Murdered by the Church of Rome
One of the most difficult pieces of information to find are the names of all the martyrs who were murdered by the Roman Catholic Church down through the ages. These true Christians were murdered because they loved the Scriptures, had portions of a true Bible, and/or an entire Bible. The believers were hunted down and murdered by the blood thirsty men of the Inquisition. Probably no Christian group in history was persecuted more for their beliefs than the Waldensians or the Vaudoix. This article is a tribute and memorial to those who gave their lives in the service of God in the dissemination of the true Scriptures and teaching the truth to many in spite of the Roman Catholic Inquisition and even prior to the official start of the Inquisition that many were murdered. This article is also for those who treasure and defend the modern versions which were based upon the Latin Vulgate of Jerome was the official Roman Catholic Bible. It was these who chose to distribute the true Bible based on the manuscripts which were untouched by the Gnostics and Roman Catholics. Many died trying to bring the true Scriptures to others. The King James Bible and its history are bathed in the blood of the martyr and the modern versions are bathed in those who murdered them. May the Lord open your eyes to the reality of the Bible you treat with contempt based upon what some well-paid seminary professor or pastor states. So the next time you use your modern version, look for the blood stains on its pages.
(2 Pet 2:1-3 KJV) But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. {2} And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. {3} And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.
Donatists - 4/5th centuries - They believed a church was for the saved only - They were persecuted upon the instigation of Augustine.
Albigenses - 12/13th centuries - Rejected Rome and placed new Testament above all the traditions and teachings of Rome
Waldensians - 11/17th centuries - Many different violent persecutions against these Believers who had the Bible handed down to them as early as the 2nd century. The cave of Castelluzzo saw the murder of hundreds of Waldensian mothers and children in 1209.
1126 - Peter of Bruis - Burned at the Stake - Rejected Rome’s traditions
1155 - Arnold of Brescia - Bible Preacher - Hanged and Burned
1211 - 80 Waldensians - burned at the stake
1215 - 80 Christians - Tried by red hot iron and burned to death the same day in Strasburg, Germany.
1237 - 15 Christians burned alive at Cerdagne and Castlebon, Spain
1315 - Waldensian Bishop Neumunster - Burned at the stake in Hamburg, Germany
1315 - 50 Women and children burned at the stake in Schweidnitz in Silesia
1386 - Christmas Eve- Inquisitor Borelli attacks Valley of Pragela; hundreds frozen to death trying to escape.
1400 - William Sawtree - Wycliffe follower - Burned at the stake
1408 - John Resby - Heresy - Burned at Perth, Scotland
1409 - Tailor named Bradbe - Wycliffe follower - Roasted alive in a barrel
1415 - John Huss - Burned for preaching the Gospel and rejecting Rome’s views
1416 - 300 burned at the stake in Saxony
1417 - Sir John Oldcastle - Helped distribute Wycliffe Bible - Martyred for his faith by being roasted over fire
1427 - John Purvey - Bible distribution - died in prison - 1421-7
1431 - Paul Craws - Convicted at St. Andrews, Scotland and burned to death
1481/2 - 2,000 people burned alive in Spanish Inquisition in Seville and Castile
1488 - 3,000 Waldensian believers murdered in a cave called Aigue-Froid
1506 - William Tylsworth - Burned for his faith in the Word of God
1511 - James Brewster - Burned at the stake - Having a book of Scripture
1514 - Richard Hun - Died suspiciously in Lollard’s Tower in London
1519 - Six men and women burned for teaching their children the Lord’s prayer - London
1525 - Gospel preacher named Schuch - Burned at the stake in Strasburg for preaching and having a Bible - His Bible was burned with him.
