Signs of Involvement in Satanism

by Dr. Ken Matto


With so much of Satanism being reported in the media recently, it is urgent that parents know some of the warning signs that accompany a person involved in Satanism. Many who become involved in Satanism do not know what it is all about, especially the powers of evil they are tampering with. I wish to list 17 signs that may accompany Satan worship. Every sign may not manifest itself in a single individual, but I can guarantee that at least one of these signs will be strikingly evident. The signs are:


1) Heavy metal music on constantly
2) A tendency to pull away from family
3) Tattoos of occult nature
4) Sexual abuse of children
5) Much talk and infatuation with the devil and hell
6) Outrageous stories from children (Not everything a child says is fantasy.)
7) Missing animals in neighborhood
8) Unusual wounds on a body (cuts, gashes, designed marks like upside down crosses.
9) Abrupt emotional changes
10) Changes in school habits
11) Rejection of parental values
12) Unusual interest in books on Satanism, black magic, or witchcraft
13) Obsession with rock music groups using satanic symbols or references
14) Rejection of friends
15) Preference for being alone
16) Meditation, chanting, or use of new vocabulary (other than normal words being learned via proper education)
17) Unusual interest in death or suicide