Cults and Occult

17 Signs of Involvement in Satanism – Many times parents do not know how to tell if their child is caught up in any form of Satanism.  As we progress toward the last day Satanism will increase.  Here are 17 signs that someone may be involved in Satanism.


20 Characteristics of a Cult - The cults contain 20 identifiable traits which can warn someonebefore they join.  Find out what they are here!


Biblical Terminology of the Occult – The Bible gives 12 descriptions of the occult.  This compilation also gives 17 modern day terminologies of those involved in the occult.  It is wise to know them, especially if you are a parent.


Comparison between Mohammed and Jesus Christ – A comparison between the lives and principles of the Lord Jesus Christ and Mohammed.  It is a fact that Mohammed never called himself a prophet.  It shows the difference in ideologies between Christianity and Islam.


Freemasonry and Christianity – Is Freemasonry something Christians should be mixed up with?  Find out here if both are compatible.


Freemasonry and Christianity #2 – Here is another article which compares Christianity to Freemasonry.


Hell from the New World Translation – The Jehovah’s Witnesses disbelieve that a literal hell exists since all they teach is annihilation after death.  However, in their own Bible, there are seven references to a literal burning hell.  Their beliefs are in contradiction to their own Bible.


Mormonism is not Christian nor is it Good and Moral – When Mitt Romney ran for President in 2012, many Christians did not vote for him (including this one) because he was a member of the cult called Mormonism.  It is an anti-Christian and unbiblical cult which is in no way Christian.


No More Salvation? – After the failure of Harold Camping’s date of May 21, 2011 as the end, some have not accepted the fact that they were wrong.  A new cult emerged from the Campingites and it teaches that salvation ended on May 21, 2011.  They believe and teach that God is not saving anyone anymore.  I told one Campingite to call Pacific Garden Mission and see if any had become saved since that date.  He never made the call because he would rather follow his cult than truth.


Who says a Christian can't be a Mason? – Can a Christian be both a Christian and a Mason?  Masonry has been around for a long time so what makes it so dangerous to Christians?


Will Islam Cause World War III? – With the spread of radical Islam, will it be the catalyst for starting another major World War?

The section below contains documentaries about Cults and the Occult which will take you off site, normally to Youtube.

Jehovah's Witnesses Cult Exposed

Mormonism: Christian or Cult

Seventh Day Adventists Exposed

Willful Sin Cult