Final Analysis

For over ten years many of us have fought the beast of Campingism and have warned that date setting was a very erroneous practice and not sanctioned by Scripture as a legitimate area of study.  This is because according to Scripture, the Father is the only one who knows the very day of Christ's return to earth.  I do not think that there is any true Christian on earth who does not look forward to the return of Christ, but the reality is that we continue to work, that is, getting the gospel out to the world until the moment of the last trump.  The horrible and blasphemous teachings which were spawned by Harold Camping and endorsed by many of his followers were an affront to God and to the Lord Jesus Christ since much of the attacks were aimed at Him.  We have proven that date setting is a false area of study because the calendar which Camping worshipped was proven wrong by the calendar I have on my wall. 

The sorry situation now is that those who gave ten years of their lives to this failed endeavor are continuing in their rebellion by seeking a new date and seeking to justify their blasphemous teachings.  They refuse to admit they were wrong and will continue to abide in a perpetual state of satanic pride.  When May 21st came and went without incident, they twisted the Scriptures to try and prove that everything that happened was spiritual.  Now October 21st has come and gone, and they still refuse to admit they were wrong.  How can any adult, who is supposed to be students of Scripture continue to believe that something happened when nothing did?  This is just an effort to save face and to continue in their self-appointed teaching positions.  It is also a shame that there are still people who will sit before these deceiving liars and accept what comes from their mouth as Gospel truth.  2 Samuel 2:14 is very apropos here:  2 Sam 12:14 KJV) Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

David's sin with Bathsheba had caused the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme God since his sin was made public.  Family Radio and its employees had joyfully endorsed and paved the way for Camping to blaspheme for ten years and finally made Christianity a laughing stock when nothing happened on May 21st and all those billboards and signs were the butt of many jokes and caused people to mock.  Well Camping, Family Radio, and his minions had given the world another reason to ridicule Christianity.  We forget that the first six letters of Christianity is "Christ."  When they mock Christianity, they mock Christ.  Now once again on October 21st, the unbeliever has mocked God through this false ministry.  As their false teachers try to extend the time out to save face, they will continue to live in total disobedience to the Scriptures. 

It is time to leave Latter Rain, E-Bible Fellowship, Time and Judgment, and Friday Night Studies plus any other Date Setting groups because the leaders will continue to push Camping's and their own flawed agendas.  These people are deceptive liars.  You need to be deprogrammed from 10 years of forced lies and false teaching. Let these rebellious false teachers continue in their heresy, you do not have to listen to them or accept their evil rhetoric.  You owe nothing to them but they need to repent.

Campingite Apostates such as Chris McCann, Gunther Von Harringa, Guy Berry, Darrell Lockridge, Tom Holt, JR Carman, Kevin Brown, Eddie Ramos have chosen to defy God and continue the heresy of Camping.  Their lust for fame and notoriety is being fulfilled by means of teaching a false, lying message created by Camping.  As May 22 proved Camping a deceiver, October 22 has also proven these eight Campingite Minions as deceivers. If you think I am to harsh, then go back and read your Bible and see what wonderful blessings God has for false teachers in the eternal lake of fire.

The fact that there is no repentance on the part of Family Radio, its Board of Directors, or the self-appointed teachers in outside groups tells you that they are under strong delusion and God has indeed blinded them to truth because they can no longer see or accept truth.  They consider someone bringing them truth as someone who is mocking and scoffing at them.   If they continue to name the name of Christ and then continue the blasphemous line of studies which Camping started, then the Lord will have to deal with them as He dealt with other false prophets and teachers in the Bible. 

Do not fear them, in fact, do not even listen to them because their distorted understanding of Scripture is right from the pit of hell.  At least they will no longer have the outreach on Family Radio and will be limited to the Internet for outreach which means the thrill of worldwide outreach is over.  They have much to answer for as they filled the airwaves with all kinds of heresy which no doubt confused many Christians all over the world and that God takes very seriously.   Hopefully some will repent but the majority have proven they will not go under anyone's authority in a church and when one looks at the fruit of their accomplishments, all one sees is evil.  They have wasted years of their lives, years which can never be reclaimed, to the glory of a deluded power hungry millionaire whose minions had sold everything they had thinking he was divine and had the answers.  He Has nothing!  After ten years of challenging the lies of Campingism, I now step to the sideline and resume Bible studies in my desire to train the next generation.

The sad thing about all this is that none of them even see how bad Camping's theology is and the result of it. While Camping and his mindless minions have vilified all those in the churches as being unsaved, it is their kingdom castle in Oakland which is being torn down. They cannot see that their theology has not led to a greater impact in this world but just to the destruction of the ministry which carried it. If they cannot see that their theology is under God's judgment, then they may never realize that God sent the strong delusion on them. At the beginning of this debacle, the Lord had sent a number of people to Camping but he spurned them since he believed "the books in Heaven were opened to him." Now when one looks at the result of Camping's teachings, how can anyone claim that they are God's chosen instrument to bring truth when God is dissolving that "spiritual house of deceit?" All the faithful churches that I know which were around in 2001 are still together and are worshipping the Lord. It is Family Radio which has fallen to Satan and has gone and will go down in ignominious defeat unless arrogant Camping and his unbelieving Board of Directors are ousted before it is too late.


In Christ
Dr. Ken Matto


"In many cases sheer fanaticism has been the result of exclusively dwelling on prophecy, and probably more men have gone mad on that subject than on any other religious question." ---(Charles H. Spurgeon)