1528 - Patrick Hamilton - Burned at the Stake in Scotland for declaring that it is the right of any person to read God’s Word
1529 - Louis Berquin - Burned at the Stake in France for printing and distributing Bible tracts in French
1530 - John Tewksbury - Burned at the stake for Bible distribution - England
1531 - Thomas Bilney - Martyred for preaching and distributing the Tyndale Bible
1531 - Richard Bayfield - Burned at the stake for Scripture distribution
1532 - James Bainham - Burned for possessing Scriptures in the English language
1533 - Henry Forrest - Benedictine Monk who became saved - Burned at the stake in St. Andrews, Scotland
1533 - John Fryth - Burned for preaching the true Gospel - England
1534/5 - 24 Protestants burned alive in Paris, France
1535 - Dean Forret - Burned for having Scripture in the English tongue - Scotland
1536 - William Tyndale - Burned at the Stake for Translating the Bible into English - His translation became the groundwork for the King James Version
1536 - Ann Boleyn - Wife of Henry the VIII - Beheaded for the true faith
1540 - Thomas Garrett - Friend of Tyndale - Burned at the stake - England
1545 - Massacre of Merindol and Cabrieres, France - Thousands of Waldensians murdered
1546 - Peter Chapot burned to death in Meaux, France for bringing French bibles to France
1546 - Stephen Polliot - Burned at the Stake for bringing Scriptures into France - His tongue was cut out so he could not witness to those around him at his execution.
1546 - Ann Askew - Tortured and burnt for studying and believing the true Scriptures
1548 - Paul Fagius - Burned for translating the Bible - England
1548 - Martin Bucer - Burned for translating the Bible - England
1553 - Nicholas Nayle - Burned at the stake in Paris because he brought gospel books for believers.
1554 - Lady Jane Grey - Beheaded for her conversion to true Christianity
1555 - Nicholas Ridley - Burned for his faith - England
1555 - Hugh Latimer - Burned for his faith - England
1555 - John Rogers - Translator of the Matthews Bible into English
1556 - Bartholmew Hector - Preaching and Bible Distribution -Burned at Thurin
1560 - Julian Hernandez - Burned at the stake in Spain for Bible Distribution
1560 - Jean Louis Paschale - Believed the Bible over Romish teachings
1560 - Stefano Negrino - Starved to death in prison - Italy
1561 - 88 men had throats slit in Montalto - Italy
1561 - Hugo Chiamps - Entrails torn from his body at Turin, Italy
1561 - Peter Geymarali - Entrails torn from his body at Lucerna, Italy
1561 - Maria Romano - Buried alive at Rocco-patia, Italy
1561 - Magdalen Foulano - Buried alive at San Giovanni, Italy
1561 - Susan Michelini - Hands and feet bound - Left to die in cold and hunger - Saracena, Italy
1561 - Bartholomew Fache - Gashed with Sabres and wounds filled with quicklime - Died from the agonizing pain
1561 - James Baridari -Sulpherous matches placed all over body and then lit
1561 - Daniel Revelli - Mouth filled with gun powder and then lit - Head blown to pieces
1561 - Maria Monnen - Flesh cut from cheek and chin thus exposing cheek bone- left to Perish
1561 - Thomas Margueti - Mutilated to death at Miraboco, Italy
1561 - Sudan Jaquin - Cut to bits in La Torre, Italy
1561 - Sara Rostagnol - Slit open from legs to Bosom - Perished on road between Eyral and Lucerna
1561 - Anna Char bonnier - Impaled on a spike and carried from San Giovanni to La Torre
1561 - Daniel Rambaud - Refused to renounce the true Gospel as they took his nails off, then fingers, then his feet, then his hands, then his arms and finally his legs at Paesano, Italy
1562 - James Bovell - Rejected Rome’s teachings in favor of the Bible
1566 - Francesco Spinula - Drowned at Venice, Italy for making a Latin version of the Psalms
1567 - Pietro Carnesecchi - Refused to bow to papal authority
1570 - Aonio Paleario - Martyred for writing a book called “The benefit of Christ’s Death.”
1572 - St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre - 4,000 brutally murdered of the French Huguenots - It lasted from August 24 to October 23 - Total killed during this time was about 35,000
October 27, 1842 - Bibles burned in Lake Champlain, New York in the USA!
Remember these names and the tortures and the giving of their lives for the true Scriptures which was the lineage of the King James Bible. Remember their names and their sacrifices the next time you turn on EWTN and watch that blasphemous channel. Remember their names and sacrifices when your pastor encourages you to get a modern version. The modern versions are Roman Catholic versions and millions of our brothers and sisters gave their lives for the true Scriptures. It is impossible to know the names of the millions that died at the hand of Rome but these listed names are representative of what they all suffered. Did they suffer and die in vain for your version or are you an extended member of the Roman Catholic Church by means of your NIV, NASV, ESV, HCSB, or other modern version?