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Frosty Wooldridge Gives Immigration Wake Up Call

Frosty Wooldridge, respected author and journalist, says immigration, multiculturalism a deadly brew.

By Victor Thorn —

As a math and science teacher, college guidance counselor, freelance journalist and author of 13 books, including Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion and America on the Brink, Frosty Wooldridge has traveled to over 100 countries across six continents and is an expert when it comes to some of the most important issues facing this nation. AMERICAN FREE PRESS got the chance to sit down with Wooldridge to discuss one of the major themes in his books, an issue that is completely reshaping the demographics as well as the culture of the United States—immigration.

A target of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and someone who’s extensively researched the immigration problem, Wooldridge told this reporter during an October 29 interview: “By the year 2050, America will see its population grow from 320 million to 438 million. Of these 138 million new people, 100 million of them will be non-whites.”  When asked what these numbers mean, Wooldridge explained, “Whites in this country are doomed. As we add all these ethnic groups from failed cultures and civilizations, America will transform into a third world country. For your information, ‘third world’ serves as a euphemism for a failed country.”

To place these figures in perspective, Wooldridge stated, “138 million more people equates to doubling the population of America’s 35 largest cities. Imagine New York City with 16.6 million residents, 22 million people in the L.A. basin, or Chicago increasing to over 10 million. How will we feed, house, educate, medicate, or provide water and heat to 138 million more citizens?”

To place these figures in perspective, Wooldridge stated: “138 million more people equates to doubling the population of America’s 35 largest cities. Imagine New York City with 16.6 million residents, 22 million people in the L.A. basin, or Chicago increasing to over 10 million. How will we feed, house, educate, medicate or provide water and heat to 138 million more citizens?” Providing shocking statistics, Wooldridge continued: “Illegal aliens are overrunning California at a rate of 1,667 per day, every day, seven days a week, with 20 million more expected within the next 30 years. As a result, lifelong American-born California residents are fleeing to Washington state and Oregon. Today, California is facing not only a severe drought, but an exceptional drought. Their water shortages are irreversible and unsolvable. It’s a human Katrina. California will become America’s first third world state.” California isn’t the only danger zone, added Wooldridge. “Seven other states are facing severe water shortages right now,” he said. “Quite literally, food and water will vanish. If we don’t stop illegal immigration immediately, our children are condemned to catastrophic futures.”

Wooldridge doesn’t view this problem as strictly limited to an illegal Hispanic invasion. He told this reporter: “America has imported seven million Muslims and Africans over the past decade. Those who practice Islam hold no ethnic identity with English and European culture. Likewise, the African worldview is totally different than that of Europeans. Their culture is diametrically opposed to ours. That’s why so many blacks are in prison.” It’s not difficult to envision the problem awaiting this nation, Wooldridge warned. “There are ethnic consequences to allowing illiterate immigrants from failed cultures into this country. If we keep opening the doors to people from 140 different countries speaking 140 different languages, America will deform and transform into linguistic chaos. As such, America as we know it will turn into a multicultural society with multiple worldviews. We’ll never be able to maintain any type of national cohesion.” -  Offering an illustration, Wooldridge lamented, “Within the past decade over 100,000 Somalis have entered our country, with most of them now on welfare. Cities like Detroit already suffer from a 76% dropout or flunkout rate. So, young black girls get pregnant and go on welfare; 68% of all black children are born to single mothers.” The blowback from this situation is self-evident. According to Wooldridge, “Due to a fatherless society that plagues the black community, many teenagers join gangs. But I guarantee you, amid this racial strife, there will be more riots in the streets that’ll make Ferguson look like a kindergarten party. As this occurs, our country, our ethos, language and civilization are all going down.

A much-dreaded population bomb isn’t only set to explode in America. It’s already wreaking havoc in other parts of the world. Wooldridge’s analysis extends far beyond anything being delivered by corporate media sources.

“Bangladesh has 157 million residents,” Wooldridge began. “That’s half the number of people living in America, yet that country’s only the size of Iowa. They keep piling more people on top of more people. The human race has a problem. Countries like India and China keep having too many children. We’ve surpassed the critical-mass breaking point. China grows by 8 million people per year, whereas India adds 11 million per year. The population in Africa is currently at 1 billion, but by century’s end it’ll triple to 3 billion.”

Because of his vast travels, Wooldridge has witnessed an array of problems firsthand. “There are millions of people in India that are born, live and die in the streets without ever using an indoor toilet or shower. Their water is filthy, and many people haven’t bathed in months. Worse, 1,000 Indian children die from dysentery or diarrhea every day. Incredibly, the U.S. government is giving loans to these Indians, so they’re chain migrating into our country at a tremendous speed.”

