Biblical Teachings


2 Chronicles 7:14 - Does it Describe the Works of a Christian?


2 Timothy 4:2 - In Season, Out of Season – A Christian must always be ready to present the Gospel whether in a prepared setting like a sermon or in an unprepared moment such as a discussion or a defense.


12 Ways to Mark a Pharisee – Are your beliefs as a Christian paralleling the beliefs of the Pharisees?  Here are 12 ways to check if your beliefs are in line with them.


13 Christian Characteristics (Sunday School/Sermon Guidelines) – 13 different tenets of the Christian faith which should be evident in every Christian.


15 Statements Biblical Christians Would Never Make – Our Christian vocabulary is full of unbiblical statements.  Find out if you have believed any of these 15 beliefs which are common throughout Christianity yet without biblical proof.


100 Questions for those who Deny Eternal Torment – There are many people who do not believe in the reality of eternal damnation.  Here is a list of 100 questions based totally on Scripture which must be answered and faced by those who believe in annihilation.  If they answer honestly, they will reject annihilation.


160 Reasons Jesus is Almighty God – There are many religions and cults that teach that Jesus Christ is not Almighty God.  They see him as a prophet or a teacher but not God.  Here are 160 reasons taken right from the pages of Scripture which refute the belief that Jesus is less than God.


50 of the Most Misunderstood Verses in the Bible (Part 1 & 2) - 50 Verses which many Christians stumble over and have been misunderstood


2 Peter 3:9 – 2 Peter 3:9 has been used and abused by the Free Will movement to try and prove that God wants everyone saved when the Scriptures themselves show that atonement is limited to those whom God has named before the foundation of the world.  This verse speaks of God not willing any of the Elect to perish since it is His will to save all those whom He has named.


Abrahamic Covenants – A contrast between the physical and eternal covenants of Abraham as given to him by God.  Helps to understand the differences which have become quite confusing by today’s theology. 


Adam and Eve: Fear or Repentance – A lesson in free will and how it cannot lead to repentance.


Age of Accountability – There is a standard teaching which permeates the free will movement and is basically taught by 99% of churches and that is the Age of Accountability which basically teaches that a child is under the blood of Christ till a certain age, which differs for each child, until that child sins and understands they have sinned.  Then they are no longer under the blood of Christ unless they become saved.  If you ask a free willer where this doctrine is found in Scripture, they will be hard pressed to find it.  They will have to spin philosophy and personal belief to maintain this teaching.


Agree to Disagree - What does it REALLY mean?


All always means All - The word "all" in scripture must be defined by its context and taken as a blanket term.


Allegorical Method of Interpretation – During the time period of 2001-2011 Harold Camping had declared that the churches were dead and all had to come out of them.  In this article, he lauds the heretic church father Origen because of his use of allegory.  Camping abused allegory to make the Bible subject to his beliefs.


Allegory - Its Use and Abuse – Allegory has been used over the centuries to compare certain Scriptures with other parts of Scriptures.  It has also been used to show that some items or events in Scripture are a representation of other things such as “Lion” is used to describe Christ.  Joseph was a type of Christ.  Allegory can also be abused to make Scripture say what it does not, making the teaching subject to the teacher bringing the false lesson.


Annihilation: For What Saith The Scriptures? – For many years the Watchtower Society and others have been pushing annihilation which means after a person faces Christ on Judgment Day, instead of eternal punishment for being unsaved, they will just be annihilated, ceasing to exist.  This teaching gained prominence from about 2001-2011 when Harold Camping of Family Radio adopted this teaching and began propagating it resulting in many biblically weak Christians believing it.


Assumptive Hermeneutics - Interpreting the Bible without Biblical Facts in Evidence - How do you approach the Bible when interpreting it?  You might be surprised!


Backsliding – Many Christians believe that it is possible for a true Christian to backslide.  Is this what the Bible teaches?  Backsliding, in the Scriptures, refers only to Israel and not to individual people.


