By Dr. Ken Matto

Three of the most conspicuous characteristics of the modern Bible versions are:


1) the omission of complete Bible verses

2) the omission of key parts of many verses

3) the changing of the English words thus changing or reversing the meaning of the verse completely.


When one uses a modern version, they are using a seriously corrupted version which has been handed down to modern day scholarship by the Gnostics of the 2nd and 3rd century. These modern versions are nothing but counterfeits and have brought nothing but confusion into the church and the Christian. A Christian who uses multiple versions for their study is basing their study on corruption. I want to focus on the egregious omissions in the modern versions. If you have a modern version, I urge you to make the comparison between your modern version and the King James Bible. You will see that what is missing in your modern version, is not missing in the King James Bible. Who is the author of confusion? For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV)


According to this verse it definitely is not God, so then why would you want to use a counterfeit version devised by the enemy of Christ?  You will see changes, omissions, and additions which range from the very small to the very large, yet they are unauthorized changes which are nothing more than attacks on the Bible.  Even though there are many changes listed here, there are many others and with each new version that is produced, the message of the Bible will be harder and harder to find plus there will be more omissions, changes, and additions. 


People are becoming saved every day and that will happen until the last day  Once a person becomes saved they normally attach themselves to a church.  If that church is using a modern version, then it would follow that the new Christian would be given the modern version being used.  This would mean that the new believer will not even know that there are serious problems and deficiencies in the modern versions unless they compare the affected verses to the King James Bible.  That is what this booklet is all about.  It shows the effect the omissions, deletions, and additions have on doctrinal truths taught plainly in the King James Bible.  This listing was done by me over a 12½ year period when I sent these out weekly to about a thousand people in several Yahoo Groups.


This list will give you the ability to make the comparison with your modern version and you will see firsthand the corruption in the modern versions.  It must be noted that not every corruption will be present in all the modern versions but there are verses which will be corrupted across the majority of them.  All you need to do is make the comparison between your version and the King James Bible. 


Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. (Psalm 12:7 KJV)  


We are being told that verse 7 speaks about the poor being preserved by God, however, that would be teaching that salvation is by economic status.  Whenever the word “for ever” is used we need to look at eternal matters and that is the eternal Gospel.  If we believe that God preserves the poor people for ever, then we have to ask, “where are these preserved people today?”  Why aren’t they around?  It is because they died which means God is preserving something else which is eternal.


LAMED. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. (Psalm 119:89 KJV)


What was preserved in Heaven according to Psalm 119:89? 


The Hebrew word “Natsar” which is used for “settled in Psalm 119:89 carries with it the idea of “guard, preserve or established.”  So we see that the words of God are preserved forever because they are established forever.  In both verses we see the eternality of the word of God.


Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

(Matthew 24:35 KJV)


Christ said that His words will never pass away and He is the one who gave the words of Scripture to be penned by the prophets and apostles.  This also shows the eternality of the word of God which harmonizes with Psalm 12:7 and Psalm 119:89.  The reason that modern version proponents do not like to see these truths is because the modern versions take the word of God and make it subjective to man and his “science.”  If the modern version editors truly believed that God’s word was settled or established in Heaven forever, they would not have written 28 versions of Nestle Aland and 5 versions of the UBS Greek which is just as corrupt as the Roman Catholic Nestle Aland texts. 


Many times the Modern Version Only proponents like to call those of us who use only the King James Bible a cult.  Those who accuse us of being King James only would have a hard time making that moniker apply to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries when the KJB was the primary and in the majority of cases the only Bible in use. The first attempt to subvert the King James Bible Greek text was done by John Mill who created a critical text in 1707.  Even when 1881 rolled around, the Hort-Westcott counterfeit text did not make much of an impact till we hit the 20th century. Once the 20th century scholars got their hands on a few old manuscripts, that is when Satan made his move to try and replace the true word of God with counterfeits starting with the 1901 ASV and then it was a slide downhill. The modern version proponents like to call us a cult while all the time it is their modern version only mindset which has invaded the church. Just like the cults which try to take Christians away from the local church is akin to the modern versions that try to draw Christians away from the true preserved word of God. It is not those of us who use and stick to the King James Bible, it is the modern version promoters who have sown discord among the brethren. Church history is on the side of the King James Bible.


The problem with placing your faith in Modern Version Only Theologians, especially those on the radio, instead of God, is that you come away with the mistaken notion that you do not have an infallible Bible by a perfect God.  It impugns the character of God to claim that He could not preserve His word.  The modern version only cult walks by sight and not by faith.  They have to hold the manuscripts in their hand whereas those of us who trust the Lord do not need those critical text crutches.  The word of God is settled in Heaven.  The word “settled” carries with it the meaning of established or fixed as we previously saw.  LAMED. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. (Psalm 119:89 KJV)


It is a shame that so many once truthful and faithful churches are now using Satan’s counterfeits to try and ascertain truth.  So many Protestant churches like the Presbyterian, Reformed, Baptist, Methodist and other churches and denominations serve the Vatican through the Roman Catholic Modern versions.  Their oldest and best manuscripts are Roman Catholic in origin.  The Vaticanus which has been dated to the fourth century has no history before 1475.  The King James translators along with Erasmus in 1516 had access to it and rejected it because of its massive corruptions.  The Sinaiticus has now been overwhelmingly proven to be a 19th century counterfeit.  On these two manuscripts plus 43 others sits the basis for the modern versions while the King James sits on the basis of over 5000 which are in agreement.  According to the research of Herman Hoskier (1864-1938) the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus contradict each other in 3036 places in the four gospels alone.  Wow what a foundation to build on!  The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible and preserved the words as well as the inspiration of the King James Bible.  How inspired can a bible be that is based on Roman Catholic manuscripts and counterfeits?


The Greek text of the New Testament has been horribly attacked.  17 years after Hort and Westcott came out with their Revised Version Eberhard Nestle created his first edition of the Novum Testamentum Graece in 1898.  Nestle took the three leading scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament at that time by Tischendorf, Westcott/Hort and Weymouth as a basis. (After 1901 he replaced the Weymouth with Bernhard Weiss’s 1894/1900 edition.)   The Nestle-Aland critical Greek Text published its 28th edition in 2012.  Along with these editions is the United Bible Societies critical Greek text which is now in its 5th edition which means since 1898, the Greek critical text has undergone 33 revisions.  Every time the archaeologist’s spade turns up a new papyrus or another manuscript, then immediately it is included in the newest edition.  The danger here is that the modern Greek text which underlies all the modern versions are never established or settled, they are always changing.  What is correct today may be wrong tomorrow thus leaving the Christian in a state of confusion as to what is the word of God and what isn’t.  One of those who worked on the Novum Testamentum Graece was Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Martini (1927-2012) who was the only Roman Catholic who worked on the critical Greek Text.  He also worked on the United Bible Societies 4th edition of the Greek critical text.  Below is a quote from the 27th edition of the Nestle-Aland Critical Greek text where they come right out and state that modern versions are made under the supervision of the Vatican.