Wooldridge next pointed to Europe as a case study of multiculturalism gone awry. “Before Muslims started flooding into Norway, rape virtually did not exist,” said Wooldridge. Now, practically every rape committed against white women is done by Muslims. The liberals who brought in these Muslims have literally destroyed Norway and Sweden. Their social experiment is going down in flames.”

Indeed, the nationalist website “Daily Stormer” reported on Febuary 27, “In Norway, diversity has been especially [tragic] for underage girls. A recent study shows that 10% of women in that country have been raped, half of them before they turned 18.” Moreover, in Oslo, Norway’s capital, nine of every 10 rapes are committed by non-European immigrants.

It’s not just Norway, Wooldridge said. “London and Paris are now split cities: one for whites and one for Muslims. The Muslim populations are exploding and nobody has a plan. When the numbers finally turn in Belgium, Holland, Norway and Sweden, you’ll see even more rioting and takeovers.”

Wooldridge next turned his attention closer to home.

“Haiti is 95% illiterate, and they’ve cut down 98% of their trees,” he said. “Utter sewage water flows through their streets, and the people can’t feed themselves. Over nine million residents from Haiti, the Sudan and Somalia have become refugees, and they’re looking to America as a place to go.”

The southern hemisphere isn’t any better, Wooldridge explained. “San Paolo can’t be seen as anything other than a sewage pit which drains into the Atlantic Ocean,” he said. “The beaches are brown with defecation. All of their polluted rivers have created a 27,000 square mile dead zone in the ocean.”

As a final example of some of the most troubled spots in the world, Wooldridge pointed to China. “Since Chinese leaders want all of their residents to buy cars and boost the economy, within 16 years that country will be using 98 million barrels of oil per day. That’s more than the entire world consumes.”

Considering this madness, Wooldridge warned: “This is what’s coming to our country. It’s a multicultural morass. Blacks, Muslims, Indians, Hispanics and Asians don’t want to become part of mainstream white society. They prefer to remain separate. Thus, we’re importing our demise as a civilization. The U.S. will become the victim of its own self-inflicted destiny.”

With rumors circulating that President Barack Hussein Obama via executive order will grant amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens following the midterm elections, a question must be asked: Is Obama deliberately trying to destroy America’s cultural heritage?
“It’s possible that Obama’s trying to bring this country to its knees,” said Wooldridge. “The easiest way to do so is by creating a multicultural society that kills America by its sheer numbers. In terms of amnesty for 30 million more illegals, I can only conclude that our nation is being culturally and religiously fractured on purpose.”

If amnesty is allowed to happen, Wooldridge believes the results will be disastrous.  “Philosopher Immanuel Kant said that language and religion binds a people together,” said Wooldridge. “By displacing the entire American heritage of language, religion and ethnicity with multiplicity, we’d be the first country in world history to completely displace its population by replacing the majority and making it a minority. By the year 2042, Hispanics will become the majority in America. All you have to do is put two and two together. I’m a mathematics teacher, and I’ve learned that numbers don’t lie.”  Clearly, Obama is advancing an agenda first enacted half-a-century ago.

Wooldridge agreed, providing the details to fill in the blanks. “In 1965 two Democratic senators, Teddy Kennedy and Howard Metzenbaum, upped immigration into America from 175,000 per year to 1.2 million a year. Kennedy wanted to create a multicultural and multiethnic country, so from 1965-2007 the U.S. added 100 million more people. Kennedy opened the floodgates that we’re still seeing today.”

If we’re to accept that a corrosive agenda is at play—one that holds the undermining of America as its ultimate goal—then Wooldridge points his finger directly at legislators in Washington, D.C.

“Within the past year, Congress upped legal immigration totals to 1.2 million per year, and that doesn’t include the 700,000 illegals that enter our country each year,” he said. “Although various think tanks are aware of America’s coming population crisis, most senators, representatives and governors are engaging in cognitive dissonance and an integrated denial of reality. None of them are in touch with what we’re facing. When it comes to water, pollution and exhausted resources, we can’t sustain these 1965 immigration rates that Kennedy put into effect. It should be cut down to less than 100,000 per year.”

Passionate about this subject like few others, Wooldridge urged AFP readers, “We have to pull together. I’m a Colorado resident, and the Denver Public School system is now forced to teach 172 different languages in their classrooms. Plus, with so much hatred for America around the world, do we think as a Christian nation that our worldview equates to the worldview of other non-Christian countries? The consequences of mass immigration into this nation will be our demise, especially considering that white Americans don’t reproduce at nearly the same rate as non-whites.”

As confirmation of Wooldridge’s reasoning, the United States ranks 132 among the world’s top 200 nations in reproductive rates. With a fertility rate of 1.97, America pales in comparison to others like Niger, Somalia, Chad and Mali, all whose reproduction levels triple the U.S. at over 6.0.

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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