Disclaimer: On some of these web sites there may be materials which are not totally biblical but I have visited each site and found them appropriate to be included here. If you find anything on any web site listed which seems biblically unacceptable, please e-mail me so I may investigate. I desire to be as faithful to God's Word as I possibly can but sometimes fall short of that goal.  Where a graphic exists, click on it to go to the web site.   I have included some secular web sites which I believe would also be beneficial to anyone visiting here.  - Reviewed and fixed 11/1/20

Please do not send any secular links.  This is a ministry website and not an information site for every disease or situation under the sun.  Your requests will be deleted!


Amateur Radio

American Radio Relay League
AA9PW - Practice Tests
QRZ.COM - Practice Tests and Ham Radio Info


Assisted Living


The Cliffs at Eagle Rock - West Orange, NJ
Keswick Pines - Whiting, NJ


Campgrounds and Conference Centers



                                                                                                                                                                           Tuscarora Inn      Sandy Cove
Black Rock Retreat - Lancaster County, PA
Cedine Ministries - Spring City, TN
Delanco Camp - Tabernacle, NJ
Fellowship Deaconry Conference Center
Milford Park - Zionsville,PA
Tri-State Bible Camp and Conference Center

Q Center (Chicago Conference Center) St. Charles, Illinois)


Holy Laughter and Toronto


Free Presbyterian Church in America

Liberty Fellowship (Chuck Baldwin)



Computer Safety For Your Body


Safe Computing Tips


Cult Exposure


The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Faith Defenders - Dr. Robert Morey
Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Watchman Fellowship, Inc. Online


Domestic Violence


National Domestic Violence Hotline

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Newly Independent Woman

Single Parent Advocate

How to Fix it Yourself

Financial Abuse

Financial Savings & Debt Management

Focus Ministries

The Recovery Village

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Real Men Do Not Hit Women!!


Educational Institutions


Bethany College of Missions
Foundations Bible College and Seminary
The Institute for Creation Research
Liberty University
Nehemiah Institute

On Line Educational Institutions (Contains Hundreds of Schools)

Accredited Schools on Line


For Preachers and Teachers


Desperate Preacher's Site
Geneva Bible Study Notes
Pulpit Helps (Now Disciple Magazine)


Free Press


American Free Press


Health Related


Abbeycare: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (Great Britain)
America's Keswick Colony of Mercy
Canola Oil
Cow's Milk
Faith and Health Connection
Fluoride Action Network
Gary Null's Website
National Headache Foundation
National Safe Kids Campaign
National Solutions Foundation
Office Microwaves are Hotbeds of Germs
On Line Cancer Guide
Splenda Exposed
Web MD
Weston A Price Foundation
Whale  (not the mammal)




Authentic History Center
Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web Pages
Historic Christ Church and Burial Ground - Philadelphia, PA
Declaration of Independence
Fairbanks House - The Country's Oldest Timber Frame House
Monmouth Battlefield State Park
Old Yellow Meeting House
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Princeton Battlefield State Park
Richard Sparrow House
Salem Witch Trials
Tombstone, Arizona
Valley Forge
Wall Builders
Washington Crossing State Park




American Numismatic Association - Coin Collecting
Beginners Guide to Coin History
Coin Collecting for the Novice
Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting
USA Coin Book
Metal Detecting - Treasure Hunting
PCGS Coin Facts
American Philatelic Society - Stamp Collecting
Home Hobbies: Stamp Collecting


Home Schooling


Home School World
Covenant Home Association
Christian Liberty Academy
Home School Legal Defense Association




Deborah Heart and Lung Center - Browns Mills, NJ
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - New York City
St. Christopher's Hospital for Children - Philadelphia, PA
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital - Memphis, TN
Shriner's Hospitals for Children


Law Enforcement


Attorney General of New Jersey
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Division of Homeland Security
Human Trafficking Hot Line - 1-888-373-7888 or text 233733
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Human Trafficking
New Jersey State Police
Postal Inspection Service
Secret Service
United States Marshalls


Ministries - Biblical History - Hebrew Scriptures


Re-dating the Hebrew Kings by Bruno Kolberg




Backus Books
Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service
Moments With The Book
Old Paths Publications
Rare Christian Books
Reformation Heritage Books




