The Destructive Force of Socialism


By Paul Fisher


ST. Paul was the great missionary statesman of the Christian Church in the first century. When captured by the enemies of the faith, he demanded that he be tried in Rome. Since Paul was a Roman citizen, he was permitted to make this request. While in prison, in Rome, St. Paul conducted his missionary efforts by writing to the newly established Christian communities of Asia Minor.

ST. Paul's vision was to establish and plant the gospel in the major cities of the Roman Empire. By 326 A.D., Emperor Constantine recognized the early church, and by the time of St. Augustine [circa. 500 A.D.], Christianity was rooted throughout the Mediterranean World.

IN like manner, those evil forces behind the NEW WORLD ORDER have also selected the large cities of the world and of America as their focal points for establishing their nerve centers of control. However, the end of their godless plans and actions lead to disaster and destruction from city to city!

CHIEF Justice John Marshall stated, "The power to tax is the power to destroy." Whenever and wherever there is the redistribution of wealth [socialism], chaos will follow. The year 1913 was the turning point from once a Christian culture to one in which the ENEMY was given control over our present and future destiny. How? With the passage of the Federal Reserve Banking Act and the Internal Revenue Service!

IT has been stated that a nation's foreign policy also reflects its internal policy. Many Americans are now coming to realize that the no-win wars of the 20th century have led only to the bleeding of America with the ultimate goal of one world government under the United Nations. Lenin regarded intellectuals as "useful idiots to the cause of world revolution." It has been this type of intellectual who has been used by the pro-socialistic think tanks of America to sell us into collectivized slavery at home.

THE founder of the Anti-Communist Crusade, Dr. Fred Schwartz, in the early 1960's was speaking at a dinner program in Philadelphia, Dr. Schwartz was a medical doctor, and in the audience was J. Howard Pugh, founder of the Sun Oil Company.

AFTER his talk, the question was raised, "What does the welfare system do?" Dr. Schwartz responded that the welfare system does three things:

1. It destroys the family unit.

2. It tells the man he is no longer needed in the home.

3. As such, the man usually reverts to the law of the jungle or to a life of crime!

WHO then benefits from the billions wasted on the welfare system? Answer-Only the bankers!! Socialism is the most deadly form of pollution in America, destroying the recipient, and taxing the middle class into oblivion! We, as a nation, need not worry about so-called evil rulers in other nations, with such servants of evil as President Clinton and her husband in the White House!

AS for the N.A.A.C.P. [National association for the Advancement of Colored people], it does no such thing. The NAACP was founded as a front group to use the minority as a means for promoting the destruction of Negro family life in America. Africa does not have a welfare system and therefore does not have the results which it produces.

"THE power to tax is the power to destroy!" Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and on and on and on, proves this to be the case. Tied in with godless public schools, Hollywood violence and every other form of government socialism - no wonder we are where we are!

THE entire Rodney King - Reginald Denny act of 1992-1993 was as orchestrated and controlled as the sinking of the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

WHY has it taken America so long to awaken to what is happening? Answer - due to the subversion of the Christian Church in America. You could also throw in the control of higher education and the media - subverting the truth towards their agenda - THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

GEORGE Washington stated it best, "Few men have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder."