Articles and Comparisons on Specific Modern Translations


Articles on the CEB

Common English Bible Exposed – The Common English Bible was published in 2011 and is just another modern counterfeit version with omissions and changes.


Articles on the CSB

Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the CSB - The Christian Standard Bible is nothing more than just another counterfeit!


The CSB Exposed - The Christian Standard Bible is just another Standard for Rome.


Articles on the ESV

ESV - More Changes to the Text – The ESV is going to offer only more confusion and false teaching.  This article by Will Kinney shows the corruption behind the 2001 ESV.  The ESV is going to be revised in 2016 but it will only be more of the same.


The Attack on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the ESV – The ESV is no friend of the Lord Jesus Christ as it contains many verses which have been chopped up by the Gnostics.  They have taken the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and have shortened it since they did not believe that Christ was God and man at the same time.


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the ESV - The ESV is not the accurate version you think it is!  Here is visible proof!


The English Standard Version Exposed – Just like all the other modern versions the ESV is as corrupt.  This article takes 50 verses and shows how corrupt it really is and that it is no better than the others although preachers advocate its usage like R.C. Sproul and John MacArthur.


Articles on the HCSB

Holman Christian Standard Bible: Whose Standard is it? – The Holman Christian Standard Bible is another modern version which falls way short of accuracy.


Article on the LSB (Legacy Standard Bible)

The LSB Exposed -  The Legacy Standard Bible is a new counterfeit put out by John MacArthur and his seminary.  It contains the same old corruptions and has nothing new to offer.


Articles on the NASV

The New American Standard Version Exposed – Here are fifty verses in comparison with the King James Bible, The Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible, and the Roman Catholic New American Bible.  Guess which two it agrees with?  The JWs and the RC Bible.


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the NASV - The NASV has been a counterfeit since 1959.  It is still a major corruption no matter how many times they update it.


New American Standard - Another Gnostic Book - The NASV is proven to be a very Gnostic book with its incessant attacks on the Lord Jesus Christ.


Testimony of S. Franklin Logsdon (Chief NASV Translator) – The Lord opened the spiritual eyes of S. Franklin Logsdon who was a translator of the New American Standard Bible which is another counterfeit version.  Read the confession here and see how he finally rejected the NASV for its corruption.


Articles on the NIV

1984 Edition compared to the 2011 Revision - The 2011 Revision is just as bad if not worse than the 1984 edition.


Archaic Words in the NIV – Proponents of the modern versions claim there are too many archaic words in the King James Bible and that is why it is too hard to understand.  Yet, there are hundreds of archaic words found in the NIV.  Do you know what a brooch is or a carnelian?  These are just 2 archaic words found in the NIV.


Fifty Biblical Teachings and Doctrines Affected in the NIV - The NIV is a very corrupt book which makes incessant attacks on the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father!


Is The NIV the Word of God? – The NIV is one of the most corrupt counterfeits of the Bible on the market.  The author actually questions as to whether it can be the Word of God or not?


NIV Bible Quiz – Here is a 25 question quiz but you can only use the NIV.  Once you complete it you will want to run as fast as you can from the NIV.


The NIV Hates the Lord Jesus – The NIV deletes and shortens the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because it has been infected with the Gnosticism of the 2nd century.  Another dangerous book calling itself a Bible.


The NIV Infection - Here is another article which shows the severe corruption in the NIV by comparison of Scripture verses.


Sodomy and the NIV – The NIV used two sodomites on their translation team.  God would never give His Bible over to any sodomite for them to correct it as they seem fit.


The NIV Exposed – Here are 50 verses which show the severe corruption in the NIV.  It has agreement with the Roman Catholic bible and the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible.


Articles on the NKJV

New King James Counterfeit – An excellent analysis by Terry Watkins concerning the New King James Version which is another counterfeit version and is not based upon the same manuscripts the King James Bible is.


The New King James Version Exposed – The New King James Version is not an update of the King James Bible but it too contains many changes and it calls itself a portal version to modern versions.  It makes hundreds of allusions to the Hort-Westcott manuscripts.


Article on the NLT

The New Living Translation is a popular translation but it is as much a counterfeit as all the other modern Bibles  


Articles on the RSV

The Revised Standard Version Exposed – The Revised Standard Version was created by the National Council of Churches in 1946 and completed in 1952.  It is another counterfeit version as its grandchild the ESV.  Here are 50 verses which show how much it agrees with the Jehovah’s Witness Bible and the Roman Catholic New American Bible.


Article on the TNIV

Today's New International Version Exposed – In 2002 the TNIV made its debut but soon faded from the shelves of the book stores because it was another flawed modern version.  I did this analysis in 2002.