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40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags – There are many Christians who have agreed with the Supreme Court’s ruling that Gay marriage is acceptable.  If you or someone you know who claims to be a Christian rejoices at this ruling, then there are 40 questions which you must answer to prove your beliefs are biblical.


75 Bible References on Drinking – Here are 75 references on the drinking of Alcohol and how unbiblical it is for a Christian to drink liquor.  These references have gotten many drinking Christians angry and that’s too bad.  You can’t witness to people with a Bible in one hand and a beer in the other.


A Penny and a Prayer – A simple penny can be the catalyst for a personal revival.  Find out why!


Abraham, Mount Moriah and You - Did your miss your Mount Moriah Moment?


Abraham's Test - Part 1 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The first test was “trusting God.”


Abraham's Test - Part 2 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The second test was “delay.”


Abraham's Test - Part 3 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The third test was the “test of the impossible.”


Abraham's Test - Part 4 – A short article on the faith tests which Abraham faced coming out of Ur of the Chaldees.  The fourth test was “apparent contradiction.”


Accepting Your Singleness – We live in a society that seems to focus on marriage, especially in the church and singles are made to feel like outcasts, especially on Mothers and Father’s Day.  When singles accept their singleness they can then make a mighty impact for the kingdom of God.


According to the Scriptures – We need to live our lives according to the Scriptures and not philosophies or even according to the dictates of others.  Christians must know the Word of God for themselves and order their life accordingly.


Adversity – Adversity is something we must all learn from.  Here are 6 principles which can help a person understand why they may be going through adversity.


Agree to Disagree: What does it really mean? – When someone tells you that we need to agree to disagree, they are basically telling you that they do not want to consider your point of view and will remain believing what they have learned, even if it is error.


Ambassadors of Jesus Christ – The Christian is called to be Ambassadors for Christ as the Scriptures teach.  This means that we are to be more than just pew warmers.  As an ambassador represents a country to another one, we represent the Kingdom of God to this world.


Amos 'n Andy - Do Christians need a Bible College Education to be part of the Great Commission?


Appropriate Judging – There are many in this world who consistently try and tell us that we should not judge but the Bible teaches something different.  Christians are to make judgments every day according to proper principles.


Are You a Duct or a Dam? – How is my Christian walk doing?  A dam stops the flow of something and a duct is a channel that conveys a substance.  Is your Christian walk a dam or a duct?  Do you send forth the Gospel or do you dam it up and stop it because of excuses or misuse of all the talents and material goods God has given you for the purpose of sending forth the Gospel.  Find out if your life is a dam or a duct!


Are You a Meeting Christian or a Meaty Christian? – When World War 2 Ended, General MacArthur told the churches to get their missionaries over to Japan.  Instead of the church acting quickly, they held meetings and lost great opportunities while the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses sent their missionaries.  Are you a Christian who seeks and acts on opportunities or do you sit back waiting for some type of sign to occur before you act?  This study will help you evaluate.


Are You The Living Among The Dead? – As a Christian, you are no longer spiritually dead but are alive unto God.  Are you still living the old life or portions of it instead of rejecting the things of the world?


As Long as I Live - Christians are supposed to be the wisest people on earth and yet they are willing to be Deceived!


Avoiding Detonation Dating – Many singles are seeking a mate and this article contains principles of dating which may help you avoid a problematic relationship.


Be Careful of the Little Foxes – Satan will not go into a church with a big agenda that could easily be spotted instead he comes in stealthily with small things that will cause division on a small basis and then escalating it till it splits a church.


Be Careful who you call Friend – Christians must choose their friends wisely so they will not be drawn away into sinful activities.  It does not take much to draw someone away from their Christian walk.


The Bible is not the Final Authority – The saying ‘the Bible is the final authority” is a common saying among Christians but if we analyze that statement, will we find it to be an accurate statement?


The Bible Is the Authority – Many Christians make a grave mistake by allowing preachers or theologians to be their authority.  The Bible is to be the ultimate authority for any Christian.


Biblical Love - Our Goal – Hollywood has given everyone their interpretation of what love is and since TV watching is very heavy, their definition is accepted.  The Bible has a different understanding of what true love is and we need to know what it is or else we too will swallow Hollywood’s version.  Christian love is far beyond warm, fuzzy feelings.


A Biblical Prescription for Dealing with False Teachers – When you encounter a false teacher, how do you handle it?  10 principles for dealing with false teachers and compromisers are given here.


Biblical Separation – The Bible commands us to separate from the things of this world.  We must also be separated from false religions so they will not influence us.  Biblical Separation may cause people to misunderstand us.


Birth Control? – Is birth control something for Christians?  What is the real reason behind birth control which goes beyond population control?


Blocking the Son – Can we Christians be guilty of hindering the propagation of the Gospel? Do we sometimes exalt ourselves and put Jesus on the back shelf?  We must never block the Glory of God!


Burdenless Christians – There seems to be an apathy among Christians today and that is they do not seem to care about the Great Commission or basically getting involved in any aspect of Christianity.  Find here some great principles from Nehemiah concerning the burden for others and see if you have fallen prey to Satan’s apathetic lifestyle.


Called to the Ministry – Does God call only a certain few to the ministry or a special gifted class?  The reality is that when a person becomes saved they are indwelled with the Holy Spirit along with one or maybe two spiritual gifts preparing them for ministry.  Every Christian is called to the ministry, just different kinds.


Can a True Christian be Neutral? – Is it possible for a true Christian to remain neutral on many issues?  Christians should be the most vocal on many things including those things that are good.


