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Not Mary, Not Mohammed, Not Moses, but Christ Alone!

Updated 8/16/19
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"In these days of neutrality and compromise and apostasy, this is not a time for the change of vision, message, standard, or principle.  It is a time to simply forward the Faith." - FBC Radio -

Compromise for the present without concern for the future is foolishness. (km)

God Gave His Children the Authority To Speak With Authority! (km)

Remember why they killed Christ, He told the truth!  Why they killed the apostles, because they told the truth!  Why Israel killed the prophets, because they told the truth!  Why was the apostle Paul persecuted, because he told the truth!  Nothing has changed, because when you tell the truth today, you receive the same response, even from those who claim to be believers. (km)

To Endorse Climate Change is to claim that God is incapable of caring for this Earth! (km)

The more I study the Bible, the less I have in common with modern Christianity!

Just because a Christian is famous does not mean they have great understanding!  Just because a Christian is less known does not mean they lack understanding! (km)

(Col 4:5 KJV) Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

(Eph 5:16 KJV) Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
(1 Cor 7:29 KJV) But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that both they that have wives be as though they had none;
(Rom 13:11 KJV) And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.
(Psa 90:12 KJV) So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Here is what the Pro-Israel churches are defending.  These Churches and Christians who believe the lie that Israel is God's holy land are deluded.  This video shows exactly how the Israelis think about the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you belong to a dispensational church, namely Baptist or Fundamental then while your church has the flag of Israel on the platform, you are supporting programs like the one above.  Either you stand with Christ or you stand with the enemies of Christ.  You cannot have it both ways!

The 2020 Scion of Zion Scripture Pocket Calendars are here.  If you would like some, please e-mail me the quantity you desire and I will get them out to you by mail free and postpaid.  Please include your home or business street address.  Only 171 left as of 7/23.  E-mail your request at:

Feature Article
Replacement Theology: An Invention of the Dispensational/Zionist Christians!

Would You Be Willing to Help?

I receive Bible requests from people abroad who cannot afford them so I send them a King James Bible.  I send them International First Class which gets them better processing and they arrive in good condition.  Each Bible costs $23.25 to send so I am asking if there is any who would be willing to help in this ongoing project.  Your funds would go directly for this project.  This is not a fund request for the upkeep of the website since that is budgeted and fully paid for each year without hardship.  Giving to Radio and TV ministries assures the head guy maintains his 6 figure salary, giving here assures that a Bible will be sent to a person who cannot afford one.  Give a person a sermon and he is good for 60 minutes.  Give a person a Bible and they are set for life!  Christians in the following countries which have requested Bibles are: Ghana, Kenya, Philippines, Nigeria, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Pakistan and here in the USA to Florida and Pennsylvania!  175 Sent Out as of 7/23!

If you would like to partake of this endeavor please e-mail me at: 4/14/19

Planning a Trip this Year?   How about the Good Ole' USA?

Are You Saved?  If Not, Click Here!


This Was Your Life!  If you are unsaved, please watch this 8 minute Video.

Prophecy Round Up

This is a page which contains links to all my studies on this site in the area of Prophecy for easier access!

I have a packaged set of seven coins of Israel for sale. They are in uncirculated condition.  2 Coins dated 5717 (1956) - 1 Coin dated 5712 (1951) - 3 Coins dated 5714 (1953) - 1 Coin dated 5715 (1954) - Great Gift for a history buff or for a church to display.  $20 I can't upload pictures to my website so if you have any interest in them I will e-mail a picture of them to you. 

I can be reached by e-mail for this item

With so many frauds on TV and preachers who are personal wealth builders on Radio which includes both charismatic and non-charismatic ministries, I would like to make some suggestions on some good ministries to support.  These ministries are real and they do get the word of God out to the world rather than it going into someone's mansion or private jet.   Click Here

My Book Page - 3 Books I have Personally Authored

I have written a tract entitled "Are You Good?" which is available through Moments With The Book.  Click here for more information and the text of the tract!

Foundational Bible Studies for New Christians

Basic Bible Doctrine and Principles For New and Young Christians - Studying Scripture According to Scripture

Updated to 27 Studies from 13!    Click Link Above!

