Are You Free?

Do You Really Think You Are Free:

WHEN over 40% of your hard-earned money is stolen by fraud, via income taxes to support a central government bureaucracy gone mad?

WHEN you can’t drive on "free"-ways or public streets without a driver’s license and vehicle registration, or be thrown in jail?

WHEN you must pay "ransom" to the insurance company monopoly before you can drive your own vehicle on public streets or highways?

WHEN you must send your children to a government licensed school or the State will confiscate your property, kidnap your kids or put you in jail?

WHEN your state approved "tax exempt" church teaches only the one world religion of obedience to man’s government?

WHEN the nation’s police are more of a threat to life, liberty and property than the so-called "common criminals"?

WHEN you must ask the state for permission to marry?

WHEN you cannot practice "free"-enterprise without being regulated, licensed and taxed by the government?

WHEN you will be jailed for contempt for exercising "Constitutional" rights without some judge’s permission?

WHEN you must buy "freedom movement" or underground publications to learn the truth because the "controlled" media prints only one party-line propaganda?

WHEN the state tells you when, where and how to build on your own property and even denies you the right to modify unless you ask their permission first?

WHEN America has more political prisoners under lock and key than any other nation in the world and is busy building "concentration camps" to house even more?

WHEN government knows every financial transaction you make and your private banking records are made available to their prying eyes without your knowledge or consent?

WHEN your President is more concerned about a One World Order than the sovereignty of the country he has sworn to protect?

WHEN government and the people have no common interest whatsoever and must live together in a state of perpetual hostility?

WHEN everything you and your children will ever own is mortgaged to the world’s bankers and collectible on demand?

WHEN you must pay a ransom to the state in the form of property taxes or be thrown out of "your" home?

WHEN our government keeps borrowing billions from the illegal Federal Reserve System which prevents our economy from growing by controlling the flow of money and creates and loans money into existence creating an unpayable national debt?

WHEN you have a two party political system where both parties are owned and operated by the one world order international banking element? No matter which party is elected citizens lose!

No! Dear Fellow American, if you think America is the land of the free you are living in a dream world and still believe in fairy tales! Wake up before it is too late! It almost is!