Cancel Culture is Cancer Culture - By Phil Reardon


The Challenge of Missions – Every Christian has been given some type of mission.  Some will be called to go to other countries, some will bloom where they are planted.  The bottom line is that every Christian has a ministry and they need to get going in this late day and hour especially as false gospels are overrunning the USA and other countries.  There is a link to a site by a brother named Johnny Farese who was born disabled in 1959 but that did not stop him from having a major website which listed all the Reformed Baptist Churches in USA and internationally.  If this brother who was bed ridden can have such a major impact on Christianity, imagine you, with two working legs could accomplish.  Johnny’s sufferings are now over and he is enjoying a body free of sickness and pain forever in the presence of our Lord.  (August 27, 1956 – March 9, 2014)  Here is the link to his testimony:


Christian Attitudes – Contains principles for maintaining a good Christian attitude because sometimes situations in the world can derail us.


Christian Discernment: A Necessity – It is necessary that Christians maintain an attitude of discerning the things we come in contact with.  There are many false teachings in this world and the Christian must be discerning or else they may get snared by false teachings.


Christian Ignorance: Is it a Badge of Honor? – Many Christians are ignorant of the satanic snares which permeate this world and if they remain ignorant, they will soon be snared.  This is why so many Christians today seem to embrace false teachings and defend them.  It is because they choose to remain ignorant of the satanic traps which Satan sets for the believer.


Christian Liberty – Is Christian liberty freedom for the Christian to do anything they want or is Christian liberty freedom from the law in that we do not have to fulfill any aspects of the law as under the old covenant?


Christian Love – Christian love is a love which acts.  It is not one that just looks to get but looks to give which is the essence of the Gospel.


Christian Mixed Marriage - Two factors which are rarely if never considered before marriage.


The Christian Message – Is the message of Christianity becoming shrouded by the tongues movement or the intellectual movement?  The Christian message must always take first place in any article we write or any sermon we give.


The Christian's Responsibility – In this world the Christian was not saved just for the purpose of going to church or walking around listening to CDs.  The Christian has a serious responsibility in this world and God holds us accountable for redeeming the time properly.  There is a whole world to reach so don’t say you have nothing to do.


Christians at War – Christians live in a hostile environment in this world and we are constantly at war with the kingdom of Satan.


Christians Dislike the Bible - Do Christians Really love the Bible the way they claim to?


Christians Prefer Being Conned - It seems Christians would rather bask in deceit than in truth!


Christians Under Attack – There has never been a time since the first person that was saved that there was no attack on Christians.  Christians are constantly under attack from all areas of life whether it be religious or secular, Christians are targets of the kingdom of Satan.


Church Wreckers – What is wrecking your church?  Has something replaced the gospel like culture or some other false teaching?


Cold Water Principle - Does the position we hold in Christianity make a difference?


Come Back to Bethel – God directed Jacob back to Bethel.  It was the place where he dreamed the ladder into heaven.  This article teaches us that in this hurried world, we all need our “Bethels” to rejuvenate us by resting.  No one can continue on without taking a rest.


Come Down – The Priests and Pharisees told Christ to come down from the cross if he was the Son of God.  The Christian is also told to take up their cross.  This article contains 7 principles to make sure we are taking up our cross daily.


Coming Home – In this world it is possible for a Christian to drift in their Christian walk.  Then when we come to our senses, we will find our way back home.  This article contains principles concerning that return home.


Commissioned for Separation – The believer has been commissioned to go forth in the world with the gospel.  The believer has also been commissioned to be separate from the world system.  Find out if you have separated yourself.


Committed to the Task – Christians are given various tasks in this world for the Kingdom of God and we need to remain vigilant till each task is complete.  This article contains principles from Ebed-Melech on how to remain committed to the task at hand.


Commitment – Commitment is a major tenet of the Christian life and here are some principles to help you achieve commitment as a way of life as a Christian.


Confronting Other Christians - Christian Confrontation is a requirement of Christian Life.


Confusion Can Be Our Ally – The confusion of the enemy of God is our ally.  It was used against the enemies of Israel and is used against the enemy of the Christians.  When Jehoshaphat sent singers ahead of his army, God sent confusion into the camp of the enemy.


Confusion of the Saints – Christians themselves have brought much confusion into their own lives.  They have done this by allowing false teachings and even false Christians to have a place in their lives.  They will read or listen to false teachers and many lack any discernment to know the difference.  Instead of keeping their understanding to the teachings of Scripture, they allow outside influences which just causes more confusion.


Contend for the Faith – The word contend means to strive with determination and Christians are to contend for the faith.  Christianity must be shown to be superior since there is not one religion in this world which can ever save a soul.  Christians must defend the truth.


Continue Thou... – Christians must never be satisfied with where they are in their Christian walk but are to continue to become stronger in the faith than they were the day before.


Dangers of Diversion – Satan uses deception as a tool to derail Christians.  Satan also uses diversion to try and get Christians to divert from the ministries they are involved in.  The more diversion the Christian obeys, the less he concentrates on his primary ministry.  Satan tried to divert Nehemiah and Martin Luther.  See their responses in this article.


Dangers of Television – When I first penned this article about 20 years ago, TV was bad but now it has gotten really bad with its continual portrayal of sinful lifestyles.  Try to find a program which does not push sin without consequences or one that pushes sodomy. Television has become an advocate for every sinful lifestyle there is.  If you watch, you must be very discerning.


Dare to be a Daniel – Daniel, like Joseph or David, were truth bearers.  Whenever you bring biblical truth, even in a church, you can expect opposition like the Reformers did in the Middle Ages or even men like the Apostle Paul who faced opposition no matter where he went.  Prepare for opposition!


The Darkening of Christianity – Society as a whole has been plunged into the darkness of satanic control, as has many of the institutions in this country which were once influenced by Christianity.  It seems that even the churches have darkened their testimony to the world by accepting false teachings or compromising.  It is time for Christians to get busy so they can dispel the darkness.


Dead With Christ – Christians are dead to the things of the world (or they are supposed to be). The world should not hold our attention anymore, only in the area of evangelism.