“The text shared by these two editions was adopted internationally by Bible Societies, and following an agreement between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies it has served as the basis for new translations and for revisions made under their supervision. (Emphasis mine) This marks a significant step with regard to interconfessional relationships. It should naturally be understood that this text is a working text (in the sense of the century long Nestle Tradition): it is not to be considered as definitive, but as a stimulus to further efforts toward defining and verifying the text of the New Testament. For many reasons, however, the present edition has not been deemed an appropriate occasion for introducing textual changes.” – Page 45, 3rd paragraph.


The Roman Catholic Church could not destroy the line of bibles leading to the King James Bible so instead they decided to go in league with them in the area of Bible translations.  Since 1881 there have been well over 200 translations of the Bible, especially the New Testament, and all using the critical text to subvert and supplant the King James Bible by claiming they are easier to read and understand.  Whenever you tell some Christians that here is an easier way or it is the path of least resistance, they will, without doing any investigation, accept it because of ease.  Biblical truth does not come at an easy and cheap price, in fact, claiming ease is Satan’s way of doing things.  God tells us in 2 Timothy 2:15: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV) The word “study” in the Greek carries with it the idea of “laboring, being earnest or being diligent, to make effort.”  The word “workman” carries with it the idea of “toiling or labor.”  In both cases, we see that coming to biblical truth comes from study and toiling in the Bible. There is no such thing as instant understanding!


You will notice a percentage (%) next to each book in the New Testament.  This shows the percentage of the entire book which is corrupted in the modern versions.

This material may be copied, pasted, and downloaded without any permission needed!



I will be showing corruption in 776 verses!


The Old Testament


Genesis 12:19-----“I might have taken her” is changed to “I took her”
Genesis 22:8-------“provide himself a lamb” is changed to ‘provide for himself a lamb”
Exodus 26:14------“Badgers” is changed to “sealskins, porpoise or dolphin, beaded leather, fine leather, violet color skins, goat skins, manatee, tahash, strong leather, durable leather, sea-cow hides”
Leviticus 13:47----“leprosy” is changed to “mildew, fungal, mold”
Deuteronomy 23:18 ---“dog” is changed to “male prostitute”
1 Samuel 6:19 ---“50,070” is changed to “70”
1 Samuel 20:30 –“son of the perverse, rebellious woman” is changed to “son of a bitch” in the 1972 Children’s Living Bible
2 Samuel 21:19 --“slew the brother of Goliath” changed to “slew Goliath”
Psalm 10:5---------“grievous” is changed to “prosperous” or “prosper”
Psalm 60:4 -----– “the truth” is changed to “bow, archers, escape destruction or attack”
Psalm 68:11-------“company” is changed to “women”
Psalm 78:36-------“flatter” is changed to “deceive”
Psalm 138:2-------“for thou hast magnified they word above all they name” changed to various readings in modern versions
Psalm 145:13-----“The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does,” was added to the end of the verse and in various forms in different versions.
Proverbs 11:30---“he that winneth souls is wise” is changed to “but violence takes it away” and other forms in various versions
Proverbs 13:11---“by labour” is changed to “little by little”
Ecclesiastes 3:11—“world” is changed to “eternity”
Ecclesiastes 8:10---“they were forgotten” is changed to “receive praise” or “were praised”
Isaiah 9:1-----------“Grievously afflict” is changed to “made it glorious” or “honored”
Isaiah 14:12--------“Lucifer” changed to “morning star”
Jeremiah 17:9-----“Desperately wicked” is changed to “sick
Daniel 3:25---------“Son of God” is changed to “son of the gods”
Daniel 9:26---------“Messiah” is changed to “anointed one or chosen one”
Hosea 10:1---------“empty” is changed to “luxuriant”
Hosea 11:12-------“ruleth with God” is changed to “unruly with God” in the Amp, NASV, NIV
Jonah 3:4-----------“40 days” is changed to “3 days” in the Septuagint
Micah 5:2-----------“everlasting” is changed to “ancient days”
Haggai 2:7---------“desire” is changed to “precious things or treasure”
Malachi 2:16------ “putting her away” is changed to “hates and divorces his wife”


The New Testament


Matthew – 94 Verses – 8.7%
1:25-------------“Firstborn” is omitted

4:18-------------“Jesus” is changed to “he”
5:22-------------“Without a Cause” is omitted
5:27-------------“by them of old time” is omitted

5:44-------------“bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you” is omitted
5:47-------------“Publicans” is changed to “Gentiles”
6:4---------------“himself” and “openly” are omitted
6:13-------------“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” is omitted

6:15-------------“trespasses” is omitted

6:18-------------“openly” is omitted

6:27-------------“cubit” is omitted or changed to “hour-“stature” is changed to “span of life”
6:33-------------“of God” is omitted
8:15-------------“them” is omitted”
8:29-------------“Jesus” is omitted
8:31-------------“suffer us to go away” is changed to “send us away”

9:8---------------“marvelled” changed to “fear or afraid”
9:13-------------“to repentance” is omitted
9:14-------------“oft” is omitted
9:18-------------“worship” is changed to “knelt or bowed”
9:35-------------“among the people” is omitted
9:36-------------“fainted” is changed to “distressed, confused, or harassed”

10:3-------------“Labbaeus, whose surname was” is omitted

11:2-------------“two” is omitted
11:19-----------“children” is changed to “works or deeds”
11:29-----------“learn of me” is changed to “learn from me”

12:4-------------“shewbread” is changed to “Bread of Presence” in CEB, CSB, ESV, ISV, RSV, NRSV, 1899 Douay Rheims American Edition
12:8-------------“even” is omitted
12:15-----------“multitudes” is omitted

12:35-----------“of the heart” is omitted
13:36-----------“Jesus” is changed to “him”
13:51-----------“Lord” is omitted

14:25-----------“Jesus” is changed to “he”

14:30-----------“boisterous” is omitted
14:33-----------“came and” is omitted
15:6-------------“or his mother” is omitted - “commandment” is changed to “word”
15:8-------------“draweth nigh unto me with their mouth” is omitted
15:14-----------“of the blind” is omitted
15:30-----------“Jesus” is omitted
16:3-------------“O ye hypocrites” is omitted
16:4-------------“the Prophet” is omitted

