God's Timing

By Dr. Ken Matto

(Job 24:25 KJV) And if it be not so now, who will make me a liar, and make my speech nothing worth?

Job was having a long discourse with his three friends and at the end of his words which comprised chapters 33 and 34, he speaks the above verse. He basically asks if his words are invalid and his speech has no value, then who will prove these two things? Job is a wise man in that he is forcing his three friends to prove him wrong. This is a very important verse because whenever we discuss Christianity and especially in the areas of creation, the unbelievers always seem to reverse the procedure. They make the accusations that Christianity is false and they lay the burden of proof at our door.

In a court of law, the plaintiff has the burden of proving their case. The preponderance of the evidence must be brought by the one making the accusation. However, it seems that Christians always seem to think that it is their responsibility to prove that God exists or that creation is real. It is the responsibility of the unbeliever to prove that God does not exist or that evolution is the real beginning of life. If we Christians begin to throw the responsibility back on them, we will see less and less attacks. If there is one thing that our generation does not like, it is researching, spending time with books instead of the TV.

Another aspect of the verse in Job is that Job knew that he was telling the truth, even if his friends did not understand him or wanted to rebuff him. One of the great facets about using the Bible alone as our source of truth, is that we will always be correct and will not be proven as liars or having speech of no value. Now the thing that we Christians have to learn is patience. Whenever we teach a truth from the Bible, that teaching may not come to pass at that moment. For example, if we teach that unbelievers will go to Hell, and we are rebuffed for it, it doesn’t matter because the truth of what we say will eventually be confirmed. In our impatient desire to be believed, we lose many arguments. We should look at some of the great examples in Scripture. One that comes to mind is Lazarus. The Lord Jesus was told about him being sick, yet He waited until Lazarus died so He could raise him from the dead. Jesus knew exactly what He was doing and in what time frame He was going to accomplish the resurrection of Lazarus.

The sisters of Lazarus had no idea what the Lord was going to do, in fact, they even reminded Jesus that if He would have come when they sent for Him, then Lazarus would have remained alive. A principle to keep in mind that will help keep our anxiety level down is, “God’s timing is not always our timing.” So when we annunciate a biblical truth, it then is in God’s hand and timing to make that truth come to pass. We may not live to see it come to pass. We must never be intimidated or made anxious because we don’t see a biblical truth come to pass. The unbeliever should have no authority over our emotions or beliefs in God’s Word. If they taunt us because they don’t see a fulfillment, then don’t become hot and bothered, simply, because it is up to God to fulfill His Word in His timing and in His manner.

The bottom line is, that God’s truth never wavers and He is faithful to fulfill all His Word but He reserves the right of timing and manner. If we as Christians adopt this understanding, then we will never be intimidated nor be placed in a position to have to defend the Word of God as being real. The Word of God doesn’t need to be defended because it was given by God Himself. When we defend the Word of God, we become God’s lawyer. Did you ever consider that? Can you imagine being in a court room with the King of Kings as your client? How does the finite defend the infinite? How can we search the depths of God and know His mind? We can’t, and that is why when we proclaim His Word we do it under girded by faith. We don’t have to get tied up in many of the arguments that we do. The problem is that sometimes our pride gets in the way and we want to win that argument. You cannot win anyone into Heaven, so don’t try. Just give your side and leave place for God to work. It may be that the group you are speaking with does not have any Elect in it and you will only be aggravated. Look at the principles of the many martyrs in the middle ages, they just taught the Bible, and left it at that. It was the Roman Catholic Church that attacked them. You follow the same principle, just teach the Bible and leave the results to God.  (1/9/04)