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Not Mary, Not Mohammed, Not Moses, but Christ Alone!

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American Free Press

The news the way it should be reported if it wasn't controlled by the Globalists.  This is a bi-weekly uncontrolled publication which fills in the gaps that the main stream media intentionally omits.  Yes and that includes FOX because it is as controlled as the rest of them.  What they do is just compare Republican Philosophy to Democratic Philosophy and that is it and they never hit the real issues. Are you kidding?  A network owned by Rupert Murdoch is going to tell the truth?


  This Website Was Last Updated January 2, 2022 By Dr. Ken Matto, just days before he passed on to glory. The website is still being edited and maintained but new materials are not currently being added. A note about Dr Matto's passing on to glory was added to the home page on March 25th, 2022.