spirit - John 4:24 – What does it mean to worship God in the Spirit? Millions think that it is praying in gibberish they call tongues.  Are they in error?
Your Spiritual Legacy – How will people remember you?  You are going to pass from the earthly scene some day and what spiritual legacy will you leave behind for both your physical family and the body of Christ?
Zechariah Commentary on the Book of Zechariah
Zephaniah - Commentary on the Book of Zephaniah
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