Financial Principles


Algebra or Fiscal Responsibility – In school students are taught algebra.  It has been 45 years since I graduated from High School and I have never used algebra once.  Instead of subjects like that which we will never use, schools need to teach Fiscal Responsibility, so students will not get themselves into financial trouble by abusing credit.  Now that is a subject which a person utilizes all their life.


Breaking Free of Financial Bondage – Many Christians find themselves in financial bondage because of misuse of credit or impulse buying which can quickly add up by means of compound interest.  Here is a plan to help you get out of financial bondage and see the light of day once again.  Many do not see the proper handling of finances as a spiritual matter but is.

Salary Gluttons - Many ministries are paying humogous salaries to the leaders of the ministry which is actually ripping off the donors who trust them with their donations.