Deceived and Confused – Christians must very careful who and what they follow.  The world has many deceitful things and that includes false gospels which can easily tear us away from the truth.


Descent into Sin – It does not take us long to descend into a sin.  If we are not guarding our spiritual lives we can easily depart into following something which could be sinful.  Drifting can be very subtle but very dangerous.


Despite Your Unjust Circumstances – Here is an article where we can learn from the situation that Jephthah faced in Judges 11.  He was an outsider who was rejected by his people yet was called on to rescue Israel.


Deuteronomy 14:26 - A License to Drink? – Many drinking Christians like to use Deuteronomy 14:26 as a license to drink alcohol.  Do they have a point or are they deceived into believing that simply because they have not done their homework?


Divorce and Remarriage – Divorce is rampant not only in the world but also in the church.  Does the Bible have anything to say about remarriage after divorce?  It sure does!


Don't Be Something You Are Not! – Be who you are and not try to be someone else or something else.  God created you unique and while we may learn from others, we are not to be them.


Does God Ordain Disasters? – Millions go around claiming that God is love and that is true but it is a qualified love not a random love.  This article speaks about the fact that God ordains disasters on people and countries who oppose Him or walk contrary to His laws.


Does the Bible Teach Christianity or Wimpianity? - Christians who live in fear are useless to the kingdom of God


Doubting the Grace of God – I remember some years ago someone told me that he did not think David Berkowitz was saved.  David Berkowitz was “Son of Sam” in the 1970s who killed 6 people but became saved in 1987 in Attica prison in New York.  Is any sinner beyond the redemption of God’s grace?  Can God save even a serial killer?


Drifting is a Subtle Danger – Drifting into sin can be a very subtle and even be comfortable getting us to think that we have not drifted.  Drifting will cause us to walk opposite the Word of God and will get us into trouble.


Drink, Smoke or Evangelize – Many Christians smoke and drink alcohol because they feel it is alright to do so.  However, if they used the money for evangelism that they spent on cigarettes and alcohol, how many more millions would hear the gospel?


Ebed-melech and You – In the book of Jeremiah is a man named Ebed-melech.  The name means “servant of the king.”  We can glean some great spiritual principles from this little known man.


Educate Yourself  - God can use those who have self-educated themselves as well as a seminary graduate, maybe even more!


Elevator Going Down – With all the responsibilities the believer has, it can cause a spiritual depression and thus affect our Christian walk tremendously.  Find out here how to rebound, especially during holidays when extra pressure is applied.


Encouragement for the Spiritually Weary - Many are worn down spiritually during this time of the Corona Virus, here is some encouragement.


Essence of a Man – Is the essence of a true man like those in the movies such as Clint Eastwood or John Wayne?  Is a real man made up of only muscles or is there a different side to biblical manhood.  Christianity holds different principles of manhood than the world.


Essence of Time – The Bible teaches us that we are supposed to use time wisely since we are given only a certain amount of it and when it runs out, the day of productivity is over.  If you spend all your time watching sports or staring at your phone, then you are wasting time which can never be reclaimed.  Just because you are teenager or in your 20s does not mean the clock has stopped for you.


Every Life Has Worth – Every life which God created has value.  There are many in today’s world who feel they have no impact on society or society would not even know if they were alive or dead.  Don’t swallow Satan’s lie that your life has no value, instead seek God’s evaluation since He created you.


Everything in Moderation – Many people use the phrase “everything in moderation” and they base it on Philippians 4:5.  Is that verse a license for the Christians to partake moderately in everything or does the word moderation have a different meaning?


Failed? God's Greatest Servants Drank Water – Sometimes we fail at things in our spiritual life and we look at the Bible and think to ourselves oh I wish I could be like those in the Bible.  Yet, many of God’s choicest servants in Scripture suffered from failures and weakness.


Faith to Sight - There is an evil transition going on in Christianity and that is many Christians are going from Faith to Sight!


Faithfulness – As Christians it is necessary for us to be found faithful in both word and deed.


The Faithless Media Ministry – Many times we hear ministries on radio and TV asking for money to remain on the air.  These ministries speak about being a faith partner with them and yet they do not even believe enough to give away their sermons and other materials.  They sell the gospel and the biblical mandate is to freely give because we have freely received.  Don’t they think that God is big enough to be able to bring the money in for continuation of their ministries?


The Fall of Seasons – We know that summer turns into fall and just like the seasons, we too go from the summer of our lives to the fall of our lives.  What is to be our attitude as we head toward the fall of life?


False Teachers: How to Identify Them – How astute are you in identifying the marks of a false teacher?  Can you tell when you are being taught a false teaching?


Famous Christians - Are they more spiritual than those Christians who are not famous?


Fighting the Good Fight – Christians are called to contend for the faith which means we are to defend the faith against all enemies that confront us.  This is why it is important that we know the Scriptures well because they are our first line of defense.


Filled by the Hand of God – Psalm 81 speaks about God filling us, especially when we are down and out.  Sometimes when God seeks to bless us, it is we who shorten the blessing because of our own unbelief.


Finding God's Will – Many Christians do not know God’s will for their life and as a result they float through life like spiritual zombies.  It is definitely possible for every Christian to know the will of God for their life.


Five Ministries Any Christian Can Do – Many Christians believe they have to do some type of specific ministry but until they know what it is, they do nothing.  Here are 5 ministries which can be performed by any and all Christians.


Following Individuals Can be Dangerous – Whenever Christians begin to attach themselves to a certain teacher or preacher it can be a dangerous thing.  If that teacher turns apostate, then that Christian will follow suit.  This is why all things must be judged according to the Scriptures, even our favorite Bible teacher.