Baptism: Symbolic of or Necessary for Salvation – Some Christians and denominations believe that water baptism is necessary for salvation.  Is this what the Scriptures teach or is it a false teaching which needs to be rejected?


Baptism Does Not Replace Circumcision - Many churches teach that baby baptism has replaced physical Circumcision!  But what dies the Bible teach?


Biblical Absolutes – Many Christians speak about gray areas of Scripture but there are many biblical absolutes which cannot be degraded to a gray area.  We better know that the Bible contains many absolutes which cannot be changed or ignored.


Biblical Separation – The Bible teaches plainly that Christians are to be separate from the world system.  Find out specifically some of those areas of separation.


Biblical Tidbits – Some thoughts on different Bible verses: Psalm 43; Jeremiah 5:18; 42:2; John 18:10-11; 2 Corinthians 3:18; James 2:14-26; Titus 2:11-14; Hebrews 12:26-29; Revelation 1:17-20; 11:5


Christ Exalted by Jonathan Edwards – A sermon given by Jonathan Edwards in August 1738.


Christ in Every Book – The Bible is a book about the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is found in every book of the Bible including the Old Testament.


Christ the Lord is Risen Today – Because of the resurrection of Christ, the believer is assured of their own resurrection.  This article also contains some theories doubting the resurrection of Christ.


Christ's Death was Particular and Not Random - Randomness is nowhere found in the Bible and that includes the death of Christ!


Christians Need to Become Biblicists - Christians must forsake theological systems and return to a study of the Scriptures


The Coming Economic Nightmare: Can Christians Help Prevent It? – With our country being 20 trillion dollars in debt, is it possible to keep America from falling under the Globalist rule?  If Christians would continue to give and fund missions and other ministries, then God promised He would rebuke the devourer for our sake.  If Christians continue to hoard, then God will eventually take everything but the method will be like the Babylonians and Assyrians coming against Israel and Judah.


Conjunctive Theology – The conjunction in grammar connects thought and meaning.  It has been used detrimentally in Christianity and has caused problems.


The Cross: Payment for Sin or Demonstration? And How many Times Did Christ Died? – For some years Harold Camping taught that the cross of Christ on earth was only a demonstration because Christ was supposedly crucified before the earth was formed.  The Bible teaches that Christ died once for sins and not twice as Camping taught. This article refutes this heretical teaching of Harold Camping.


Date Setting: Is It Biblical – Since the Lord returned back to Heaven in 33 A.D., people for the last 2000 years have been trying to figure out His return.  Many have attempted date setting but all were found to be wrong.  If someone sets a date it does not necessarily mean they are heretics.  Martin Luther and Charles Wesley both set dates and I would not consider either a heretic.


The Devil and His Angels – Hell was not only created for the purpose of punishing the devil and his angels eternally but also those who are unsaved and want nothing to do with God or Christ in this present world.


Did Jephthah Do It? – Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter or was her sacrifice to remain childless all her life which was a curse on Israelite women?  Find out here.


Did Jesus Claim to be God? - The Lord Jesus Christ did indeed claim to be God!


Did Jesus Speak About Homosexuality? - Many Christians and unbelievers claim Jesus had nothing to say about homosexuality.  The Bible proves them totally wrong!


Did the Lord Jesus Christ Go To Hell? – Many Christians believe that after the Lord Jesus Christ died on Calvary that he went to hell to preach to the lost.  Is this a true biblical teaching?  Where did the Lord Jesus Christ go after he died?  The Bible is very clear on that.


Differing Covenants – When looking at the Covenants in Scripture it is necessary to study each one individually and see whom God has applied them to.  Many make a mistake and believe that the covenants are all for national Israel when there is a great separation between the covenants made with Israel and Abraham.


Does God Answer Every Prayer? – Many times when Christians pray and we don’t get the answer we want, we will claim that God did not answer our prayer when in reality He answers all prayers of His children.


