Textual Criticism - A Satanic Success Story

by Dr. Ken Matto


This monograph will deal with the fruit of Textual Criticism, not the evil particulars of how these covens of Theologians pick and choose which Scripture to delete and which not to, but the result of it. Textual Criticism is probably the greatest offensive Satan has ever mounted against the church because it is the most subtle and accepted. I wish to share with you 11 evil fruits which have fallen from the Hemlock bush into the church.

(Rom 15:6 KJV) That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is a challenge. Get 6 people to read Acts 8:35-40 from 6 different versions and what you will hear is an aggregate of unintelligible speech, it is akin to speaking in tongues. The hearers will make no sense out of it. Get 6 KJV's and read the same passage, you will have intelligible speech.


(1 Cor 14:33 KJV) For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

God does not author confusion nor perpetuates it in any evil fashion. He gave His Word so His children can understand it. The modern versions confuse the church.


(2 Cor 13:11 KJV) Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

How can believers in a single congregation be of one mind when the congregation is broken up into small groups with different bible versions. Satan's scholars have stolen the one mind out every congregation.


What has been destroyed or damaged by Textual Criticism?


A. The Pulpit
When the sermon is being preached, the ones who do not have the same version must scramble to make a quick comparison to theirs. You will also hear from the pulpit something like this: "The NIV translates it this way while the NASV translates it that way." Take your pick, 2 different words, 2 different meanings. Those who bring their own Bibles to church may be forced to use a pew Bible and thus abort their ability to make marginal notes for future use.
B. Public Bible Reading
When there is public reading from the pulpit, everyone who does not have the version the pastor is using, has to try and make a quick comparison of their version to his. This takes away from absorbing the Word of God to translating the words in a person's mind and therefore Satan steals before anything can be planted.
C. Congregational Unity
Within the congregation there are probably about 10 different versions plus! This means that every congregation is broken down into a Feudal System of mini-congregations. Therefore, congregations are divided even before they walk into church.
D. Hymns
Even the great hymns of the faith are suffering at the hands of the "scholarly revisers." "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" is now "Jesus Christ is Risen Today." It attacks His Lordship. The great hymn by Isaac Watts "At the Cross" in the first Stanza, the last part says "For such a worm as I?" It is now being changed to "For such a one as I?" The arrogance and pride of man will not allow him to be called a "worm."
Everyone that teaches or comes to Sunday School must deal with different versions. The Sunday School material itself normally contains quotes from a few different versions. So here too everyone is scrambling to see if their version agrees and how to make an application. It breeds havoc in Sunday School.
How many times when you are in a multi-version study do you hear the words, "What does yours say?" Thus Satan's engineers have succeeded in causing bible studies to stop dead in their tracks while everyone tries to understand and figure out what the other person's translation says. Time runs out and next week the same scenario occurs again.
Many times when a person begins to do home Bible Study, they may take a course or just buy a study guide in a Christian bookstore. They open the guide and read this, "All quotations taken from the NIV." The problem is they use the King James Version. Now they have to compare quotes and try to get understanding between the 2 versions and the commentators comment. So either the student subscribes to the "Version of the Day" or gets discouraged and just quits.
God promised that He would keep His Word from generation to generation in Psalms 12:6-7. With every new version, something is omitted, added, or changed. This makes it look like God did not know what He was talking about since we have no idea which one of those versions is God's Word. With all the omissions and the rationale to keep those parts of Scripture out, how do we know that what we have in our present Bible should be kept in or thrown out? If the Bible is subject to every archaeological find, then how can we be sure adultery is wrong, or that we really must be born again, or that Christ is God? The new versions attack the verity of God. How can we ever be sure that the Bible we have now is God's Word?
(1 John 5:13 KJV) These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
Can we really know if we have eternal life if every translation changes the promises and the wording of Biblical assurances?
The Church's role in evangelism has become much weaker since the American Standard Version of 1901 came off the presses. The prostitute versions are being given out today at evangelistic campaigns. It is a good thing that God saves by election or else no one would become saved since God's salvation plan is watered down in the new versions.
Once you remove God's Holy Word from a church and replace it with false versions, people have no way of comparing what is being taught to the real Word of God. Most pastor's teach a false gospel and they can supplant the true teachings of the Bible with treasonable teachings of psychology, sociology, history lessons, political lessons, etc., and call this a sermon. Pastors that teach the local newspaper should be ousted. Only the true Word of God can change and sustain a Christian. If you think I am out on the limb on this one, ask yourself a simple question, With all the Bible Versions we have today, how come the church is so weak, confused, and deceitful? Don't think so? How many of you reading this have changed churches or are still looking for churches? True churches are as scarce as an 1804 Silver Dollar.
The Bible calls us to be a separated people unto the Lord. It is a shame that all the modern versions agree with the Roman Catholic Bible and the Jehovah's Witness Bible, especially the NIV. If you think I am kidding, check out my study, "The NIV Exposed." These new versions do not call us unto separation rather they call us unto ecumenical relationship with the enemies of Christ.
The prophet's of the Old Testament in doing the work of God in attempting to bring Israel unto repentance used the phrase "Thus Saith The Lord" 415 times. Exodus 4:22 in the KJV says:
(Exo 4:22 KJV) And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the LORD, Israel is my son, even my firstborn:
In the NIV it is softened, "This is what the Lord says:" The newer versions soften the commands of God, almost making them suggestions. God's commands for right living in His people are dictated by His Holiness and when His commands are softened, we tend to believe His Holiness will give us some slack also. The newer versions turn God's commands from a "Stop" sign to a "Yield" sign.
The modern versions remove the authoritative distinction from the Bible itself by making the language more conversational, profane, and make it into a novel. The modern versions treat the Bible like it is just another religious book among many. Here is a passage from the Children's Living Bible 1974 edition:
1 Samuel 20:30 - "Saul boiled with rage. "You son of a bitch" he yelled at him..."
Did you think I was going to leave "bitch" out? This is an example of how the Word of God is looked upon by modern scholars. They view it as a profane piece of material at their mercy. Well Ken Taylor, the author of the Children's Living Bible will go to Hell unless he becomes saved and isn't it wonderful how Tyndale published it with the above verse intact so little children can read it.
The Good News
God has kept His promises and gave us an unimpeachable Bible. It is the King James version which has been untouched since 1611 and just language updated in 1769. The King James Version has not been touched by the modern scholar, therefore it is the purest version, because it has not changed. You need not worry about the King James Version partaking in any of these 11 assaults on the church and Christian. God still blesses the ministry of those who use His True Word for true ministry. Hallelujah! Thine the Glory!