A Personal Message From Ken About This Ministry

I want to thank you for stopping by the Scion of Zion Website.   Any materials which you see on this site you may download or copy for personal, group, church use, or any reason except sales.  The Bible teaches us that we should give away freely what we have received from the Lord.  My desire is to help any Christian mature in the faith.  There are many materials in Christendom which use the Bible as a peripheral source instead of using God's Word as the primary source for growth.   You will see in this web site that I am absolutely intolerant of "Gospel additives" such as "tongues."  For this I make no apology and you won't change me.  As we near the end of time, the true gospel will become harder and harder to find.  There are no more prophetic signs to be fulfilled.  The next thing we will hear is the voice of God on the last day and my personal belief is that it is very close.  I am also very missions minded.  When I first became a Christian, the man who discipled me put a love for missions in my heart and it has never departed.  Since I have 2 bad knees and unable to go to the mission field, I encourage others to go to the mission field to send forth the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. 

Some of my ministry involvements:


This picture was taken about 1 month after I moved to my new home in Whiting, NJ.  As you can see there are no curtains on the window but the Computer is up and running.  Priorities! Priorities!  Much neater now!

My Ham Radio Call is K2KBM - Amateur Extra

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I hope your visit to this web site is fruitful and I pray that the Lord may help you to grow as a result of your visit.