16:20-----------“Jesus” is omitted
17:4-------------“let us make” is changed to “I will make” (plural to singular)
17:20-----------“Jesus” changed to “he” - “unbelief” omitted
17:21----------- Entire verse omitted
18:2------------“Jesus” is omitted
18:11----------- Entire verse omitted

18:22-----------“seventy times seven” is changed to “seventy seven”
18:29-----------“at his feet” and “all” are omitted
18:35----------- “their trespasses” is omitted
19:9-------------“and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery” is omitted
19:17-----------“that is, God” is omitted
19:20-----------“from my youth up” is omitted
19:29-----------“or wife” is omitted
20:7-------------“and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.” is omitted
20:16-----------“for many be called, but few chosen.” is omitted
20:22------------“and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?” is omitted
20:23------------“And” is omitted - “and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with:” is omitted

21:4--------------“All” is omitted
21:12------------“of God” is omitted

21:44------------Included in text but attacked in the footnotes of the 1881RV, CEV, ERV, ESV, GNB, HCSB, ISV, NABRE, NCV, NIV, NLT, NRSV, RSV, TLV, VOICE

22:13------------“and take him away” is omitted
22:30------------“of God” is omitted
22:32------------“God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” is changed to “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”
23:8--------------“even Christ” is omitted
23:14------------Entire verse omitted
23:19------------“fools and” is omitted
24:2--------------“Jesus” is omitted

24:6--------------“all” is omitted
24:7--------------“and pestilences” is omitted
24:36------------“neither the Son” is added to the English text
24:42------------“hour” is changed to “day”
25:6--------------“cometh” is omitted
25:13 -----------“wherein the Son of man cometh.” is omitted
25:31------------“holy” is omitted
25:44------------“him” is omitted
26:3--------------“and the scribes” is omitted
26:28------------“new” is omitted
26:42------------“cup” and “from me” are omitted
26:59------------“and elders” is omitted
26:60------------“yet found they none.” is omitted - “false witnesses,” is omitted

27:2--------------“Pontius” omitted
27:4--------------“the” before “innocent blood” is omitted
27:16------------“Jesus” is added to text

27:24------------“just” is omitted

27:34------------“Vinegar” changed to “wine”
27:35------------“that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, they parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots.” is omitted
27:42------------“if” and “believe him” are omitted

27:54------------“the” before “Son of God” is attacked in the footnotes of the 1881 RV, 1901 ASV, ESV, LB, NASV, NRSV, RSV.

27:64------------“by night” is omitted
28:2--------------“from the door” is omitted
28:6--------------“the Lord” is omitted
28:9--------------“And as they went to tell his disciples,” is omitted
28:19------------“teach” is changed to “make disciples”

28:20------------“Amen” is omitted

Mark – 86 Verses – 12.7%
1:2---------------“the prophets” is changed to “Isaiah the prophet”
1:14-------------“of the kingdom” is omitted
1:31-------------“immediately” is omitted
1:41-------------“compassion” is changed to “indignant, anger, or incensed”

1:42-------------“And as soon as he had spoken,” is omitted
2:2---------------“straightway” is omitted
2:15-------------“Jesus” is changed to “He”

2:17-------------“to repentance” is omitted
3:5---------------“whole as the other” is omitted
3:15-------------“to heal sicknesses, and” is omitted
3:16-------------“He appointed the Twelve” is added to the English Text
3:29-------------“damnation” changed to “sin”
4:4---------------“of the air” is omitted
4:9---------------“unto them” is omitted

4:11-------------“to know” is omitted

4:24-------------“and unto you that hear” is omitted
5:6---------------“worship” is changed to “fell, bow, or knelt”
5:13-------------“forthwith Jesus” is omitted

5:19-------------“Jesus” is changed to “He” in the NASV, ASV, ESV, HCSB, RSV
5:36-------------“As soon as” and “heard” is changed to ignored or overheard
6:11-------------“Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.” is omitted
6:14-------------“and he said” is changed to “people were saying” and “mighty works” is changed to “miraculous powers”

6:16-------------“from the dead” is omitted
6:20-------------“he did many things” is omitted
6:33-------------“and came together unto him.” is omitted
6:44-------------“about” is omitted

6:51-------------“in themselves beyond measure and wondered” is omitted
7:2---------------“they found fault” is omitted
7:8---------------“as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.” is omitted
7:16--------------Entire verse omitted
7:24-------------“And from thence” and “and Sidon” are omitted
7:27-------------“Jesus” is omitted in some and changed to “He” in some

8:25-------------“and made him look up” is changed to “looked intently”’
8:26-------------“nor tell it to any in the town.” is omitted
9:23-------------“believe” is omitted
9:24-------------“and said with tears, Lord,” is omitted

9:29-------------“and fasting” is omitted

9:42-------------“in me” is omitted in NASV
9:44-------------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets

9:45------------“into the fire that never shall be quenched” is omitted
9:46------------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets

9:47------------“fire” is omitted after “hell”
9:49------------“and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt.” is omitted

10:7------------“and cleave to his wife” is omitted in the NASV, NET Version,
10:21----------“take up the cross” is omitted
10:24----------“for them that trust in riches” is omitted

10:26----------“among themselves” is omitted

10:29----------“or wife” is omitted

10:52----------“Jesus” is changed to “He or Him” in the NASV, ASV, ESV, HCSB, RSV, NRSV
11:10----------“that cometh in the name of the Lord:” is omitted
11:14----------“Jesus” is omitted
11:19----------“he” is changed to “they” (third person singular is changed to third person plural)
11:26----------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets
12:4------------“and at him they cast stones” is omitted
12:23----------“therefore, when they shall rise” is omitted

12:29----------“of all the commandments” is omitted

12:30----------“this is the first commandment” is omitted

12:33----------“and with all the soul” is omitted

12:40----------“greater damnation” is changed to condemnation, punishment, severer judgment
13:8------------“and troubles” is omitted
13:11----------“neither do ye premeditate” is omitted
13:14----------“spoken of by Daniel the prophet.” is omitted
13:33----------“and pray” is omitted
14:19----------“and another said, is it I?” is omitted
14:22----------“Jesus” and “eat” are omitted
14:24----------“new” is omitted
14:27----------“because of me this night” is omitted
14:68----------“and the cock crew” is omitted
14:70----------“and thy speech agreeth thereto.” is omitted

15:3------------“but he answered nothing” is omitted
15:8------------“crying aloud” is omitted
15:28----------Entire Verse omitted or placed in brackets
16:8------------“quickly” is omitted
16:9-20-------Placed in brackets and authenticity questioned in footnotes. This section of Scripture has many ancient witnesses and is found either in full or part in 618 manuscripts along with early Patristic evidence such as Justin Martyr,

                       Irenaeus, and Tertullian of the second century.

