Basic Principles of Personal Evangelism
By Dr. Ken Matto
1) Know Your Targeted Group
A. You should speak their language
B. You should know their arguments
C. You should know their needs
2) Choosing the Right Material
A. General - Buy cheapest paper tracts if possible. If you live in an area with different races and languages, find tracts in familiar
     language to you readers. This will impress them, everyone likes to read things in their own language plus they will understand much
B. Personal - Attractive - Subject suited
C. Impersonal - Strong Conscience Challenging Tract
3) Doors of Opportunity
A. Never force an opportunity!
B. God opens the door, you be patient and available.
4) Be a Self-Starter
Do not wait for others to begin - Christianity is not a Spectator Sport. If you are waiting for your church to approve your ministry, find out what is holding them up. If they are just a bunch of procrastinators, then just start yourself. God has commanded you to go forth. Sometimes the greatest hindrance to ministry is the church.
5) Be Available After Hours
A. Those whom God is drawing will have questions and it will not only be 9 to 5.
B. Young Christians are zealous and need to be guided.
6) Be Biblically Prepared for Discussion
A. Keep a Bible with you
B. Use your own testimony
C. Avoid arguments
7) Presenting the Gospel
A. Present it in the context of the person's need
B. Never be confrontational about doctrine. This will lead to endless arguments.
C. Always be confrontational about sin.
D. Always refer to the Scriptures with sayings like, "The Bible teaches" or "The Scriptures teach"
8) Never Evangelize Outside Your Sphere Of Talents And Gifts!
If you can sing or play an instrument but cannot speak publicly, then stay with music.
9) Belong to a Bible Believing Church or House Church
If you belong to a dead church, how will those whom you bring hear the truth?
10) Expect Opposition!
A. You are literally telling person their whole life has been a lie.
B. You are assaulting years of training in false religion, no religion, and religious Christianity.