Franklin Graham Was Right
by Dr. Ken Matto
Franklin Graham was 100% correct to call Islam a wicked and evil religion. It is far from being a peaceful religion. Their prophet Muhammad had 22 wives, and one of them was 8 or 9 years old when he went to bed with her. Her name was Aesha. He also had two women who were at his beckoned call. He was a lust-filled, womanizer.
Islam teaches that the rest of the world are infidels. It is not Christianity which puts to death those who follow Islam, but it is Islam who puts to death those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  They try to get us to believe that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible. This is a false statement. Before the 7th century in Arabia, the Sabeans worshipped the moon god. In fact, the part of the fertile crescent where Abraham came from was heavy into moon god worship. The Sabeans are mentioned in Job 1:15 as having attacked the home of Job’s children. It is believed that the book of Job may have been written around the time of Abraham. This would date it about 2000 BC. The Sabeans would have had a long history of idol worship until the time of Mohammed.
To authenticate that Islam is really the worship of the moon god, Allah, all one has to do is look at any mosque and you will see a crescent moon on it. In the 1950’s, there was a temple to the moon god excavated in Hazor in Palestine. The diggers found two statues of Allah, and imbedded in his chest was a crescent moon. Ramadan begins and ends with a crescent moon. Is all this coincidence? A billion people in this world are duped into believing they are on the right track with God. Islam is just another ancient religion with false deities.  Do you remember Iran in pre-Ayatollah days? The Shah of Iran tried to bring that country into modern times and when Ayatollah Khomeini took over, it went back into the dark ages. This is because Islam is a culture which dictates its adherents to never leave the 7th century. This is why we see many Muslim countries that have never come into the 21st century. Islam is the culture of 7th century Arabia.
Franklin Graham was also correct when he said, " it wasn’t Methodists or Lutherans flying into those towers." If Islam is such a peaceful religion, then why are they at the forefront of mass killings, bombings, terrorism, etc? It wasn’t born-again Christians who killed all the Marines in Lebanon, but the fanatical killers spawned by Islam. If Islamic countries really want to show how peaceful they are, then stop persecuting and murdering Christians, and allow religious freedom. The 7th century mentality of nomadic, despotic rulers is still alive and well in the Middle East.  This is why an Islamic leader can call for Jihad, or a killing of their own people, because under Islamic law they cannot be challenged.
It is a shame and disgrace that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson refused to stand with Franklin Graham on this issue. It is the responsibility for every true Christian to stand up and be counted. Now is not the time kowtow to a religion which has as its head an ancient moon god. As of 1991, there were 4 million Islamics in the United States and is growing at an alarming rate. The Islamics have overrun Germany, France and England. Guess who is next?
Franklin, you did well!!!    God bless you