Does God Love Everyone in the World? - We have heard that God loves the sinner but hates the sin, is that biblical?


Does Satan Exist? – Many in this world think that Satan does not exist and Satan would love that to happen so he could go around unnoticed.  I knew some Christians who doubted the existence of Satan, demons, and angels.  How can you read the Bible and see these creatures in there and doubt their existence?  The ultimate blindness.


Ecclesiastes 8:5 – During the time of Harold Camping’s insistence that May 21, 2011 was going to be the day of the rapture, he claimed that Eccl. 8:5 taught that we can know when the Lord was returning.  That was proven to be false but Eccl. 8:5 does teach us that we can discern the times that we live in.


Eclectic Hermeneutics - Do Christians Pick and Choose how to interpret Passages according to their personal beliefs and preferences?


Effectual Salvation – Free Willers teach that all one must do to be saved is believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Is that the first step or are they missing a major biblical teaching which precedes belief?


The End of Salvation – When the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross He paid for all the sins of the Elect.  Therefore there is no more salvation for anyone beyond those who were named from the foundation of the world.  God’s magnificent salvation plan was now complete except for the calling of every believer till the last one is called.


The End of the Wicked Contemplated by the Righteous by Jonathan Edwards – Jonathan Edwards’ treatise on the end of the wicked and what will be their future.


The Essence of Salvation - If you are saved, then your sins were forgiven and removed the moment you became saved!


Everything Changed at Calvary - The cross of Christ was a dividing line in the life of the true Christian.  It was more than just a change from B.C. to A.D.


Extra-Biblical Hermeneutics – Are we able to understand the Scriptures by reading materials outside the Bible such as archaeological data?  Can we come to an understanding of certain passages with such a method?  Find out here!


Faith: Where Does It Originate? – The majority of Christians tell unbelievers that all they have to do to become saved is to believe.  Is it that easy?  Where does faith originate and must we be saved first to exercise it?


False Church Teachings – Even though we have the Scriptures preserved for us many churches have chosen to continue in false teachings to make their people feel good.  Find out some of the false church teachings and be prepared when you walk into a church.


The Family Unit - The Great Parallel - The Family Unit Parallels the relationship of Christ and the Eternal Church


The Final Appointment – Every person, whether saved or unsaved, will have the final appointment in this life.  We do not like to speak about our own mortality but it is inevitable that each one of us will have a final moment.


Free Will and Universal Atonement Vocabulary – The majority of Christians believe in free will and there are even some who believe that God is eventually going to save everyone.  Are they correct?  Find out here.


Free Will Tenets Not Found in Scripture – Here are ten tenets which those who believe in free will tout.  Each of these ten have no biblical support yet they are taught as if the Bible supports each one.


Free Willism is a False Gospel - Does the teaching of Free Will constitute another gospel?


The Full Christian Life – Is the Christian life more than just being forgiven of our sins?  It sure is, find out here how full the Christian life is.


The Fullness of the Atonement – The fullness of the Atonement of Christ goes way beyond just the forgiveness of sins.  The atonement of Christ covers a lot more ground than that.  Find out here.


Gathered To Your People – There seems to be some kind of confusion as to what happens to the Christian when they physically die.  The Bible is replete with encouragement for this time in a believer’s life. 


The Gathering – When we attend church on Sunday morning, it is a small picture of the gathering of all the Saints at the feet of the Lord.


Gay Christians? No Such Thing! – Many have tried to convince us that a person can be gay and a Christian.  The Bible does not support such an evil teaching.  Sodomy has always been against the nature of God and still is no matter what date it is.


Genesis 12:1-3 - Of Whom Do the Scriptures Speak? – Genesis 12:1-3 has been used to convince the Christian that it is speaking about the modern nation of Israel.  Is that true or is that Christian Zionism with one of its false teachings?  Find out here!


