Doctrinal Teachings

Are Calvinists Robots? – Those in the free will camp claim that Calvinists are robots who are believing against their “free will.”  This article contains the history of the word “robot” and you will be surprised as to where the meaning comes from.  


Arminianism: The Golden Idol of Free Will – A great article concerning the basis for the free will movement and that is Arminianism.  Jacob Arminius was declared a heretic by the Synod of Dort in 1618.  Are you following his teachings which are not based upon the Scriptures?


The Doctrine of Sin and its need in the Church – The doctrine of sin needs to be taught and emphasized in the local church.  Sin has become an outdated teaching which has been replaced by all positive and health and wealth teachings.  Joel Osteen will never preach on sin because it might offend the good givers and you can’t be worth over $40 million if your people stop giving to you.


Doctrines of Grace – A short explanation of the Doctrines of Grace otherwise known as Calvinism.


Doctrines of Grace (TULIP summary) – Here is a summary of the Doctrines of Grace otherwise called the TULIP.


Election and Predestination of the Believer – The Bible teaches that salvation is not by free will but the true believer is predestined and elected from the foundation of the world.


The Election Collection – The Bible is replete with teachings that the true believer is elected.  This article shows the many verses which support Election.


God's Distinguishing Love – God’s love is qualified and specific.  Many believe that God’s love is universal or abstract but is that what the Bible teaches?


Irresistible Grace – This is known as irresistible grace or effectual grace.  It is the way a person becomes saved.  When God applies salvation to a person, it is irresistible, which means it cannot be refused.  Then again why would you want to refuse it?


Irresistible Grace by Frank Beck – Irresistible Grace is known as the fourth tenet of Calvinism whereby God saves a person who cannot resist the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Limited Atonement – Christ did not come to save everyone but those who were named before the foundation of the world.  It is this the free willer rejects.


Limited Atonement – The belief that Christ died for everyone in the world and all one has to do is “accept the Lord” for salvation is a major teaching however the Bible knows nothing about that.


Limited Atonement by Frank Beck – Limited Atonement is the third tenet of what is known as Calvinism.  It teaches that Christ came to die for only a certain group of people.


Predestination – Predestination is a very important and biblical doctrine based upon the fact that man is dead in sin and could never “accept the Lord.”  Those whom God has named before the foundation of the world will become saved on the date that God has determined.


Random Thoughts Concerning Election and Free Will – God is in control of salvation not unsaved man and his mythical free will.  Here are some principles concerning free will.


Safe in The Arms Of Jesus - Can We Lose Our Salvation? – Many Christians place themselves in bondage to a works gospel or a “sin one time and you lose your salvation.”  They simply do not understand what happened at Calvary and how the blood of Jesus has removed every sin from the true believer, including all the sins that the believer would commit in the future.


Seemingly Universal Atonement and Free Will Vocabulary – The Bible sometimes uses words or phrases which seem to endorse free will but we must investigate them a little deeper and compare Scripture with Scripture to gain spiritual truth.


Total Depravity by Frank Beck – Total depravity is the “T” in the Tulip which is the first tenet of the 5 points of Calvinism.  It shows that man is too depraved to save himself or even ask the Lord for salvation and must be saved totally by God.


Unconditional Election by Frank Beck – Unconditional Election of God’s Saints is a biblical doctrine which cannot be refuted by Scripture, only by emotion and feelings.


Unconditional Election – God chooses His children and they are chosen by election which is God’s choice from the foundation of the world.  This is a doctrine which is totally biblical but is hated by those who hold to the myth of free will.


Understanding Limited Atonement – Limited Atonement has become a vilified doctrine simply because the free willers do not understand salvation.  Limited Atonement is associated with the concept of the last will and testament.


Verses from the Free Will Bible - There is no such thing as a free will bible but the way some preachers expound the Scriptures you wmight as well think there is!


Vocabulary and Verse Usage - Doctrines of Grace – There are words associated with the Doctrines of Grace such as predestination or foreknowledge.  Find out the meaning of these words from the Greek.


Who Accepts Who? – We all heard the expression “accept the Lord.”  Is that the correct way to look at it or should we be saying “The Lord accepted me?”  Find out here!


Why Should a Calvinist Preach the Gospel? – Those who believe in predestination and election have the same responsibilities as all Christians.  The belief in these doctrines does not negate the responsibility of evangelism.