Following the Footsteps – Whose footsteps are we following in?  Many times the old saying “the apple does not fall far from the tree” is a good one.  We need to be very careful who we have set up as an idol in our life.


Following the Savior's Words – The Lord’s words can be hard to follow especially in the times we live in but the Holy Spirit dwells in us and that means God has qualified us to be obedient.


For Such a Time as This – Each Christian has been created in a certain place and certain time for a specific purpose.  Queen Esther was such a one. So was Martin Luther.  So was John Huss.  Every Christian has a purpose of existence and it does not matter whether we become famous or not because we all have a role to play in the plan of God.


Forgiven – One of the greatest gifts that God ever gave to the Christian is the fact that we are forgiven for all our sins and those sins have been removed.  The fact that we are forgiven means we do not face the judgment seat of Christ on the last day, we are, instead, readied for Heaven immediately upon death or the Lord’s return.


Forsaken – Do you feel forsaken by people in your church?  What about being forsaken by family members?  If you are disabled are you noticing a cooling of your friends who used to visit you but visits are now far and few in between?  Christianity is basically divided into two categories, those who forsake and those who do not forsake!


Full Time Christian Worker – Every Christian is a full time Christian worker whether you are in industry or in a studio making Bible studies.  There is no special class of Christian workers.  All have a job to do in this world.


The Generation of Evil – Is the generation of evil a certain generation in time or is describing an ongoing generation from the beginning of time?  Which generation are you a part of?


Giving Up – Should Christians give up when the going gets tough or should we maintain the battle which is before us?  Is it ever right to give up?


Giving With Wisdom – When Christians give should they just give blindly in response to a plea by a radio or TV preacher or should the Christian investigate the ministry they wish to support?  Is it only the charismatic ministries that are paying ridiculously high salaries?  You may be surprised!


God Can Redirect Our Lives At Any Time – God has the right to change direction in our life according to His will.  We may want to do a certain ministry and God may want us to do another.


God Sends a Warning – God had sent prophets to ancient Israel to warn her that she was going in the wrong direction.  Does God do the same thing for the believer when we begin to drift?


God is my Pilot – Many Christians have placed the bumper sticker on their car “God is my co-pilot.”  Is that scriptural or is God the pilot and we are the co-pilots?


God Will Give Us The Right Way – God will guide us and show us the way which we should go.  We can always count on the fact that God is the one who guides us.


God's Direction is Always Sure – God will direct our lives in the tough times, whether we are going through a trial or blazing new paths in our Christian walk.


God Wants You There – God has placed you in the place He wants you.  It was not by accident but by design.


God's Method of Encouragement – Satan seeks to discourage Christians by attempting to bring a person down psychologically.  How then does God negate those satanic attacks on our mind?


God's Promises – Many make promises to the Christian but unfortunately many of them are not kept.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it but He may not keep it according to the way we expect.


God's Timing – God will perform things at the precise time and His timing is never out of step.  When God decrees something it will come to pass at the right time.


Guidelines for Strengthening My Spiritual Walk – There are some easy ways that we can strengthen our spiritual walk.  Find out here some of the ways you can strengthen your personal walk.


Halloween is from Hell – Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” is a very satanic day.  It is a shame that Christians all over the world continue to recognize this evil day by dressing up their children or helping them trick or treat.  No Christian should have anything to do with Halloween.


Happy Reformation Day or Happy Halloween? – Many Christians still celebrate Halloween but they do not realize that they should be celebrating Reformation Day when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to the wall of the Castle Church at Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517.


Hannah's Prayer – Hannah’s prayer was a lot more revealing than just a prayer for a baby.  It was a very strong prayer concerning the saved and the unsaved.


The Heavenly Vision – What are we focused on, is it the things of this world or are we focused on the Lord?  Can all the discouragements and depressions which plague Christianity be brought about by a misguided focus of the believer?


Helpless Without the Lord – Just like a baby bird without its mother, the believer is helpless without the Lord and can cause us trouble if we choose to go our own way.


Helps for New Believers – Here are ten helps for the new believer on how to get their Christian walk in order.  These ten are necessary for getting set on the right path.


Hijacked Christianity – Has Christianity been hijacked by both false teaches and false teachings?  Find out here if the gospel you believe has been hijacked into heresy!


How to Study the Bible – Here are four principles to help you study the Bible and make your study time more productive.


I Did It My Way! – Even though many Christians claim they are worshipping God, yet what about their actions?  Are they just going through the motions or is there sincerity?  Many walk with the world for their own benefit but are they really benefitting long term?


Immature Christians – Many Christians do not grow in the faith and continue to remain immature.  Hebrews 5:12 states that there is a certain time whereby Christians should all be teachers already.  Immaturity leads to downfall and entrapment in sin.


Internet Accountability – The Internet has made evangelism an easy reality.  It does not take much to get a website on line.  However, we must be careful when dealing with the internet because there are many false gospels on there and we must be discerning so we do not become snared in by them.


Is Masturbation Sin? – We live in an over-sexed society while many remain single.  The subject of masturbation comes up and many Christians wonder if it is sin or not.  Here is an article which delves into that question.


Is New Always Better? – As soon as something comes out on the market, its replacement is already in the works.   What about Christianity?  It seems that churches and publishers seem to be selling new forms of Christianity.  Is new always better than that which is tried and true?


Is Smoking a Sin? – Many Christians smoke and claim that smoking is not a sin.  Is that true?  Or is smoking one of those subtle sins that Christians do not want to give up? This article will settle it in your mind once and for all.


Is There a Caste System in Christianity? - Are there class distinctions in Christianity like in world religions?


Isaiah 1:18 - The Misunderstanding – Isaiah 1:18 is one of the most misunderstood verses in the entire Bible.  Most believe it means that our sins are scarlet and the sacrifice of Christ makes them white as snow.  But the Bible teaches Christ removed our sins so how can something that is removed become white?  Find out here.


