Motivation for Service

It’s in all of us-an uncontrollable draw to connect, to make our lives count for something. We want the world to miss us when we are gone. We want to hear our Lord say, “Good job, faithful servant” when we gaze into His eyes.

It is something God has crafted into our hearts-desires that defy the voices in our minds. Instead of listening to, “Stay safe, stay comfortable, stay focused on you.” He challenges us to, Go out, go where it’s uncomfortable, die to yourself.” This isn’t for the faint of heart. At the same time, there are no superheroes.

Missionaries are a strange breed. What compels them to throw their lives into the chaos of relocation and adaptation? Why go the places where faith is met with hostility?

It’s not necessarily because they have spirituality of epic proportion, specialized training or even a passion t reach the lost. They often choose to go against the comfortably safe lifestyle simply because God asks them to. He opens the door, and they walk through it.

God uses the broken, the quirky, the passionate, the timid. More importantly He uses the willing-those willing to open their hearts to love those who may be hostile to the gospel, willing to play a part, willing to sweat in the heat, often waiting for years to see results. They’re willing to step out in faith, trusting God to provide.

What motivates missionaries isn’t just measurable results, but the expression of worshipping a loving God through obedience. Maybe you’re meant to stay, but maybe God is opening a door that you need to walk through.

-from Reach Beyond - Voice and Hands - Volume 11, No. 2 - Spring 2016