Glorious Aspects of God's Salvation Plan – Certain aspects of God’s salvation plan are glorious for the believer.  Find out what they are here.


The Glorious Garden of Eden – An exposition of Genesis 2, verse by verse, all concerning the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve.


God's Sovereign Will – God’s will is not abstract nor is it hypothetical.  God’s decrees something and it will come to pass.


Hearing the Gospel - Is There more to hearing the Gospel than just physical hearing?


Hostile Free Willers - Why are Free Willers so Hostile?


How Does God view the Believer? – Many times we hear people state “Christians are just sinners saved by grace.”  It sounds super humble but is that all the Christian is?  Does the Bible teach us that the Christian is more than just a redeemed sinner?  Find out here, you will be surprised.


How Shall We Give: Giving a Christian Dynamic – Whenever we receive a request for funds by a Christian ministry or when the plate is passed in church, how do you view that?  Do you see it is an opportunity to serve even further or do you see it as just these ministries asking for more money?  Giving is as much a ministry as preaching is!


How to Build the Kingdom of God – When the Christian builds the Kingdom of God, how do they go about doing it?  Is it building big churches or universities for studies?  The answer is simple and can be done by all Christians.


How Were the Old Testament Saints Saved? – Many people claim that grace was not active in the Old Testament.  They believe that men like Abraham or Jacob or Joseph did not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Were the Old Testament Saints saved the same way the New Testament Saints were?


How to Know You Are Saved – Many Christians concern themselves about their salvation and wonder if they are saved.  Here are some principles to help you in your quest.


Jesus: King of the Jews – Many teach that Jesus is the King of The Jews because Pilate had that written on His cross.  When we get to the New Testament understanding of who a Jew is, then we find that Jesus is King of the Jews, that is, those who are saved according to Romans 2:28-29.


Jesus Christ - The Creator - The Lord Jesus Christ is the Creator of this world and Universe.


Jesus Christ: The God of the Old Testament - The Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is the God of the Old Testament too.


John 3:16 - An Offer of the Gospel or a Declaration of the Gospel? – Many Christians believe that John 3:16 is an offer of the Gospel.  Is it?  Or is the verse a declaration of salvation?


I Wanna Go to Hell with all my Friends – Many unsaved think that hell is going to be a big party and that they want to be there with all their friends.  The reality is that hell is a place of eternal torment and the farthest thing from being an eternal party.  This article combats the notion of hell being a place of fun.


I Want to Lose my Salvation -  It seems there are many Christians who scour the Bible to find as many ways as they can to lose their salvation.  They are falling for satanic lies!


It Is Finished - Has  greater meaning than just the end of the sufferings of Christ


Last Will and Testament of Christ – When the Lord Jesus Christ died on Calvary, His last will and testament went into effect.  It was not only a spiritual document but a legal document which cannot be changed.  It has to do with the salvation of His Elect.


The Latter Temple – Is the latter temple a physical building like the first two or is it another type of temple such as a spiritual temple?


Liberal Hatred – Liberals do not like the true gospel of Christ.  They think that they should be able to do anything they want or believe anything.  Liberals are dangerous whether in the church or in politics.  The 2016 U.S. Presidential election proved that!


Lord Teach us to Pray (Lord's Prayer) – An exposition of the Lord’s Prayer taken from Luke 11.


Man the Sovereign and God the Beggar – The free will belief that man can “accept the Lord” is nowhere found in the Bible.  It is a created tenet of the free will system of salvation.  Man believes that God is the one begging him to become saved and that man has the ability to accept or refuse.  Nothing could be further from the truth and that belief is nowhere found in Scripture.  It is based on the pride of man.


A More Definitive Explanation of the Gospel - A short article which will help you explain the gospel to others.


The Nation of Psalm 33:12 - Is the nation of Psalm 33:12 refering to Israel, the USA or another nation?


The Offer of the Gospel – Does the Bible teach that God offers the gospel to the world or does it teach He applies it to those He named before the foundation of the world?  Is the offer of the gospel truly biblical?