Crown Financial Ministries

Compass Financial Ministries



Ministries - King James Version
AV Publications - Gail Riplnger
Another King James Believer
Bible for Today
Blessed Quietness Journal
Dial the Truth Ministries
Holy Word Cafe
Jesus is Savior
King James Bible 1611.Com
King James Bible Defended
King James Bible Translators
King James Version Bible Page
King James Version Today
Samuel Gipp Ministries
Trinitarian Bible Society - USA
Vance Publications


Ministries - King James Bible Publishers


Bearing Precious Seed
Bible for Today

Church Bible Publishers

Local Church Bible Publishers


Ministries - To Missionaries on Furlough


Righteous Rides


Ministries - Prison


Abounding Love Ministries - Tex Watson
David Berkowitz Home Page
Our Father's Persistent Love Ministries




Far East Broadcasting
FBC Radio
Fundamental Broadcasting Network
HCJB is now Reach Beyond
KFBN - Fargo, North Dakota
KJAB - Mexico, Mo - Conservative Southern Gospel and Conservative Gospel Bluegrass
Old Fashioned Christian Radio
Redeemer Broadcasting
Rejoice Broadcast Network
Sermon Audio Web Radio
Trans World Radio
Word Broadcasting Network


Ministries-Reformed (Doctrines of Grace)


 Scripture Truths 

A Puritan's Mind
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Bunyan Ministries
Elect Bible Ministries
European Institute of Protestant Studies
Grace Gems
The New Calvinists (exposing the false teachers)
Pristine Grace
Protestant Alliance
Reformed Christian Pages
Reign of Grace Media Ministry
Sermon Audio
Sovereign Grace (Michael Jeshurun)
Spreading God's Word
The Trinity Foundation
Wicket Gate
Word of Grace Ministries - Dr. Duane Spencer


Ministries-Roman Catholics


Good News for Catholics
Just For Catholics
Mission to Catholics International




Christian Geology Ministry
Creation Moments
Creation Research
Genesis Evidence Ministries


Ministries-Sex Offenders


Titus House Ministries


Ministries-Various Subject Focus

Antichrist Conspiracy
Changed Movement - Ex-LGBT
Christian History Institute
Clebe McClary
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Counter Culture Mom
David Ring
Death is Not Dying - Rachel Barkey
Harvest USA - Addiction to Pornography and Sexual Sin
Johnny Hudson
Jesus is Lord (Massive amount of materials on pertinent subjects)
Last Days Alert
Liberty to the Captives
Life Without Limbs - The site of Nick Vujicic
National Christian Choir
Pacific Garden Mission (Unshackled - Hear it on Line)
PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries
Rachel Joy Scott - The Martyr of Columbine
Remnant of God
Scriptures in Schools
Sisters United Against Pornography
Walk With The King - Dr. Robert A. Cook
Walking in Truth


Pro Life


Care Network
Gateway Pregnancy Center


Psalms and Hymns

Net Hymnal (formerly Cyberhymnal)


Secular Sites of Interest

Find a Grave
Links to all 50 States of the USA
National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation
Need a Zip Code?
Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Truth Behind the Truth Links


Wake Up America before it is too late!


(Isa 29:15 KJV) Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

(Jer 23:24 KJV) Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD.

3 Reasons for this Important Section:

1) Exposing the New World Order, the Political Enemy of Christianity and Freedom!
2) Exposing International Talmudic Zionism the spiritual enemy of Christianity

3) Exposing Radical Islamo-Fascism


9-11 Strike
Know More News
American Congress for Truth
Crimes Against Humanity
Gun Owners of America
Last Trumpet Ministries
The Money Changer
The National Center for Constitutional Studies
News With Views
Power of Prophecy
Stand Down
True Democracy
Voting Fraud for the New World Order
Wake The Church
We Hold These Truths
What Really Happened
The Constitution Party - Fighting for the Future of America! 

Vacation and Getaway


Scenes from Lancaster's Amish Country
Pennsylvania Dutch Country - Lancaster County, PA


The American Southwest

 Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida