Religious Prostitution


By Dr. Ken Matto


Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Mark 7:7)


No this study is not about a bunch of religious people turning tricks but it is about the wholesale slaughter of souls by way of false religions which tend to dress themselves up and portray themselves as the way to God by means of keeping to their system.  In the times we live in, massive amounts of people are placing their trust in churches and systems in hopes that they will be able to get to Heaven.  Every religious system however teaches that their particular system is the true way and therefore if strictly adhered to will guarantee them a placed in Heaven.  With all the different religions on earth, how can they all be correct?


Prostitution is a counterfeit portraying itself to take the place of something real.  Prostitution need not only be in the realm of sex but can be partaken of in any type of discipline from business to religion.  The 1828 Webster’s dictionary gives the following definition of prostitution:


(2) The act of setting one's self to sale, or offering one's self to infamous employments; as the prostitution of talents or abilities.


When someone dedicates themselves to a religious system they are in essence selling themselves and if they have talents or abilities, then they will be using them for the purpose of endorsing a prostitute religion for others to become ensnared.  Religious prostitution has deadly everlasting consequences in that if anyone tries to get to Heaven outside the biblical way, then they are doomed and dammed forever.


Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)


In John 14:6, Jesus stated that he is the way, truth, and life.  This verse is quoted so haphazardly as if it is some kind of good luck charm.  It is the most direct verse in the Bible which states how a person can get to Heaven yet it is the most overlooked verse.  If you notice Jesus uses the direct article “the” three times in this verse.  The word “the” denotes the fact there is no second way to Heaven.  No one can go around the Lord Jesus Christ and get to Heaven.  Salvation is in Christ and nothing or no one else.  Many say that Christianity teaches an exclusivity in this area and that we are arrogant to think that Christ is the only way.  You better believe Christianity is exclusive because the Lord Jesus Christ made it exclusive.  If there were other ways, then the verse would use “a” instead of “the.”  Any religion which believes they can get to heaven outside of the Lord Jesus Christ is a prostitute religion, a counterfeit.  False religions are not the only way a person can engage in religious prostitution, it can be done on a personal level invoking a personal belief system which can be melded into a larger belief system like a false religion.  So I want to offer four hints which may help you dissect your walk to see if you are a religious prostitute.  As long as you are still breathing there is hope.


My Church Can Save

One of the gravest mistakes people make is the belief that their church can save them.  Oh the hierarchy of the church may not put it in that direct terminology but each church has rituals and practices that their people adhere to and are very confident that these things will propel them into glory when they pass on.  Let me give a personal example.  I was born into the Hungarian Reformed Church which is a Reformation Church dating back to the early 1600’s.  We would take communion once a month and the Minister would ask 4 questions that the congregation would answer in unison.  When the four questions were answered the Minister would raise his hands and proclaim “I as an ordained Minister of the Lord pronounce to you the absolution and remission of your sins.”  Both of these means that the person is now acquitted of their sins and pays no penalty for sins.  Do you see the subtlety of this heretical teaching?  They taught that Communion saves a person’s soul.  That is going outside of Christ for forgiveness of sins making that religious prostitution.  I saw this for the first 27 years of my life before I became a Christian and even bought into it when I was a teenager attending the youth group.  Another problem was that the ministers were all unsaved so their sins were not even forgiven.  In the Roman Catholic Church they too have many rituals and practices which are unbiblical such as confessing sins to a priest or the Mass which is supposed to be the physical body and blood of Christ that gives forgiveness of sins when ingested.  Many people have bought into the rituals of the organized church, both Catholic and Protestant, and over the years have felt comfortable in those rituals making them a religious prostitute because they think church ritual will get them to Heaven.


I Grew Up in the Church

Many people think that because they were born into a church setting and maybe they were baptized and confirmed in the church that qualifies them for Heaven.  I once worked with a man who was a member of the Greek Orthodox Church for 46 years.  He was placing his eternity on the fact that he was a member of that church.  I had spoken to him that he must be born again and that church membership would not get him to Heaven.  He told me that his son or daughter (I forgot who) told him the very same thing which means my conversation with him was a confirmation of a previous conversation he had with someone else.  Those who are born into a church setting and believe their church will get them to Heaven if they remain from womb to tomb are religious prostitutes because they are seeking their church for salvation and not Christ.


I am a Spiritual Person

We hear this proclamation from people who are in Hollywood to those we work with.  It is a defense mechanism which means they go beyond the physical realm but not to Christ.  There is always some type of diversion in this belief system.  They may be into New Age, ancestor worship, environmentalists who see the earth as “their mother,” astral projection, ascended masters, channeling, etc.  There are many ways a person can be spiritual but when the word spiritual stands on its own, it could take on any meaning from the occult to Christianity.  That is why a specific definition is needed when speaking to someone other than “that’s okay.”  No it is not okay because any involvement with the occult leads to everlasting damnation.  Most people today are occultic in their spiritual affiliations.  When a person claims to be spiritual but against Christ then you know they are involved in occultic spirituality.  This is one of the worst forms of religious prostitution.


I Believe in Jesus

Which Jesus?  Almost every religion which has acknowledged Jesus has recreated him in the image of their religion.  It must be understood that false religions will always fashion Jesus after their belief system because no false religion will ever accept Jesus as he is truly portrayed in the Bible.  They all have Jesus walking the dusty streets of Palestine as this great teacher who went about doing good but they never see him as the Great I Am of Sinai who destroyed the empires of Assyria, Babylon, Rome, etc. and who will be the final Judge on Judgment Day.  WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) was a movement which tried to soften the reality of who Jesus is.  They never factor in the real fact that Jesus was the Great I Am.  Without that you only get half a picture of who he is which is what most false religions want.   He is never seen as the Judge but only as the nice guy who does what we tell him to do.  If you hold any view of Jesus, less than what the Bible portrays him to be, you are a religious prostitute and in danger of hell fire.



The bottom line is that if you believe that you can obtain salvation by any other way then through the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are a religious prostitute.  These sound like harsh words but they are true.  There is only one true salvation and that is in Christ, all other methods are counterfeits and therefore qualify as religious prostitution.  Religion only condemns a person to hell with confidence believing that they obeyed all the dictates of a particular religion.  Religious people will stand before the Lord on Judgment day and will be heard with the following prelude to their defense, “But I.....” and Jesus will say: And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. (Matthew 7:23)  That is why religion is eternally dangerous because it comes under the category of “INIQUITY.”