16:20---------“Amen” is omitted

Luke – 90 Verses – 7.8%
1:28-----------“blessed art thou among women.” is omitted

1:29-----------“when she saw him” is omitted

2:14-----------“good will toward men” is changed to the idea that God is well-pleased with man.  If that was the case then why did Christ have to die for the Elect?
2:22-----------“her purification” is changed to “their purification”
2:33-----------“Joseph” is changed to “father”
2:40-----------“in spirit” is omitted
2:43-----------“Joseph and his mother” changed to “parents”
2:49-----------“about my Father’s business” is changed to “in my father’s house”
4:4-------------“but by every word of God.” is omitted
4:8-------------“Get thee behind me Satan” is omitted
4:18-----------“to heal the brokenhearted” is omitted
4:41-----------“Christ” is omitted
4:44-----------“Galilee” is changed to “Judean or Judea”
5:33-----------“Why do” and “?” omitted thus changing the verse from a question to a declarative statement.
5:38-----------“and both are preserved” is omitted
6:10-----------“as the other” is omitted

6:16-----------“Judas the brother of James” is changed to “Judas the son of James”
6:48-----------“founded upon a rock” is omitted
7:10-----------“that had been sick” is omitted
7:19-20------“art thou he that should come” is replaced by the new age title “Are you the Coming One” in the NKJV
7:22----------“Jesus” is changed to “He”
7:28----------“prophet” and “the Baptist” are omitted
7:31----------“and the Lord said” is omitted
8:43----------“which had spent all her living upon physicians” is omitted
8:45----------“and they that were with him” and “and sayest thou, Who touched me?” are omitted
8:48----------“be of good comfort” is omitted
8:54----------“and he put them all out” is omitted
9:1------------“his” is changed to “the” and “disciples” is omitted
9:35----------“beloved” is omitted

9:43----------“Jesus” is changed to “He” in the NASV, ASV, HCSB, NRSV, RSV
9:50----------“us” and “us” is changed to “you” and “you”
9:54----------“even as Elias did” is omitted
9:55----------“and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.” is omitted
9:56----------“For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them.” is Omitted
9:57----------“Lord” is omitted

9:59----------“Lord” is omitted
10:1----------“seventy also” is changed to “seventy others” - Seventy is also changed to “seventy two” in the NIV, CEB, CEV, ERV, ESV, GNB, NCV, NET
10:17--------“Seventy” is changed to “seventy two” in the NIV, CEB, CEV, ERV, ESV, GNB, NCV, NET

10:21--------“Jesus” is changed to “he”

10:35--------“when he departed” is omitted
10:39--------“Jesus” is changed to “Lord’s”
11:2----------“Our” - “which art in heaven,” - “Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.” are omitted
11:4----------“but deliver us from evil” is omitted
11:11--------“If a son shall ask bread of any of you” and “will he give him a stone?” are Omitted
11:29--------“the prophet” is omitted

11:34--------“single” is changed to “healthy, clear, or sound”
11:44--------“scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” is omitted
11:53--------“And as he said these things unto them” is changed to “Jesus leaving, Jesus left, or He left?
11:54--------“and seeking“ and ”that they might accuse him” are omitted
12:25--------“stature one” is changed to “one hour or single hour”
12:31--------“of God” is omitted
12:39--------“he would have watched” is omitted

13:2----------“Jesus” is changed to “He”
13:19--------“great” is omitted
13:25--------Second “lord” is omitted (some versions omit both)

13:35--------“verily” is omitted
14:5----------“ass“ is changed to ”son”
17:3----------“against thee” is omitted
17:9----------“him? I trow not” is omitted
17:36--------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets
19:5----------“and saw him” is omitted
19:45--------“and them that bought” is omitted
20:5----------“then” is omitted
20:23--------“why tempt ye me?” is omitted
20:30--------“took her to wife,” omitted in some - “and he died childless.” omitted in all
21:4----------“cast in unto the offerings of God:” is omitted
21:8----------“Christ” and “therefore” are omitted
21:36--------“be accounted worthy” is omitted

22:14--------“twelve” is omitted
22:31--------“And the Lord said” is omitted

22:44--------“great” is omitted

22:57--------“him” is omitted

22:60--------“the rooster” is changed to “a rooster”
22:64--------“they struck him on the face” is omitted
22:68--------“nor let me go” is omitted
23:6----------“of Galilee” is omitted
23:17--------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets
23:23--------“and of the chief priests” is omitted
23:25--------“unto them” is omitted
23:33--------“Calvary” is changed to “Golgotha” or “place of a skull”

23:34--------Included in modern versions but bracketed in the CEV, HCSB, NET, NIV, NRSV, VOICE – Majority of modern versions attack this verse in footnotes

23:38--------“in letters of Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew” is omitted
23:42--------“Lord” is omitted
23:45--------“was darkened” is changed to “sun stopped shining or sun failed”
24:1----------“and certain others with them” is omitted

24:4----------“much” is omitted
24:42--------“and of an honeycomb” is omitted
24:49--------“of Jerusalem” is omitted

24:53--------“praising” and “Amen” are omitted

John – 81 Verses – 9.2%
1:14---------“begotten” is omitted in the CEV, ERV, ESV, GNB, HCSB, LB, MESSAGE, NCT, NET, NLV, NLT, NRSV, RSV

1:18---------“Son” is changed to “God” - Son is changed to “One and Only” in some versions

1:27---------“is preferred before me” is omitted
1:28---------“Bethabara” changed to “Bethany”

1:42---------“a stone” is changed to “Peter” and “Jona” is changed to “John”
1:51---------“Hereafter” is omitted

2:22---------“unto them” is omitted
3:13---------“which is in Heaven” is omitted
3:15---------“should not perish” is omitted
3:16---------“only begotten son” is changed to “one and only son”

3:18---------“begotten” is changed to “one and only” and “only”

3:25---------“Jews” is changed to “a Jew” (plural in Greek)

3:36---------“believeth not” is changed to “obey not, rejects, disobeys”
4:16---------“Jesus” is changed to “He”

4:42---------“the Christ” is omitted
4:46---------“Jesus” is omitted
5:3-----------“waiting for the moving of the water” is omitted
5:4-----------Entire verse is omitted or placed in brackets
5:16---------“and sought to slay him” is omitted

5:29---------“damnation” is changed to “judgment or condemned”
5:30---------“the Father” is changed to “him”
6:11---------“he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples” is omitted

6:22---------“whereinto His disciples were entered” is omitted

6:28---------Adds the word “requires” making it sound like God requires certain works for salvation.
6:33---------“is he” is changed to “is that” in the NASV, ASV, NIV, NRSV, RSV

