Disaster Just Ahead
By Texe Marrs
Tea Party Activists asked for it. Unfortunately, they’re Going to Get What They Asked For.
Consider two scenarios:
Pilot whose plane is lost somewhere over the Pacific, flying with a defunct navigations system, on radio to anyone who will listen: “I don’t know where I am going, but at least I’m making good time.”
Tea Parties to corrupt Washington, D.C.: “We don’t know how and where you should cut spending, but we demand you cut our taxes and slash spending.”
In either of these cases, a wise person can easily predict the outcome: “Disaster just ahead.”
The coming Tea Party debacle is to me, a very sad situation. Such promise, such great tactics, such incredibly poor strategy, such a horrible failure coming right up. The Tea Parties are a great idea gone horribly wrong. True, the people are angry and fed up. They’re staging a long-needed popular rebellion, demanding taxes be cut and spending be slashed. Tea Parties probably are going to get quite a few of their candidates winning the November election and entering an otherwise corrupt and indifferent Congress. But, what then?
No Plan, No Specifics
In fact, the Tea Parties have no real plan, no specifics. Winning a few hard-fought elections is good, but there is not going to be much follow-up. Tea Party Republican Congressmen who win their seats thanks to Tea Party activism have nowhere to go once they take office. Some might say, well, they should all be “Dr. Nos”—they ought to vote “no” on spending measures. Good enough, but which spending are they to cut? The silence is deafening.
Most Tea Party Politicians Are Warmongers
How about all those trillions going for bloody, expensive wars and bogus homeland security? Well, think, folks—most Tea Party people are actually pro-war and pro-homeland security. In fact, the most ardent of the Tea Party ranks are your typical pro-Bush/Cheney, pro-Zionist neocons. They have bought into the ridiculous official 9/11 version of events. Many actually are convinced that Bush did an honorable thing in cranking up wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Sadly, most Tea Party people are warmongers. The fact that thousands of young American soldiers are dead and thousands more are maimed for life does not phase them. They are so demented that they have no sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, and Pakistanis slain, tortured, and disfigured by American bombs and bullets.
From what I can discern, most Tea Party activists don’t mind it a bit that the U.S. government has shoveled some four trillion dollars into these wars and as much as a hundred billion in foreign aid to the wealthy nation of Israel. They therefore have no problem with the huge bloated military budget that has resulted.
No one in the Tea Party leadership—and very few of the rank and file—are hollering: “Cut military spending; stop these futile, unnecessary wars; bring our troops home from the 130 countries overseas where they are stationed!”
Big Brother Police State Also to Continue
Likewise, the gullible of the Tea Party faithful actually believe the laughable myth that 19 inept Arabs and a shadowy genius mastermind walking on a cane and living in a cave, Osama bin Laden, did 9/11 and that “domestic terrorists” surround us and are on every street corner. The Tea Party Republicans—most of whom worshipped and adored President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney—have no problem with the tens of billions of bucks thrown to the winds each year in building up a Big Brother Police State. They agree with the unAmerican idea of giving up freedoms in exchange for protection from the “mean, old terrorists.”
If these two areas alone—military war spending and Big Brother homeland security spending were cut, America would have solved its deficit problem and taxes could be reduced. But—pardon my Texan dialect—It ain’t gonna happen because Tea Partiers love worthless wars and are genuinely frightened of virtually nonexistent Moslem and domestic terrorists.
Can you name me one leader of the Tea Parties—be it the little known local leaders or the ballyhooed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, John McCain or any of the Tea Party candidates for the Senate and House—who are publicly demanding the Feds slash war and Big Brother spending? No, in fact, they are fervent supporters of military and homeland security spending. Some even want the U.S. to attack Iran, to stop the “New Hitler” Ahmadinejad. Most see nothing wrong with the Feds torturing suspects, slamming citizens into gulag prison cells, censoring the internet, checking our mail, wiretapping our phones, and otherwise monitoring our daily lives.
Congressman Ron Paul’s Son a Zionist Warmonger
Yes, Congressman Ron Paul is heroically standing up and will vote against wars and this wasteful spending. But, uh oh—the Tea Partiers have given Ron Paul the old boot. Obviously, Tea Party organizers are warmongers and despise Mr. Paul.
There’s candidate Rand Paul, of course, Ron’s son—he’s a Tea Party favorite. Why Rand and not Ron? Simple. Rand Paul’s campaign webpage outlines his undying support for Israel! Translated: Give the Jews what they want—Middle East wars, foreign aid, homeland security, etc. Viva George Bush, viva Barack Obama, viva Benjamin Netanyahu, spend more money!  Ron Paul has warned of undue Israeli influence. His son, Rand Paul, embraces it. File closed.
What Spending Cuts?
