Pictures of the 1981 Family Radio Conference at Tuscarora Inn
 on the Banks of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania

Ronnie and Yvonne Moe from Deptford, NJ                            L to R:     Tony Mastro, Me, Jim McCarthy


L to R: Me, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Smith (VP of FR), Tom Smith, Joan Mastro                     How solitary sits the snack shop where we had good fellowship
                                                                                                                              and many sundaes.


      Dr. Harold Sala with yours truly                                                     All the King's Singles at the snack shop - Where else?


Third from left - Evelyn Artisse                                                                            Ace Haggerty in front.

Charles Moore Left- Tony Mastro Middle                                      Dr. Gabriel Otero, Racquel Otero, Joan Mastro, Me

The Hoffmanns were the guest musicians and song leaders.                             Dr. Harold Sala giving counsel
She had a glass eye - Can you guess which one?

Dr. Gabriel Otero and Tony Mastro                                            Tony and Joan Mastro with Dr. Harold Sala - The Mastros were the               
                                                                                                        ones who discipled me when I "got religion."

Back L to R: Joan Mastro, Rich Van Dyke, Harold Camping ==Front L to R: Willy Van Dyke, Shirley Camping, Yours Truly