6:39---------“Father’s” is changed to “him”
6:47---------“on me” is omitted

6:58---------“manna” is omitted
6:65---------“my” is changed to “the”
6:69---------“that Christ, the Son of the living” is changed to “Holy one”
7:8-----------“yet” is omitted

7:26---------“very” is omitted

7:29---------“But” is omitted

7:33---------“unto them” is omitted

7:39---------“holy” is omitted
7:50---------“by night” is omitted
7:53-8:11-Placed in brackets and doubt is placed upon it in the footnotes. This section has much evidence for its authenticity going back to the originals. The Old Latin Vulgate Bible (157 A.D.), the Greek Vulgate Bible (150 A.D.), and the

                  Byzantine Text (450-1450 A.D.) all contain these passages. Manuscript D 05 from the Fifth Century contains it.
8:9----------“being convicted by their own conscience” is omitted

8:10--------“and saw none but the woman” is omitted
8:20--------“Jesus” is omitted
8:28--------“my” is changed to “the”
8:59--------“going through the midst of them, and so passed by.” is omitted
9:4----------“I” is changed to “we”
9:11--------“the pool of” is omitted
9:35--------“God” is changed to “Man”
9:38--------Footnote in Unitarian Version of 1901 ASV states that Christ was a created being. “The Greek word denotes an act of reverence, whether paid to a creature (as here) or to the Creator.”
10:26-------“as I said unto you” is omitted
10:29-------“my” is changed to “the”
10:32-------“my” is changed to “the”
10:38-------“believe” is changed to “understand”
11:41-------“from the place where the dead was laid” is omitted
12:1---------“which had been dead” is omitted
12:41-------“when” is changed to “because”
12:45-------“him” is changed to “the one” (The One is a New Age term.)

13:2---------“supper being ended” is changed to “during or while supper was being served”

14:15-------“keep my commandments” is changed to “you will keep my commandments” It changes it from a command to a statement.

14:28-------“my” is changed to “the”

15:7---------“ye shall” is omitted
16:3---------“unto you” is omitted

16:10-------“my Father” is changed to “the Father”
16:16-------“because I go the Father” is omitted
17:11-------“those whom” is omitted
17:12-------“in the world” is omitted
17:17-------First ”thy truth” is changed to “the truth”

17:20-------“shall” is omitted
19:16-------“and led him away” is omitted
19:38-------“of Jesus” omitted both times in this verse
20:29-------“Thomas” is omitted

21:3---------“immediately” is omitted

21:25-------“amen” is omitted

Acts – 80 Verses – 7.9%
1:10-------“as he went up” is changed to “he was departing or as he was going”

1:14-------“and supplication” is omitted

2:1---------“one accord” is omitted
2:7---------“all” and “one to another” are omitted
2:23-------“have taken” is omitted
2:30-------“according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ” is omitted
2:41-------“gladly” is omitted
2:46-------“one accord” is changed to “one mind” and others

2:47-------“to the church” has been changed to “to them or being saved”
3:6---------“rise up and” is omitted
3:11-------“lame man which was healed” is omitted
3:20-------“which before was preached” is changed to “appointed or prepared”
3:21-------“all” is omitted - “the world began” changed to “ancient times”

3:25-------“our” is changed to “your”
3:26-------“son Jesus” is changed to “servant”
4:24-------“thou art God” is omitted
5:1---------“within” is omitted

5:21-------“and when they heard that” omitted in the CEB, CEV, GNB, HCSB, LB, NIV, NLT

5:23-------“without” is omitted

5:24-------“the high priest and” is omitted
5:25-------“saying” is omitted

5:34-------“apostles” changed to “men”
5:42-------“Jesus Christ” is changed to “Jesus is or as the Christ”

6:3---------“Holy Ghost” is changed to “the Spirit”
6:8---------“Faith” is changed to “grace”

6:13-------“blasphemous” is omitted
7:30-------“of the Lord” is omitted
7:37-------“him shall ye hear” is omitted
8:18-------“Holy” is omitted
8:37-------Entire verse is omitted or placed in brackets
9:5---------“it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” is omitted
9:6---------“And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?

                 And the Lord said unto him,” is omitted
9:29-------“spake boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, and” is omitted

9:31-------“the churches” is changed to “the church”
10:6-------“he shall tell thee what thou oughtest to do.” is omitted
10:21-----“which were sent unto him from Cornelius;” is omitted
10:30-----“fasting” is omitted
10:32-----“who, when he cometh, shall speak unto thee.” is omitted
12:4-------“Easter” is replaced by “Passover”
12:25-----“from” is changed to “to”

13:33-----“today have I begotten thee” is changed to “today I have become your father” in the CEB, CEV, GNB, HCSB, NCV, NET, NIRV, NIV, NLV, NLT, VOICE

13:42------“the Jews” replaced by “Paul and Barnabas” - “the Gentiles” is omitted
15:11------“Christ” is omitted
15:18------“unto God are all his works” is omitted

15:23------“after this manner” is omitted
15:24------“which went out” and “saying ye must be circumcised, and keep the law” are Omitted
15:34------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets
16:31------“Christ” is omitted
17:5--------“which believed not” is omitted
17:18------“unto them” is omitted
17:26------“blood” is omitted

17:30------“commandeth” is omitted in some versions

18:5--------“pressed in the spirit” is changed to “constrained by the word”

18:7--------“Justus” is replaced with “Titius Justus”
18:21------“I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem:” is omitted
19:4--------“Christ” is omitted
19:10------“Jesus” is omitted
19:35------“Jupiter” is changed to “heaven”

20:24------“But none of these things move me” is omitted

20:25------“of God” is omitted
20:32------“brethren” is omitted
20:34------“Yea” is omitted

21:8--------“that were of Paul’s company” is omitted

21:25------“and concluded that they observe no such thing, save only” is omitted
22:9--------“and were afraid” is omitted - “of him” is replaced with “the One”
22:16------“of the Lord” is omitted
22:20------“of his death” is omitted
23:9--------“let us not fight against God” is omitted
23:15------“tomorrow” is omitted
24:6--------“and would have judged according to our law.” is omitted
24:7--------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets
24:8--------“Commanding his accusers to come unto thee” is omitted
24:14------“are written in the law” is replaced with “agrees or according to the law”
24:15------“of the dead” is omitted
25:6--------“more than ten days” is replaced with “eight or ten days”
25:16------“to die” is omitted
26:30------“And when he had thus spoken” is omitted

27:14------“against it” is omitted
28:16------“the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard: but” is omitted
28:29------Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets


Romans – 33 Verses – 7.6%

1:16------“of Christ” is omitted

1:20------“Godhead” is replaced by “divine nature”