The Jezebel of Jealousy – Jealousy is a dangerous mindset to have.  It betrays us and causes us much emotional grief while it causes us to build up hatred for someone else.


Jocularity and the Name of God – Many Christians make jokes with the name of God in them and we are prohibited from using the name of God in any profane or irreverent way.  It is the same on TV when someone mentions the name of God in a comical way.  It is totally forbidden.


The Justified Effect – Many Christians believe they are justified to act wrongly or to become angry when they hear something they don’t like.  How should our response be in such a case?


Keep Yourselves from Idols – When we read the Old Testament we come across many idols of the pagan nations.  Israel also got sucked into the worship of idols which became ingrained in them while they were in Egypt.  Ancient people were very superstitious but what about today?  How many different idols do we have today waiting to derail us?  Are we really any different in mindset than the ancient people?


Keys to Finding Your Spiritual Gifts – Every Christian has been given a spiritual gift or two.  The problem is that many Christians do not know theirs and may be working in an area they are not empowered to work and have suffered defeat.  This study deals with how to find your spiritual gift and once you do, your ministry will become more powerful.


Last Will and Testament – The last will and testament of a person is their final act on earth which is acted upon after they have died.  In the New Testament the Lord Jesus Christ gave us His last will and Testament.


The Latter Rain – The latter rain is tied to the Lord’s return as in harvest time.  A short article that points directly to the latter rain.  How close could it be?


Laziness: Sin not Lifestyle – Too many Christians have become lazy and are not doing their part to help send forth the Gospel.  Laziness is not condoned anywhere in Scriptures and those who have adopted that lifestyle must rebuke it and get busy.


The Legacy – What will be your legacy?  How will people remember you?  What are you doing right now to make your legacy a good one?


Life Is Empty Without Christ – From Ham Radio to Talk Shows to everyday living, without Christ life is a dead end and nothing but an empty shell.


Life's Uncertainties are God's Certainties – Whenever we come to a situation in our life where the outcome may seem uncertain, we can be sure that it is one of God’s certainties.  One only need look at Abraham or Job when they went through times of uncertainty and yet they were victorious through God who was working everything out behind the scenes.


Like Begets Like – Sin begets sin and righteousness begets righteousness.  In other words whatever we sow, we will reap.  You cannot plant sin and expect righteousness.


Living Biblically in an Apostate World – There are many traps in this world that can snare the believer into walking opposite of the teachings of Scripture. As a believer who desires to walk the straight and narrow, we must be aware of those traps so we can avoid them.


Living on the Backside of the Desert – Some times when hard situations come into our lives, we are forced to live on the backside of the desert which can be isolation from others.  We may go from a thriving ministry to a limited ministry because of disability or other setbacks but we can be very confident that God knows all about it and no doubt when these things happen, He is redirecting our life.  Moses spent 40 years on the backside of the desert.


Living with Threats – We must learn to cope with the reality that each day we may face threats that are verbal and maybes sometimes physical.  It is part of the reality of a Christian’s life.


Loneliness: Bane of the Christian Single – We live in a society which basically focuses on couples.  In churches they celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day but the single person sits there and is not recognized as having a part in the congregation.  There are many signs of loneliness which is not always a depressed outlook.  Some are listed in this article.


Look to the Lord, not the Stars – With the advent of our space program in the 1950s and the combining of science fiction, man has begun to look to the stars for their salvation.  They are hoping that aliens come to earth that have the ability to heal and make man immortal.  They need to look to the Lord and not to the stars for salvation.  No aliens are coming except Satan’s minions who have come as angels of light.


Look We for Another – We are about 2,000 years from the time the Lord Jesus walked this earth.  Many people mock not believing that He is returning.  This mocking has caused many people to seek elsewhere for a Savior.  How many are looking beyond Jesus for their personal messiah?


The Lord Changes Not – God’s standard of holiness has never changed, even as we transitioned from the Old to the New Testament.  We must be careful to never make the mistake that God is now a permissive God in the area of sin.


Lord Willing – “Lord willing” is more than just a trite saying but it needs to be a way of life for the Christian.  Our lives are led by the fact of whatever God wills for our lives.


The Lord's Work – Many times we want to take the easy way out and let others do our Bible studies for us.  It as an easy road to take with the advent of the Internet, and of course older mediums like TV and Radio.  But is that always the best way to go?  Shouldn’t we be doing our own studies?


Losing our Christian Perspective – Many Christians have lost their Christian Perspective on life, not their salvation but their spiritual outlook.  Many have become very secular attaching themselves much deeper to the things of the world.  When we find ourselves desiring the things of the world above the things of God, then it is time for us to do introspection and then begin to regain our Christian perspective.


Many Christians are Not Prepared - Unfortunately many Christians are unprepared for the facing of hardships which come to them in this life.  The Rapture lie is at the heart of it!


Marriage License - 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License – Since 1929, all those who choose to get married are to purchase a marriage license from their state.  It was God who instituted marriage and not the state.  It is just another money making scheme along with placing a couple under the authority of the state.  A marriage license is not needed to be married.  From 1620 to 1929 all that was needed for marriage was a preacher, vows, and a Bible where the witnesses could place their names and that was it.


Men of God in a Day of Apostasy – The day we live in is very evil and getting worse.  How then is the Christian to stand strong in a day of rank apostasy?


Merchandising the Gospel – Christians have merchandised the Gospel by putting the name of Jesus of everything and anything and selling it.  Even churches charge 3 or 5 dollars for a copy of a sermon.  Go into a Christian bookstore and you will see nothing but merchandising of the Gospel.


Nabal – Nabal was a foolish man who was married to a very wise woman named Abigail.  He was a greedy and drunken man who eventually reaped what he sowed.