The Old Testament Genealogies - The Importance for the Believer - Many skip over them but they represent a great biblical truth for the Christian!


The Omnipresent Christ on Earth - John 3:13 states that Jesus was both in Heaven and on Earth simultaneously!


The Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord God - Many cults claim the Lord Jesus Christ is not God but the Bible teaches differently!


The Order of Salvation - The Bible gives a detailed description on how a person becomes saved and there is no "decision making!"


Our Mediator – The Lord Jesus Christ is not just our Savior but also our mediator for everything in life including tough situations.


Paul's Missionary Journeys - The three missionary journeys of Paul plus his journey to Rome and Glory.


Peace on Earth - At Christmas every one speaks of peace on earth, but what peace is it in reality?


Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism - What are they and are those beliefs around today?


Pentecost: The Misunderstanding - Was Pentecost the birth of the church?


Peripheralism: The Christian Attack on God's Word – The Bible is the infallible word of God and all parts of it are important.  What has happened in our day is that just because people do not understand certain parts of it, they marginalize it, in fact, some theologians just take parts of the Bible out and dismiss it as not being part of the original which is a very dangerous game because it carries with it eternal consequences.


The Perversion of Truth – Many cults have perverted the truth of the gospel.  Find out here the methods they use to try and snare you into their evil clutches.


Pictures of Jesus – Since the dawn of the first century people have been either drawing pictures of Jesus or since the advent of the camera taking pictures and making them look like Jesus.  However, you do it, it is not biblical and no Christian must ever purchase anything that seems like a picture of Jesus.


Process Salvation – Is salvation a process or is it an instantaneous event in the life of a believer?  Find out here.


Progressive Revelation – Progressive revelation has been used by cults and other false religions to further their false teachings.  Progressive revelation is biblical when it is used within the confines of Scripture and not after the completion of the Bible.


The Promised Judgment of God – Just because everything seems to be going along smoothly, even sin, we may get the idea that God will not judge anything.  However, He is seeing everything and all sins will be brought into judgment which isn’t paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ.


Psalm 23 - Seventeen Precious Promises – 17 precious promises from the most famous Psalm in the Bible.


The Question of Hermeneutics – Hermeneutics is the study of Bible interpretation.  To understand Scripture we must have the correct hermeneutic.


Religious Prostitution - It is Counterfeit Salvation!


Repentance: The Requirement for or the Result of Salvation – Many people claim that one must repent of their sins and then accept the Lord to be saved but is that biblical?  Is repentance a requirement for salvation or a result of it?


Replacement Theology Needs To Be Replaced – One of the newest monikers for the Reformed faith is called “Replacement Theology” which the free willer states that the church has replaced Israel and all its blessings.  The reality is that the modern nation of Israel is not a biblical nation but a political nation and has nothing whatsoever to do with our salvation or Bible prophecy.  Everything changed at the cross including theologies from law to grace, from national Israel to the eternal church.


Resurrection or Resurrections? How Many Are There? – The Bible straightly teaches that there is going to be one general resurrection on the last day.  However, I have had people tell me that there is going to be as many as 3 resurrections.  Both cannot be correct so let the Bible be our guide.


Romans 7:14-25: Is it the Pre or Post Conversion of the Apostle Paul? - Is Romans 7:14-25 speaking about Paul's pre-conversion life or his Post-conversion struggle with sin?


The Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday – Many Christians continue to celebrate the Sabbath as still being the Seventh Day as under the old dispensation.  Many foes of the Sunday Sabbath claim that Rome changed the day but the Bible teaches that God changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and it is found right in the Greek text.


Saint or Sinner - Which are You? - Too many Christians refer to themselves as "Sinners Saved by Grace."  Is that a biblical saying?


Salvation – Here is a 3 part study on the subject of salvation which covers many aspects of it.