1:22------“themselves” is omitted

1:29------“fornication” is omitted

1:31------“implacable” is omitted

3:3--------“faith” is changed to “faithfulness”

3:22------“and upon all” is omitted

5:2--------“by faith” is omitted

6:11------“our Lord” is omitted

7:3--------“married” both times in verse is changed to “be with another man”

8:1--------“who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” is omitted

8:15------“the Spirit” is changed to “a spirit” in the NASV, NRSV, NABRE

8:16------“itself” is changed to “himself”

8:28------“the” is omitted

9:28------“and cut it short in righteousness” is omitted

9:31------“of righteousness” is omitted

9:32------“of the law” is omitted

10:15----“of peace” is omitted

10:17----“God” is changed to “Christ”

11:6------“But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.” is omitted

12:8------“simplicity” is changed to liberality or generosity

13:9------“thou shalt not bear false witness” is omitted

14:6------“and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it.” is omitted

14:9------“and rose” is omitted

14:10----“Christ” is changed to “God”

14:21----“or is offended, or is made weak.” is omitted

14:22----“Hast thou faith?” is changed to “the faith that you have”  A question is changed to a statement.

15:8-----“Jesus” is omitted

15:19---“Spirit of God” is changed to “the Spirit”

15:24---“I will come to you” is changed to “I hope to see you in passing by or passing through”

15:29----“of the gospel” is omitted

16:18----“Jesus” is omitted

16:24----Entire verse omitted or placed in brackets


1 Corinthians – 35 Verses – 8.0%

1:14------“I Thank God” is changed to “I am thankful” in the ERV, JB PHILLIPS, LB, THE MESSAGE, NIRV, NLV, RSV, VOICE

1:21------“foolishness of preaching” is omitted

2:4-------“man’s” is omitted

2:13-----“holy” is omitted

3:3-------“and divisions” is omitted

5:1-------“fornication” is changed to “sexual immorality”

5:4-------“Christ” is omitted

5:5-------“Jesus” is omitted

5:7-------“for us” is omitted

6:20-----“and in your spirit, which are God's.” is omitted

7:1-------“touch” is changed to “marry” or “sexual relations”

7:5-------“fasting and” is omitted

7:34-----“There is difference also between a wife and a virgin.” is omitted

7:39-----“by the law” is omitted

8:4-------“an idol is nothing in the world” is changed to “there is no such thing as an idol in the world” in the NASV

9:1-------“Christ” is omitted

9:18-----“of Christ” is omitted

9:22-----“as” is omitted

9:27-----“keep under my body” is changed to “buffet or beat my body” (teaches self-abuse)

10:9-----“Christ” is changed to “Lord”

10:11---“all” is omitted

10:28---“for the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof:” is omitted

11:24---“take eat” and “broken” are omitted

11:29---“unworthily” and “Lord’s” are omitted

12:13---“into one spirit” is changed to “of one Spirit”

14:25---“and thus” is omitted

14:34---“your” is changed to “the”

14:38---“ignorant” is changed to “recognize or accept” (both instances)

15:3-----“how” is omitted

15:33----Verse in the CEB, CSB, CJB,EXB,GNT,JUB, NIVUK,DNLT exchanges the verse for a quote by Greek playwright Menander (342-291 B.C.) Bad associates spoil a good character."

15:34----“Awake to righteousness” is changed to “wake up and be sober or wake up from your drunken stupor”

15:47----“the Lord” is omitted

15:55----“grave” is changed to “death”

16:22----“Jesus Christ” is omitted

16:23----“Christ” is omitted


2 Corinthians – 23 Verses – 8.9%

1:10------“and doth” is changed to “he will”

2:12------“rejoicing” is changed to “pride, proud, or boast”

2:15------“are” is changed to “are being”

2:17------“corrupt” is changed to “peddle”

4:6-------“Jesus” is omitted

4:10------“the Lord” is omitted

4:14------“by” is changed to “us” (change give implication that Christ will be raised on the last day when the Christians will be raised. It denies the resurrection of Christ on the Third day.)

5:12-------“to glory” and “glory” is changed to “proud” and “pride”

5:17-------“creature” is changed to “creation”

5:18-------“Jesus” is omitted

6:5---------“in fastings” is omitted

6:9---------“chastened” is changed to “beaten or punished”

7:4---------“Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you” is changed to “I have confidence in you or great is my pride in you”

8:4--------“that we would receive” is omitted

9:10------“minister,” “multiply,” “increase” omitted

9:24------“and” between them and before the churches is omitted

10:4------“through God” is omitted

10:7------“Christ’s” second usage is omitted

10:8------“us” is changed to “I”

11:6------“Rude” is changed to “unskilled or untrained”

11:31----“our” is changed to “the” - “Christ” is omitted

12:11----“in glorying” is omitted

13:2------“I write” is omitted


Galatians – 14 Verses – 9.4%

1:3-------“our” is changed to “the”

1:15-----“God” is changed to “he” or “the one” in numerous versions

2:20-----“nevertheless I live” is changed to “I do not live” or “I no longer live”

3:1-------“that ye should not obey the truth” is omitted

3:17-----“In Christ” is omitted

4:4-------“made” is changed to “born”

4:7-------“through Christ” is changed to “through God”

4:24-----“the” before two covenants is omitted

5:4-------“become of no effect unto you” is changed to severed, estranged, separated

5:12-----“even cut off which trouble you” is changed to “emasculate or castrate”

5:19-----“adultery” is omitted

5:21-----“murders” is omitted

6:15-----“in Christ Jesus” is omitted

6:17-----“the Lord” is omitted


Ephesians – 16 Verses – 10.3%

1:6------“made us accepted” is changed to “freely bestowed or free gift”

1:10----“both” is omitted

1:18----“understanding” is changed to “heart”

3:9------“by Jesus Christ” is omitted

3:14----“of our Lord Jesus Christ” is omitted

4:6------“you” is omitted

4:9------“first” is omitted

4:17----“other” is changed to “the”

5:1------“followers” is changed to “imitators”

5:9------“Spirit” is changed to “light”

5:21----“God” is changed to “Christ”

5:22----“submit yourselves” is changed to “be in subjection” or “yield”

5:25----“for it” is changed to “for her”

5:30----“of his flesh, and of his bones” is omitted

6:10----“my brethren” is omitted

6:18----“all prayer” is omitted


Philippians – 7 Verses – 6.7%

1:16-17-Order is reversed in the modern versions - Verse 16 is 17 and verse 17 is 16.