Naboth - Naboth was a very godly man who refused to sell his inheritance to King Ahab. Queen Jezebel plotted against him and caused him to be stoned so Ahab could take possession of Naboth’s vineyard.


The Necessity of Judging – Everyone cries that we should not judge and those who are doing evil are telling us not to judge them.  Is judging something that is not a part of the Christian walk.  Isn’t it necessary to make judgments so we can make proper decisions to walk with God and not against Him?


Obedience after Salvation – Since salvation is by grace alone, are there things we must obey after salvation?


Obedience Rethought – Many times God gives certain Christians a ministry but some feel inadequate and may walk away from the ministry until they have a chance to rethink.  Some walk away in disobedience.  Jonah is a good example of that.


Obsessed with Sports? – Sports has become the god of the ignorant.  Many know more about sports statistics than what is happening in their own country.  Obsession with sports has become pandemic.


Obtaining the Fullness of the Holy Spirit – Many think that obtaining the fullness of the Holy Spirit is speaking in a gibberish called tongues.  Is that really the fullness or is it something else?


The Old Paths – God counsels us in Jeremiah to seek the old paths.  The old paths lead to salvation and eternal life while the modern paths are a diversion from truth.


One of God's Medicines – When we think of medicine, we think of something we take in a pill or with a spoon but did you ever think that the principle of chastisement is also medicine?


Our Present Work Will Bear Future Fruit – Whenever we do any type of work for the Kingdom of God, it will bear fruit.  It may not bear fruit for 10, 20, 30 years or even after our home going.  We would love to see fruit now but fruit does not appear on a tree in an instant but takes a period of time for the fruit to develop.


Passing the Baton – Every generation must train the next generation and that includes us too since none of us will be around on earth 100 years from today.


Peace – There is a great difference between the peace the world gives and the peace which God gives to His children.


The Peace of God – God offers great peace to His children but are there things we do in this life to hinder and even frustrate the peace which God wants to give to each of His children?


Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace – Enemies of the gospel can take true peace from us when they verbally attack us.  As Christians we need to understand what the peace of God is.


The Perfect Tree – Many of us have had Christmas trees in our homes growing up and it filled the house with fresh pine scent.  It enhanced the Christmas season.  However, those trees were not perfect but there was a perfect tree long time ago which has affected untold millions.


The Pharisee of Today – There is a little of the Pharisees in all of us and we need to recognize those traits so we can quickly expunge them from our Christian walk.


Pitching Our Tent Toward Sodom – How many times do we rely on sin to help us out of situations which come upon us?  Find out the principle which may derail us if we follow that method.


The Plague of Pornography – Pornography is rampant today on the internet but now it is more visible on TV, even prime time viewing has nude scenes.  Pornography is a satanic trap for both males and females.  Satan uses it to try and convince lonely people that it is okay to watch.  Stay away from it at all costs.


Playing the Lottery – The Lottery promises untold wealth and if you play you have a chance to win millions of dollars.  What snares does playing the lottery bring into a Christian’s life?  With odds like 1 in 170,000,000 of winning, do you really want to put your faith in the numbers?  If God wants you to have $50 million dollars, He definitely does not a medium like gambling to get it to you!


Pornography – A good article warning Christians about the dangers of pornography and how it can lead to addiction if we do not stop from watching it. 


The Portal Sin – Many sins in this world seem very harmless yet they are something called portal sins.  For example drinking a beer seems harmless yet it is a portal to drunkenness.  Watching an “R” rated movie may seem funny but it plants images and wants you to go further into porno until you are addicted.  Portal sins are not fun but dangerous.


Praise God in Truth – Psalm 47:7 states that we are to praise God in truth with understanding.  How many are praising God in churches without even a knowledge that they may be praising God abstractly instead of properly?


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem – Many prophecy preachers and their followers believe that Psalm 122:6 speaks about the modern city of Jerusalem.  However, the Scriptures teach something else concerning that verse.  When it was first penned about the 10thcentury BC, it would have been speaking about the ancient city of Jerusalem.  Since Christ went to the cross many things have changed including definitions.


Prayer – A good prayer life is necessary for all Christians.  Find out here the principles which make for a good prayer life.


The Precious Importance of Time – Jonathan Edwards gives a great message on the importance of time and that we only have so much of it from God to be able to perform the ministry He has given us.  To postpone getting involved in ministry is to waste a precious resource.


Principles for Living a Sacrificial Life – Christians are called to live a life of sacrifice and we need to know the principles of living a sacrificial life.  Find out here.


Priorities – What are your priorities in your Christian walk?  Do you see yourself stronger this year than you did last year?  Here are some principles of priorities.


The Prodigal Son – The Prodigal Son is more than just a story.  It contains some major principles that we can extract from it in this article by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


Questionable Things – How do I deal with questionable things?  Here are some principles to guide you when you come in contact with something questionable.


Quicksand on the Galilee - When Peter sank in the Sea of Galilee, what caused him to do that?


Rebellious Nations Will Perish – Every nation which goes in rebellion to God will eventually perish.  In history we have such empires as the Roman and Greek empires which eventually faded into history because they were judged by God for their evil.  No nation will ever escape the judgment of God.


Reformation not Halloween – Christians need to celebrate the Reformation and not Halloween with all its satanic messages.  Halloween is not something any Christian should be involved with.


Reformation or Halloween – Christians today must choose between the world and their commitment to Christ.  Nowhere is this more evident than when Halloween rolls around and Christians get involved with it.  On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the door of his church in Wittenberg, Germany and it cost countless millions their lives to remain faithful to Christ.  It is no coincidence that Halloween falls on October 31.  It is Satan’s way of smothering the beginning of the Reformation.


Reluctance – Jonah was a reluctant prophet and attempted not to obey God but it did not work.  We need to make sure that we do not adopt the reluctant mindset but be obedient to the best of our ability.


