by Dr. Ken Matto


1. ASTROLOGERS - To be a horoscopist, which is the ancient art of consulting the planets, stars, and heavenly bodies of the Zodiac and then predict accordingly. Isaiah 47:13

2. STARGAZER - One who foretells what will happen by observing the stars. Isaiah 47:13

3. MONTHLY PROGNOSTICATOR - The astrological superstitions of the Chaldeans, who foretold the future by observing phases of the moon. Isaiah 47:13

4. DIVINERS - One who uses magical arts, superstitious incantations, or natural signs interpreted. Jeremiah 27:9

5. WIZARD - A person believing to be wise but term applies to a male witch (warlock). A wizard employs any of the magical arts. Leviticus 19:31

6. SORCERER - One who professes to tell the lot of others and have power with demons. They also advocate drug usage. Revelation 21:8

7. NECROMANCY - One, who by incantations, calls up the dead (demonic deception) to consult them concerning things unknown to the living. Isaiah 8:19

8. SOOTHSAYER - He was the pagan counterpart of the prophet, predicting future events, or professing to do so by various arts. They were under demonic control. Joshua 13:22

9. A PERSON WITH FAMILIAR SPIRITS - A person who regularly inquires of demonic spirits. Leviticus 20:27

10. OBSERVER OF TIMES - One that designates lucky from unlucky days, deciding also good and bad luck of certain months and years. They practiced this according to cloud formations. Deuteronomy 18:10

11. IDLOMANCY - Consulting with images, namely household idols. Genesis 31:19

12. MAGICIANS - A general term representing a person who uses any of the aforementioned arts. Genesis 41:24

Modern Terminology of the Occult (New Age)

1. SPIRIT GUIDES - Supernatural creatures which guide your daily life, pretending to be your caring friend but in reality is a demon which is cultivating your destruction.

2. HOROSCOPE - A listing to run your daily life according to star patterns. (Modern Stargazer) This practice dates back past the time of Abraham, about 2000 BC.

3. MASTERS OF WISDOM - Certain men or women who have received demonic messages but believe they are being enlightened within by friendly spirit guides. They are demon possessed. They are modern wizards.

4. ASTRAL PROJECTION - A demonic deceit making a person to believe they had an out of body experience or visited a planet. Many in the charismatic movement believe they have been to heaven and back. They have been demonically deceived.

5. UFO's - Demonic beings entering and exiting the physical dimension, with the ability to shape themselves as man would expect a UFO to look. Many have seen and experienced them. Satan uses this to give people a false notion that a super race exists and will come to the aid of man before he destroys himself. Increased UFO activity will be evident as we approach the last day.

6. INNER LIGHT - An enlightenment from a spirit guide on any subject.

7. TRANSMISSION - Receiving messages from demons.

8. AVATAR - An incarnation or embodiment of a deity in human or animal form. This is prevalent in Hinduism.

9. CHANNELING - A person who is in a trance state who spews out, audibly, revelations or prophecies from a spirit guide which has full possession of that person at that time. Those who channel exhibit great amounts of fatigue after a channeling session, in contrast to God’s prophets who exhibited mighty spiritual strength after they received God’s revelations.

10. THE CHRIST SPIRIT - Being one with the divine, a unified identity with God. Some claim Christ was not God but that He was a good man in touch with the divine inner man.

11. TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION - A Hindu religion that invites demonic possession by chanting and meditation. Satan advertises this as science but is demonic in all phases.

12. HIGHER PLANE OF SPIRITUALITY - To become one with the cosmos (universe) or a personal spirit guide. The steps to becoming an ascended master. Theosophy teaches seven planes to spiritual perfection.

13. ASCENDED MASTER - An earthly wiseman who died physically but is said to have transcended to a higher spiritual plane. The new age places Jesus as an ascended master along with Buddha and others. These ascended masters are said to be the ones who are transmitting messages through channelers. This is demonic deception with a tuxedo on. All messages received from these ascended masters are contrary to the Bible and no credence should be given to them since they are nothing more than the demons that fell with Satan.

14. YOGA - Sold to us as a stress reducing exercise but is Hindu right to the core, with all its chants and meditations. Yoga will invite demon possession. Every position and chant is worship of one of the millions of Hindu gods. Christians must avoid yoga. Yoga is really designed for suicide. It is for a person to go into such a deep trance that their heart stops. This is so they may reincarnate and hopefully to a higher spiritual being.

15. MARTIAL ARTS - Combines the physical with the religious powers of occult strength. Martial arts utilizes meditation.

16. EASTERN MYSTICISM - Any eastern religion which includes meditation, ancestral worship, chanting, etc.

17. SILVA MIND CONTROL - A stress reduction technique which openly utilizes the services of a spirit guide to help a person become more proficient in their career or whatever goal they choose. This is pure occultism.


Hypnosis, mind control, stress relaxation techniques, bio-feedback, etc., are all modern terms for the old occultism which God condemns. God will judge every individual involved in the occult. We live in a day of increasing demonic activity. Be on your guard!!!!