2:6------“to be grasped” was added to the English Text

3:3------“worship God in the Spirit” is changed to “worship in or by the Spirit of God”

3:16----“let us mind the same thing” is omitted

4:13----“Christ” is omitted

4:23----“our” is changed to “the” - “you all” is changed to “your spirit” - “Amen” is omitted


Colossians – 17 Verses – 17.9%

1:2------“and the Lord Jesus Christ” is omitted

1:14----“through his blood” is omitted

1:28----“Jesus” is omitted

2:2------“and of the Father” is omitted

2:7------“therein” is omitted

2:9------“Godhead” is changed to “Deity”

2:11----“of the sins” is omitted

2:18----“not” is omitted (reverses meaning of passage)

2:20----“Wherefore” is omitted

3:6------“on the children of disobedience” is omitted

3:10----“him” is omitted

3:13----“Christ” is changed to “Lord”

3:15----“God” is changed to “Christ”

3:22----“God” is changed to “Lord or Him”

3:24----“for” is omitted

4:8------“he might know your estate” is changed to ”know things about us or our circumstances” thus reversing the meaning of this passage

4:15----“Nymphas” and “his” are changed to “Nympha” and “her” - (A masculine name in the Greek is changed to feminine name in the modern English texts.)


1 Thessalonians – 7 Verses – 7.9%

1:1-----“from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.” is omitted

2:3-----“deceit” is changed to “error”

2:15---“their own” is changed to “the

2:19---“Christ” is omitted

3:11---“Christ” is omitted

3:13---“Christ” is omitted

5:27---“holy” is omitted


2 Thessalonians – 4 Verses – 8.5%

1:2 ----“our” is changed to “the”

1:8-----“Christ” is omitted - “In flaming fire” is changed to “retribution or punishment”

1:12---“Christ” is omitted

2:2-----“day of Christ” is changed to “day of the Lord”


1 Timothy – 14 Verses – 12.4%

1:1-----“Lord” is omitted

1:2-----“our Father” is changed to “the Father”

1:17---“wise” is omitted

2:7-----“in Christ” is omitted

3:3-----“not greedy of filthy lucre” is omitted

3:16---“God” is changed to “he”

4:10---“suffer reproach” is changed to “strive or struggle”

4:12---“in spirit” is omitted

5:4----“good and” is omitted

5:16---“man or” is omitted - “them” is changed to “her”

5:21---“Lord” is omitted

6:5-----“from such withdraw thyself” is omitted

6:7-----“it is certain” is omitted

6:19---“eternal” is omitted


2 Timothy – 5 Verses – 6%

1:11---“of the Gentiles” is omitted

2:19---“Christ” is changed to “Lord”

3:16---“inspiration” is changed to “God Breathed”

4:1-----“therefore” and “Lord” are omitted

4:22---“Jesus Christ” and “Amen” are omitted


Titus – 4 Verses – 8.7%

1:2----“cannot lie” is changed to “does not lie” making it a question of ability versus choice to not lie

1:4----“the common faith” is changed to “a common faith” giving the suggestion there is more than one specific faith - “mercy” is omitted - “the Lord” is omitted

2:7----“sincerity” is omitted

2:13—“glorious appearing” is changed to “the appearing of the glory” in the NASV


Philemon – 3 Verses – 12%

6--------“Jesus” is omitted

12 ------“thou therefore receive him” is omitted

25------“our Lord Jesus Christ” is changed to “the Lord Jesus Christ” “Amen” is omitted


Hebrews – 19 Verses – 6.3%

1:3-----“by himself” and “our” are omitted

2:7-----“and didst set him over the works of thy hands:” is omitted

3:1-----“Christ” is omitted

3:6-----“his own house” is changed to “God’s house” - “firm unto the end” is omitted

3:16----“howbeit not all” is omitted

4:6------“unbelief” is changed to “disobedience”

6:10----“labor of” is omitted

7:21----“after the order of Melchisedec” is omitted

8:12----“and their iniquities” is omitted

9:10----“time of reformation” is changed to “time of the new order” in the NIV

10:9----“O God” is omitted

10:14—“are sanctified” is changed to “being made holy” in the NIV

10:19—“holiest” changed to “holy place” or just omitted

10:30---“saith the Lord” is omitted

10:34---“in heaven” is omitted

11:11---“was delivered of a child” is omitted

11:13---“and were persuaded of them” is omitted

11:37---“was tempted” is omitted

12:20---“or thrust through with a dart” is omitted


James – 6 Verses – 5.5%

1:9-----“rejoice” is changed to “take pride” in the EXB, ICB, MOUNCE, NABRE, NCV, NET, NIV, NIVUK

1:26----“among you” is omitted

2:19----“there is one God” is changed to “God is one”

2:20----“dead” is changed to “useless”

4:4------“adulterers and” is omitted

4:12----“There is one Lawgiver” is changed by adding to the text in the Greek to “There is one Lawgiver and Judge”

5:16----“faults” is changed to “sins”


1 Peter – 13 Verses – 12.4%

1:16----“be ye holy” is changed to “ye shall be holy” (change makes it to be a future action when the Christian is made holy at the moment of salvation)

1:22----“through the Spirit” and “pure” are omitted

1:23----“for ever” is omitted

2:2------“that ye may grow thereby” is changed to “grow into salvation” (makes the verse teach that a person is saved by studying the Scriptures instead of grace)

3:15----“God” is changed to “Christ”

3:18----“suffered” is changed to “died”

4:1------“for us” is omitted

4:14----“on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.” is omitted

5:8------“because” is omitted

5:10----“Jesus” is omitted

5:11----“glory and” is omitted

5:12----“wherein ye stand” is changed to “stand ye fast therein” (the believer stands or abides in the true grace because that is where God has placed us but the verse in the modern versions is reversed making it a suggestion to stand therein)

5:14----“Jesus. Amen” is omitted


2 Peter – 7 Verses – 11.4%

1:21----“holy” is omitted before “men of God”

2:4------“into chains” is changed to “pits or gloomy”

2:17----“for ever” is omitted

3:2-----“us the” is changed to “your” (removes the authority of Peter and the other eleven Apostles and shifts the focus to some one else)

3:9-----“us-ward” is omitted

3:10---“in the night” is omitted - “burned up” is replaced with “laid bare or judgment” in  some of the versions.