Christian Materials Needed

Okay, time to do a stack dump.  No I don't mean on your computer, I am talking about dumping that stack of Christian books in your home or library that is only collecting dust.  Christians overseas need materials, especially Pastors of indigineous churches.  Where should you dump those books?  Please send them to Christian Resource International.  They re-send Christian materials all over this world and especially to Christians who cannot afford them.  You may visit their website at:  Visit them on Youtube: for a 2 minute video plus others.  Many are becoming Christians in different countries and the heavy need is for Bibles.   You can even run a book drive at your church and then ship them out to CRI or you can deliver them yourself.  Consider this great opportunity to help the body of Christ grow worldwide.  Their address is given on the website.

Looking for a Good Study Bible from the Reformed Perspective?  I would like to suggest the Reformation Heritage Study Bible using the King James Version, Cambridge Text.  Here is a seven minute video showing the excellency of this Study Bible.

Reformation Study Bible Video>>Click Here

Reformation Study Bible Page at Reformation Heritage Books>>Click Here

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(Mark 16:15 KJV) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Feature Mission & Rescue Mission for August 2019
Group Life Tree Adventures - Cuba
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On-Line Bibles

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Bible Studies in Spanish

Estudios Biblicos en Espanol

Far East Broadcasting (FEBC) is seeking to purchase 10,000 self-powered radios with crank, which will allow people in countries like Vietnam, North Korea, China and other places that disallow Bibles to hear the gospel.  The radios can be used in a field, mountains where it may take people 3 days to bring the gospel but with a radio they get it in an instant.  We have radios in our car, in our homes all over the place, but these people are unable to have that luxury.  One radio can even begin a church as in these countries many people will gather around to hear the broadcast.  Each radio is $30 so please consider a donation.  Our brothers and sisters need these radios because the only biblical training they receive is by radio where they can also copy down the Scriptures in their own language.  To answer your question, yes, I donated for some radios, now how many will you give? For more information click below:

give a radio

DRESDEN (ANS) -- The number of persecuted Christians is on the rise worldwide, according to Professor Thomas Schirrmacher, director of the Religious Liberty Commission of the German Evangelical Alliance. Three in four cases of severe persecution are targeted at Christians, said Schirrmacher in a lecture at a gathering of the Protestant Association of the Christian Democratic Union in Dresden. According to Schirrmacher at least 55,000 Christians are killed each year for religious reasons. Christians in India, Indonesia and Pakistan run the highest risk of losing their lives.

China Aid

The Most Dangerous Place for a Christian on Earth

Scion of Zion was born on November 20, 1997

Sending forth the Gospel in Cyberspace for over 21 1/2 Years!

To God be the Glory

(Psa 68:11 KJV) The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.

Ministered to 155 Countries in July 2019

Memory Lane

Pictures of the August 1981 Family Radio Bible Conference at Tuscarora Inn

A Small Pictorial History

Frequently Asked Questions

The Testimony of David Berkowitz

On  8/7/08 I received a letter from David Berkowitz (Pre-Salvation Son of Sam - Post-Salvation Son of Hope) and I thought I would share a portion of the letter he wrote with a good insight.  Keep in mind that he is doing a 365 year sentence.  I know you will enjoy this tidbit of wisdom coming from behind prison walls.
"...We both know there's a lot of inertia and indifference these days among Christians.  So many are in search of a "new thing" and would travel thousands of miles and spend several thousand dollars to attend some circus-like "Christian" event just to get that magic touch and tumble to the ground in an emotional religious ecstasy than simply doing what the early church always did, and what the holy prophets of old always did...they got on their knees and called upon the Lord.  They opened their scrolls and parchments and studied the Word of God.  Nowadays, with Bibles right in our own homes, we'd rather travel to Timbuktu to get touched by a Superman-type minister who has "The Power" and "The Anointing" than simply study the Scriptures for ourselves and allow God to mature us and slowly develop the "fruits of the Spirit" in our lives.  Very Sad."

American Free Press

The news the way it should be reported if it wasn't controlled by the Globalists.  This is a bi-weekly uncontrolled publication which fills in the gaps that the main stream media intentionally omits.  Yes and that includes FOX because it is as controlled as the rest of them.  What they do is just compare Republican Philosophy to Democratic Philosophy and that is it and they never hit the real issues. Are you kidding?  A network owned by Rupert Murdoch is going to tell the truth?

Do you really want to know what is happening to our Economy?

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How to Get Out of Debt!

The Economic Nightmare:
Can Christians Help Prevent It?

Job Hunting?

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