Linda's Poems No. 2


Life's burdens grow you tire,
Take rest O' soul of mine.
Questions and wonders - can't be explained-
Grow heavy on the mind.

The scales of justice tilt away,
Rewards to you are small.
When winds of sin pay visit instead,
Why go on to strive at all.

Pain both endured and inflicted,
is part of man's fallen state.
In spite of it you carry on
For HIS treasures are your fate.

Pray without ceasing, grow weary not.
Your cries, the Heavens do hear.
For the hole in HIS palms, where iron once filled,
Are now ladened with fallen tears.

HE will show you in time HIS grace
by making known the answers you seek.
But be patient O soul, endure the wait.
HE does lift the heads of the meek.

Then, it shouldn't matter the fact
HE gave insight to your quest.
The comfort will lie when skin feels the warmth
in the whisper of HIS breath.