Prohibition Success

The Eighteenth Amendment closed every brewery, distillery, and winery.

1) Closed the doors of 177,790 saloons.
2) Brought an end to all liquor advertising through all avenues.
3) Stopped the shipment of booze.
4) Made the liquor business an outlaw like the kidnapper, the thief and murderer.
5) Eliminated the need of the Keeley Cure institutions for drunkards.
6) Contributed to every legitimate business. Deposits in the banks increased in many places more than 400 percent.
7) Made a big contribution to education. From 1920 to 1930, high school and college attendance increased more than 50 percent.
8) Greatly reduced crime-many jails were empty during this period.
9) Reduced highway accidents.
10) Insanity was greatly reduced.
11) Cut down the list of dependent people in our country.
12) Greatly reduced disease especially those diseases caused by alcohol.
13) Lifted the moral standard of living.
14) Brought comfort to thousands of homes which had been cursed by booze.
15) Contributed to the work of the church of God.
16) Greatly reduced drunkenness among all classes.
17) Was the answer to the prayer of the best people of America.
18) Increased the self-respect of all the decent people of the nation.
19) Lifted this nation in the good esteem of the best people of other nations.
20) Conformed to the teachings of the Word of God.
21) Threw a wall of protection around our homes.
22) Drove the bootleggers to their hiding places.
23) Saved the nation $3,000,000,000 liquor bills.

Who Said Prohibition Failed?

Harvey H. Springer, D.D., Th.D.
The National Statesman

Signal Press