Salvation is Forever – Salvation is not something you get and then lose and get and lose and so on.  When God saves you, you are saved forever and nothing can change that.


Same-Sex Marriage - The World's Most Nefarious Sin - Sodomite marriage is an abomination unto the Lord and is not to be embraced by Christians at all!


Seemingly Universal Atonement and Free Will Vocabulary - The word "all" can be confusing if it is not looked at closely whenever it is used.  It is not a blanket word but it is a qualified word.


A Short Study on John 1:1 - John 1:1 teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is eternal God


Slavery and the Bible - Christians keep getting blamed for slavery because they do not challenge that accusation, simply because they do not know their Bible!


Sons of God - Demons or Men? – Who are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?  Are they people or are they demon spirits who have had sex with women and created offspring?


The Suffering of Christ – The suffering of Christ was planned in eternity before the world was even created.  He suffered for us.


Suicide and the Christian – If a Christian commits suicide, do they still go to Heaven?  Many say no they won’t but is that what the Bible teaches?


The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Scripture – A Christian needs to know that the Bible is sufficient to bring us through life and we do not need things such as psychology or other worldly disciplines.


They Are All Dead - A listing of the founders of the world's false religions showing how they are still dead while Christ is Alive!


Three Rules for Studying the Bible – Here are three basic rules for studying the Scriptures by Thomas Schaff, Instructor at the Family Radio School of the Bible.


The Trinity in the Old Testament - Many Christians Deny the Trinity in the New Testament but it is plainly taught in the Old Testament too.


Was it Samuel? – When King Saul went to the witch of Endor and asked her to contact Samuel.  A being appeared to her, so the question to be answered is “Was it Samuel or was it a satanic counterfeit?”


Was the Lord Addressing Peter or Satan? – When the Lord said to Peter “Get thee behind me Satan” was He addressing Peter or was he addressing Satan as the one who motivated Peter to speak?


Washing the Feet - What was the spiritual reason that Jesus washed the feet of the disciples?


What God has Joined Together – It seems that in the Christian church many married people are becoming divorced on a whim.  What does the Bible teach about marriage?  Does the Bible teach that marriage is a permanent institution or a temporary one where divorce can be had for any reason whatsoever?


What Happened at the Cross? – Did Jesus just die for our sins?  Did His sacrifice on Calvary yield more for the believer?


What is a False Prophet? – We hear the term false prophet many times.  Here is an article which teaches what a false prophet is so you can identify one if you come in contact with one.


What is the Resurrected Soul - To be saved our souls must be resurrected before we can believe!


When Did Christ Die? - Many Christians believed he died on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Friday.


Why is Calvinism so Hated? - Calvinism is hated by 95% of all Christians because it takes them off the throne of their life and puts God back on the Throne where he belongs.  Find out why Calvinism is "THE HATED TRUTH."


The Will of Man - The Misunderstanding - The Will of Man has been a mystery for many Christians believing that even a dead will can will themselves into Heaven.


With Men Salvation Is Impossible - Salvation is performed by God by making a person spiritually alive because man does not have that ability to raise himself up from spiritual death.


Where Do Babies Go When they Die? - Many teach that Babies go right into Heaven.  Is that what the Bible teaches?


Who are the Children? – Many times the Bible uses the phrase “little children.”  Who are the children spoken of in Scripture?  Is it those who are young or is it a reference to Christians?


Why the Levites Were Not Numbered - Did you ever wonder why God did not have Moses include the Levites in the census in Numbers?


Work of Faith – What is a work of faith?  Is it something that only a saved person can do?


Works n' Faith - James 2:14-26 – Many Christians look at this portion of Scripture and sincerely believe that the Bible teaches that works are necessary for salvation.  Is that what James 2:14-26 teaches or does it teach something completely different?


Worshipping God in Spirit - John 4:24 – What does it mean to worship God in the Spirit? Millions think that it is praying in gibberish they call tongues.  Are they in error?