The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (1722-23) – Here are the 70 resolutions of Jonathan Edwards which he counseled his hearers to read at least once a week.


Resting in Calvary – The believer can rest in Calvary that all their sins have been paid for and removed.  The reason that some cannot rest is because they still feel they have to add some kind of good works and that changes rest into anxiety always believing they have not done enough when all that was required by God was done on Calvary.


Resurrection – It sounds too good to be true that after death people will live again.  Both believers and unbelievers will be raised on the last day.


Resurrection Power – The true believer has the same power available to them for ministry which raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.  Find out more about resurrection power in the life of the believer.


Retirement - It can be a great time in your life or a useless time of doing nothing!


Satan Has Nothing In The Believer – Satan has no authority over the believer.  When a believer sins it is voluntary because we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and He is now our Lord and we do not serve Satan as we did before salvation.


Satanism: The Untold Half – Satanism does not always come with witches and ghosts but comes in seemingly very innocuous packages.  Did you ever think of psychology as Satanism?  Why not?  Psychology opposes the Bible and whatever opposes the teachings of Scripture is of satanic origin.


Satan's Methods – Satan’s greatest tool in his arsenal is deception and he has many methods to try and snare unsuspecting people including Christians if we do not remain spiritually astute.


Seek the Old Paths – God counsels us to seek the old paths because they are tried and true.  The new paths as we see today lead to eternal destruction.


Selling the Vineyard – Naboth was a man who held to biblical principles and refused to sell his vineyard to King Ahab.  Jesus also used the vineyard in a parable and had a great meaning for the ancient nation of Israel.


Separation: A Key to Spiritual Strength (Part 1) – The believer is to separate themselves from the world system which seeks to bring them down.  In part 1 learn what the problems we will encounter if we do not separate.


Separation: A Key to Spiritual Strength (Part 2) – In part 2 learn the principles of living a separated life and how it impacts the strength of our Christian walk.


Sequestered Seniors – In many areas around the country we see things such as retirement communities where seniors can go live at a reduced expense.  It may sound good but when we analyze the removal of senior saints from the world, a different picture emerges.


Setting Goals – It is not wrong to set goals but as Christians we must set them according to the word and will of God.  Here are some guidelines to help in setting goals.


She Did What She Could, Did You? – What ministry has the Lord Jesus put before you?  Is it a small one or is it a large one?  You may not be able to do everything but you can do what you can and what God has empowered you to do.


Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? – Many Christians do not celebrate Christmas because of its pagan roots.  The Lord Jesus Christ was probably born in either September or October but can December 25th be used as a good witnessing opportunity?


Signs Along Life's Journey – There are 5 traffic signs that we see along the highways which can also have a spiritual lesson for us along Life’s highways.


The Sin of Inconsistency – If there is one type of person that always throws a wrench into the ministry and that is the person who is inconsistent.  These people are unreliable.


Sinning Christians – As Christians we must never walk in sin of the old life we must reject what we were and delight in who we are.


Smoking - How does smoking affect Christians?


So You Wanna be a Christian – Some people want to become a Christian but they think that it only means you go to church.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Find out here the realities of Christianity.


The Sodomite Scourge – Sodomy has become a scourge on the land and no country can tolerate its ungodly lifestyle.


Sodomites in the Land – Just like Israel of old many countries have begun to accept sodomy as an acceptable lifestyle and they are being granted the same privileges as married people have been getting for years.


Stability – The one way a Christian can deal with what comes each day is by becoming a strong believer via Bible study.


Stabilizing Your Beliefs – As Christians who wish to remain faithful to the Lord we must make sure that our beliefs are rock solid.  This world can cause us to stray in our beliefs but if we are to remain stable we need to be strong in the Scriptures and not deviate from their teachings.


Standing in the Gap – God expects His people to stand in the gap, that is, to be available when a need arises in a ministry or even in another person’s life.  Ezekiel stood in the gap and we need to be ready to stand in the gap.


Starting Small Ending Big – Every believer who becomes involved in ministry to this world may start very small but because of perseverance in ministry will finish big, even if it seems their ministry is still small.


Strength for the Battle – God does not expect us to take up the mantle of ministry without His strength to guide us.  We will run into some tough times bringing the gospel but God makes us tougher by undergirding us with His divine strength.


Stress Management – We live in a very stressful time and almost everything causes us stress.  What are we to do when that happens?  The world turns to booze and pills but what do we turn to? Better yet, who do we turn to?


The Successful Christian – Here are 22 principles which can cause a Christian to become a successful Christian but not according to the world’s methods but according to God’s methods.


Suffering Rejection – As Christians we are going to face rejection by those unsaved in the world and yes, even in our own families and extended families.  This is something which has gone on since the day of Pentecost.


Summa Citatio or the Highest Calling – The highest calling on this earth is not some office in politics or even being made rich by some business.  The highest calling is the call to be a Christian because we are representing the Kingdom of God to this world and we have been taken from being sinners to being made Princes and Princesses.


Sunday or Friday – What type of Christian are you, are you the Sunday crowd who likes all amenities at church or are you the Friday crowd who accepts the troubles that accompany being a strong Christian?


Take Up Your Cross – Each Christian must bear their own cross and it goes way beyond a hard day or a single circumstance.  Bearing our cross has great responsibility.


Take Up Your Cross (Pilgrims) – The Pilgrims who came here in 1620 decided to take up their crosses and move to a new land.  Their decision has led to many ministries being started and this country being a source for Christianity.


Taking the Name of God in Vain – Taking God’s name in vain is very serious business and it carries consequences.  We are to never teat the name of God as something common.


