John 9:38
(John 9:38 KJV) And he said, Lord, I believe. And he worshipped him.

(John 9:38 ASV 1901) And he said, Lord, I believe. And he worshipped* him.

*Footnote in Unitarian Version of ASV 1901 on John 9:38

“The Greek word denotes an act of reverence, whether paid to a creature (as here) or to the Creator.”

Affected Teaching
If you notice that the verse appears the same in both the King James Bible and in the American Standard version of 1901. However, the footnote attached to this verse in the ASV is stating openly that Jesus is not the Creator but that He is the creature. This is another footnote attack on the deity of Christ. The 1901 ASV is the forerunner of the Revised Standard Version of 1946 & 1952 of the National Council of Churches. The majority of the corruptions were done in the second century by Gnostics who disbelieved the deity of Christ. Here we see that the attitude which prevailed in Alexandria, Egypt is still prevalent in the modern versions. You can see the Gnostic influence in any modern version by doing a parallel study of the verses in the King James which contain the phrase “Lord Jesus Christ” and whatever translation you use, and you will see this divine title is chopped up to make Christ as only an enlightened teacher and not God. One of the most open characteristics of the modern versions are the attacks on the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ASV of 1901 straightly teaches that Christ was not God in the footnotes. The footnotes in the modern Bibles are just as dangerous as the rewriting of the text. Some of the notables on the revision committee of the 1901 ASV were J. Henry Thayer, Philip Schaff, Ezra Abbott who was a Unitarian. Unitarians deny the deity of Christ and the trinity. There was a Unitarian on the Revision committee of 1881 also. His name was G. Vance Smith. Christians must do a historical study of the Bibles they use or else the great possibility exists that their version was written by unbelievers who are or were hostile to true Christianity.

Philip Schaff was behind the 1893 parliament of World Religions which was also called the debut of the New Age Movement. Conference speakers were heralding the new Age movement. There were many Hindus who spoke at this event. There were also Brahmins, Buddhists, Wicca (Witches), members of the New Jerusalem church of Swedenborg, and many pagans. Schaff wanted to see a complete unification of the world’s religions. The next time you read Schaff’s writings, know that he was anything but saved and be alert. Isn’t it amazing that this is the caliber of men rewriting the bible and trying to convince you that their version is the best and is better than the King James ? Schaff was the General Director of the entire ASV Committee. In looking at the qualifications of the King James translators, I did not find anyone involved in Witchcraft or Spiritism. Would a holy God give His word to men like this to correct it?