Please, please tell me, where are all these spending cuts going to come from? While some in the Tea Party rank and file are angry over the illegal alien invasion, we are not seeing a clamor by most Tea Party leaders and speakers demanding that all illegal aliens be deported, so we can save billions spent on welfare, education, and healthcare for the millions of foreigners in our country. Sure, the Republicans and the Tea Party leaders all talk about enforcement of the borders, but what about the 35 million plus illegals already inside our borders?
Nor is any one in the Tea Party movement naming even one federal bureau or agency that should be shut down, even as the federal workforce drastically increases its numbers. No one is demanding that Pelosi, Reid, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama not be flown around the world in expensive U.S. Air Force jets at $1,000,000 or more a pop.
No one is demanding that all the limos on Washington, D.C. streets ferrying blowhard, useless diplomats, bureaucrats, and Congressmen be sold at auction. (After all, why are these crackerjack, pointy-headed politicians any better than you and me?—when’s the last time the government paid for a limo and chauffeur to pick you up and take you to work, a limo with a refrigerator and bar filled with liquor and “refreshments” in the back compartment?)
Is there even one Tea Party leader out there insisting that the tens of billions of foreign aid money annually going to the wealthy super-rich nation of Israel be ended? Why do homosexual and liberal “nonprofits” continue to get billions in government grants? Why billions for “AIDS” but peanuts for cancer, which is a thousand times more the killer? I could go on, but you get the picture.
The Establishment Politicians Have the Solution: Ordo Ab Chao
But wait, someone has come up with specifics on where and what to cut. The political establishment—Democrat and Republican—have got it solved. The Tea Parties want to slash spending but don’t have a specific agenda. They need someone to tell them where and what to cut. Goody, goody—Do the politicians ever have a solution! Thanks, too, for helping them work out their Hegelian Dialectic knot.
Ordo Ab Chao is the solution. You see, the chaotic Tea Parties want to cut spending. Presto! Like magic, the politicos have the solution that will bring “Order out of Chaos.” Let’s just cut entitlements, they are saying in unison. Let’s take it from the working folks.
Their Scheme: Cut Social Security and Medicare Entitlements
Yes, their solution is to slash the Social Security and Medicare benefits of the tens of millions of loyal Americans who all their working lives have poured so much of their salaries and earnings into this program. Just cut—cut Social Security and Medicare. Slam “entitlements.” In other words, shaft the working man.
And don’t say you didn’t ask for it, Tea Partiers. You fiercely demanded unspecified cuts in spending—and the elite prepared a trap for you. America is being deconstructed, beat down into a Third World economy, and you had no idea where all your complaining and protesting were taking you. Didn’t you realize it was all going to end up with the politicians slipping their grimy hands into your pocketbook?
Well, the elite knew all the time what they had planned: You folks demanded they cut spending but left it open as to where to cut. They, the elite, heard you loud and clear when you said, however, that you do not want to stop either war spending or Big Brother security spending. So cutting your entitlements is just the thing to help reduce the red ink.
Overall Spending Still Heading Up
Now, don’t expect the bloated federal budget to actually decrease in coming years. But thanks to Tea Party stupidity and nearsightedness, I do know one area of the budget that is going to be dramatically reduced: your Social Security and Medicare entitlements.
Now don’t get me wrong. Actually, overall spending for entitlement programs will increase. It has to, to enable the government to spread out benefits and redistribute your paid-in monies to all the tens of millions of foreigners illegally in America. These illegal aliens are very soon going to be made “instant citizens.”
That’s right—already Obama and Congress have voted for and approved that over the next decade $800 billion be taken from native born American citizens’ paid-in Social Security and Medicare and be spent instead on “ObamaCare,” much to go to illegals for welfare health benefits.
In the near future, Congress will take trillions more away from you and give it to the “new citizens”—Mexicans, Pakistanis, Hondurans, etc. Muchas Gracias, Americanos, Estupidos!
You Asked For It, You’re Going to Get It
You asked for it, Tea Partiers, you are going to get it. You wanted to continue the stupid and unnecessary wars in the Middle East, you are going to get them. You wanted to continue spending tens of billions for Big Brother’s Police State. You’re going to get it. Now, that’s all got to be paid for, so don’t complain when you discover that your hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits perform a magical shrinking act.
Don’t moan and whine when the military budget goes through the roof, either. The illegal wars and torture gulags that you support—in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and soon in Syria and Iran, are going to be expensive. And greedy Israel wants billions more U.S. bucks stuffed into its pockets, too. You Tea Party folks are big Israel Firsters, so keep your mouths shut and pay up.
And here’s the bottom line: Even after they slash your Social Security and Medicare, the federal government will still be in red ink up to its neck. That is why your Tea Party pals, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, have proposed a new national sales tax and also a V.A.T. (Value Added Tax)—a super, turbocharged national sales tax. These will go on top of today’s already outrageously high income taxes.
The Republican and Democrat parties thank you, Tea Partiers, for making all this possible. Welcome to the New World Order you are going to be paying for with your increased taxes.
My Tea Party friends, tragic though it is, you asked for it. Now you are going to get it.
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