Tax Deductible Receipts and Your Attitude of Giving – Many Christians will not give to ministries unless they receive a tax deductible receipt.  Many see the IRS as their benefactor instead of God.  Giving to ministries should be based upon whether they are giving out the truth and not whether you can deduct from your income tax.  My small ministry sends out the Gospel to about 175 countries every month with anywhere from 1500-3600 unique visitors daily.  Is a ministry record like that not worth supporting?


Teach us to Number our Days – We only have a certain amount of days given to us by God when we are born.  We need to realize that someday they will come to an end and that hyphen placed between the birth and death date needs to count for something in our lives.


Teachers of the True Gospel – Are true teachers of the gospel only found among seminary graduates?  The answer is no.  Sometimes the best teachers are those who never set foot inside of a seminary.


Temptation and Testing – Do you know the difference between temptation and testing?  They are different according to the Scriptures.


The Longer I am Alive... – It seems many Christians want to be deceived and duped.  It is like they have no concern for their spiritual life.  Check to see if you fall into that category.


The Theologically Confused Christians – It seems today Christians are totally confused and many do not even know what they believe anymore.  They defend the false while decrying the truth.  How did we get this way?


Three Results of Salvation – Salvation is not only being saved from sins but there are many more results from salvation.  Here are three of them.


To and Fro... – Why is there so much discontent among modern Christians?  They seem never to be satisfied with anything.  What is the source of this discontent?


Trouble and Pain Caused by Mental or Physical Disability – Disabilities are a great challenge even to the people of God.  Much trouble and pain are associated with disabilities.  Learn some of the challenges disabled people have.


True Teachers - How to Identify Them – Just as we are to identify false teachers we should also know the principles of identifying a true teacher.


Truth Tellers Be Gone - Truth is a rejected reality in today's Christianity!


Trying Times – Trying times are going to come with those who have disabilities but God has not left us alone or without strength for each daily challenge.  Our physical condition has no effect whatsoever upon our salvation.


Trying Times - The Sequel – The Bible is replete with people who had faced trying times but God had always given them the strength to make it through victoriously.


Understanding the Times – It is important that we know and understand the times we live in.  Are we living in the last of the last days?  How should we react to the signs of the times?


Wait – How many times are we ruled by impulsiveness?  It behooves the mature Christian to wait upon the Lord’s timing.  Being impulsive is very dangerous.


Walking in the Ways of the World – Are you walking in the ways of Scripture or are you walking in the ways of the world system?


The Watchman – What is the function of the watchman in Christianity?   We know that a watchman keeps an eye on property when no one else is there so the thief will not come in and steal.  It is the same with Christianity, the watchman keeps an eye to make sure no false gospels creep in.


Waiting on God – Psalm 25:5 teaches that the Psalmist has been waiting all day for the Lord because he knows it is to his benefit.  Here are 8 benefits of waiting upon God.


Waiting on God - An Investment We Neglect – Many times we are required to wait upon God and we may see this as a waste of time yet in reality it is an investment of time because while we are waiting God is working something out for our benefit.


What is Love? – How do we recognize phony love?  The word “love” is thrown around today as if it can cover any and all situations.  This article helps you identify false love.


What is Past is Prologue – The title of this article is from Shakespeare.   Do we allow the past to rule us or do we dwell in the past or allow the past to be the catalyst for future Christian living?


When Christians Drink – Many Christians today believe it is fine to drink and they even use, or rather misuse the Bible to try and make their case. Find out why alcoholic drinking for the Christian should not even be considered and what it does to the Christian testimony.


When Satan Attacks – One fact of the Christian life is that we can expect Satan to attack us and especially at our weakest time.  How do I handle those times when Satan attacks?  Find out here how we are to handle that.


When you are on the back side of the desert! – Do you seem to be in a period of time which appears to be neutral where nothing is happening?  Sometimes God places us in situations which appear to be times of stagnancy but is that true?  When Moses was in Midian for 40 years, God had a reason for keeping him there for that length of time.  He also has a reason for placing you in a similar situation.


Which Road? – Which road should the Christian choose, the road of the Spirit or the road of the flesh?  Sometimes we go off course and may not realize we are walking in the flesh, so we need to evaluate and get back on the right road!


Why are Christians so Miserable? – It is a strange phenomenon that many Christians I have personally met seem to be so miserable.  Why is this?  Shouldn’t Christians be the most joyous on earth?


Why Did They Turn The World Upside Down? – What caused the early church to turn the world upside down?  What caused Christians like Martin Luther or Richard Bayfield to turn their world upside down?  Can the modern Christian turn the world upside down or will apathy be the description of our generation?


Why I left Facebook - Facebook is a lot more than just a social media site, it is a danger to your spiritual and emotional growth.


Why is America being targeted for destruction? – Why is America being targeted for destruction?  It is not just because other nations or religious groups like Muslims hate us.  It is a spiritual warfare which is going on and Christians can help avert disaster but their apathy is bringing about America’s decline much faster.


Why No Revival? - What is the reason or reasons revival has not come?


Why We Must Speak With Authority - The Message of the Bible must be spoken with authority not timidity!


Wine in the New Testament - New Testament Statistics on Wine


The Word of God – The Word of God keeps us strong against drifting and accepting any of the many false teachings which have permeated the church.  If we know the Scriptures, our Christian walk will not experience and serious ups and downs.


The Word of God is the Key – The word of God is the key to keeping your life stabilized and enduring.  Find out why!


Word Peddling – If we turn on the radio today, we will come across talk programs.  These are designed so people can get their opinions out to others.  The problem is that talk shows are never designed for action.  People have the words but never get involved beyond talk because they think that their opinion is the extent of their commitment which is false.  Find out here how deceitful talk shows can be.


Works – Are works necessary for salvation?  Does the Bible teach that we must add to our salvation by doing some kind of works?


Your Spiritual Legacy – How will people remember you?  You are going to pass from the earthly scene some day and what spiritual legacy will you leave behind for both your physical family and the body of Christ?