3:12----“hasting” is replaced by “hastening”


1 John – 13 Verses – 12.4%

1:4----“unto you” is omitted and “your” is changed to “our”

1:7----“Christ” is omitted

2:7-----“from the beginning” is omitted

3:5-----“our” is omitted (making the verse sound like universal salvation)

3:14---“his brother” is omitted

3:19---“we know” present tense is changed to “shall we know” future tense

4:3-----“Christ is come in the flesh” is omitted

4:9-----“begotten” is omitted

4:19---“him” is omitted

5:7-----“in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”  is omitted

5:8-----“And there are three that bear witness in earth” is omitted

5:13---“and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.” is omitted

5:19---“lieth in wickedness” is changed to “lies in the power of the evil one or devil”


2 John – 2 Verses – 15.4%

3------“the Lord” is omitted

9------“of Christ” second usage is omitted


3 John – 2 Verses -

7------“his name” is changed to “the Name”

11----“but” is omitted


Jude – 3 Verses – 14.3%

1-------“sanctified” is omitted

4-------“Lord God” is omitted

25-----“wise” is omitted – “before all time” is added to the text – “through Jesus Christ our Lord” is added to the text


Revelation – 69 Verses – 17.0%

1:5-----“washed” is changed to “loosed”
1:6-----“kings” is changed to “kingdom” – “God and his Father” is changed to “his God and Father”

1:8-----“the beginning and the ending” is omitted
1:9-----“Christ” is omitted twice in this verse
1:11---“I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and” is omitted
1:17---“unto me” is omitted
1:20---“which thou sawest” is omitted
2:9-----“works and” is omitted
2:13---“I know they works” is omitted
2:15---”which thing I hate” is omitted

2:20---“fornication” changed to “sexual immorality”

2:22---“bed” is changed to “sickbed” or “suffering”

3:3 ----“on thee” is omitted

3:4-----“even” is omitted
3:11---“Behold” is omitted
5:1-----“book...within” is changed to “front and back or both sides”

5:4-----“and to read” is omitted
5:5-----“to loose” is omitted
5:6-----“and lo” is omitted
5:10---“us” is changed to “them” - “kings” is changed to “kingdom” - “we” is changed to “they” (the modern versions take away the reality that the Christians will be made kings in God’s Kingdom. By changing “us” and “we” to third person plural

             words, it gives the idea that someone else, rather than “us” are going to be the kings.
5:14----“four” and “twenty” and “him that liveth forever and ever” are omitted
6:1------“and see” is omitted
6:3------“and see” is omitted
6:5------“and see” is omitted

6:7------“and see” is omitted

6:17----“his” is changed to “their” (denying the wrath is emanating from the Lamb)
7:5-8---“sealed” is omitted 10 or 12 times out of 12 readings.
8:7------“the third part of the earth” was added to the corrupt Greek text by means of Codex Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus but it is not in the Textus Receptus.
8:13----“angel” is changed to “eagle”
10:4----“unto me” is omitted
11:4----“The God” is changed to “The Lord”
11:8----“spiritually” is changed to “mystically or figuratively” – “our Lord” is changed to “the Lord or their Lord”

11:17---“and art to come” is omitted - “and has reigned” is changed to “begun to reign” (this change in the modern versions makes it sound like Christ was not already reigning)
12:12---“the inhabiters of” is omitted
12:17---“Christ” is omitted
13:1-----“I stood upon the sand of the sea” is changed to “the dragon stood on the shore of the sea”
14:1----“His name” is added to the text both in Greek and English

14:5----“before the throne of God” is omitted

14:6----“the” changed to “an”

14:8”---“city” is omitted

14:12—“here are they” is changed to “those who obey” or “those who keep”
14:13—“unto me” is omitted

14:15—“for thee” is omitted

15:2-----“and over his mark” is omitted
15:3-----“saints” is changed to “ages or nations”
15:5-----“behold” is omitted
16:5-----“O Lord” is omitted
16:7-----“another out of” is omitted, making it look like the altar is speaking

16:14---“of the earth and” is omitted

16:16---“he gathered them” is changed to “they or evil spirits gathered them”
16:17---“of Heaven” is omitted

17:1-----“unto me” is omitted

17:10---“there are” is changed to “they are”
18:6-----“you” is omitted

18:9-----“fornication” is changed to “immorality”
18:20---“holy apostles and prophets” is changed to “ye saints, ye apostles, and ye prophets” (this change removes the fact that the apostles and prophets were holy men)
19:1-----“the Lord” is omitted
19:2-----“at her hand” is omitted
19:8-----“righteousness” is changed to righteous acts” (this change gives the appearance that works will get a person to Heaven)
20:9-----“God out of” is omitted
20:12---“God” is changed to “throne”
21:2----“John” is omitted
21:4----“God” is changed to “he”
21:24—“of them which are saved” is omitted
22:6----“holy” is omitted
22:14—“do his commandments” is changed to “wash their robes or cleanse their garments”
22:19—“book” is changed to “tree”
22:21—“our” is changed to “the” - “Christ” is omitted - “you all” is changed to “saints or holy people” - “Amen” is omitted in some versions


Out of 7957 verses in the New Testament there are 776 major corruptions which means 9.4% of the New Testament is corrupted in the modern versions.


Generally Speaking, these are the modern versions which when compared to the King James Bible will show their corruptions.  There are others because new ones are constantly coming out.  These Bible versions can be located on line so you can instantly compare and see the verse distortions.  You can find them at:


Bible Version Abbreviation List

(AMP) Amplified Bible (2015)

(ASV) American Standard Version of 1901

(CEB) Common English Bible - 2010
(CEV) Contemporary English Version
(CJB) Complete Jewish Bible (1998)

(Darby) Darby Version – (1867, 1872, 1884)

(Douay Rheims - 1899 American Edition) Roman Catholic Version
(ERV) Easy to Read Version (2006)

(ESV) English Standard Version (2001)
(EXB) Expanded Bible (2011)

(GNB) Good News Bible (1992)

(HCSB) Holman Christian Standard Bible (2003)

(ICB) International Children’s Bible (1986, 1988, 1999, 2015)

(J.B. PHILLIPS) New Testament in Modern English (1962)

(MEV) Modern English Version (2014)

(THE MESSAGE) by Eugene Peterson (2002)

(MOUNCE) Mounce Reverse Interlinear (2011)

(NAB) New American Bible of the Roman Catholic Church (1970)
(NABRE) New American Bible Revised Edition (2010)

(NASV) New American Standard Version (1995)

(NCV) New Century Version (2005)

(NET) - Dan Wallace's on Line Version (2006)

(NIRV) New International Reader's Version (1998)

(NIV) New International Version (1984)

(NIV) New International Version (2011)
(NIVUK) New International Version Anglicized (2011)

(NKJV) New King James Version (1982)

(NLV) New Life Version (1969)

(NLT) New Living Translation (2004)

(NRSV) New Revised Standard Version (1989)

(NWT) New World Translation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (1961)
(RV) Revised Version of Hort and Westcott of 1881
(RSV) Revised Standard Version (1946-52)
(TLV) Tree of Life Version (2015)

(TNIV) Today's New International Version (2002)

(VOICE) The Voice (2012)


Now do you understand why the modern versions cannot be trusted?


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