Christian Poetry

America the Beautiful – A poem written by Judge Roy Moore of Alabama. He was the judge who was removed from his position because he chose to have the Ten Commandments posted at the Courthouse.


Dirty Old Shoes – A spiritual lesson about a child in church who sits next to a man with not so clean shoes and physical appearance.  A great spiritual lesson.


Linda's Poem 1 – A poem of peace in our world.


Linda's Poem 2 – A poem about life’s burdens that we each carry.


Linda's Poem 3 - The Flood


My Grown Up Son – A poem by a mother who wished she had spent more time with her son while he was yet a little boy.  A good lesson for all those who have children.


Preach a Sermon, Preacher (or hypocrite's delight) – A poem dealing with the way preachers deliver messages today in church.


The Schoolhouse Poem – A poem concerning the facts that we cannot bring a Bible to school or pray.


The Tragedy - A Christian poem by Bertha Reynolds from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania concerning making the wrong decisions in life.