The Crusades
Christian or Roman Catholic
By. Dr. Ken Matto
(Exo 20:16 KJV) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
For many years I have heard preachers and bible teachers and seminary professors refer to the Crusades as being of Christian origin. I have often wondered if any of these who believe that the Crusades were of Christian origin really know what true Christianity is all about. Do they know the difference between true Christianity and religious Christianity? The reason I placed the ninth commandment as a point of initiation is because when people refer to the Crusades as being Christian in origin, they are bearing false witness against the body of Christ and Christ Himself. True Christianity would never assemble a blood brigade, it was solely the work of the Vatican and its vassals.
Roman Catholicism is not Christian, nor has it ever been Christian. It is a system of pagan rituals which date back to the time of ancient Babylon, and since it was created about 300 A.D., has become more apostate as the years went by. The sorry element in all this is that the ecumenical movement has gripped hold on many Protestant churches and clergy, including many radio ministers who think that Roman Catholicism is just another denomination. Many Protestant churches are looking to partner with Rome. Men like Billy Graham has led the charge in compromising with Rome. I find it rather amazing that those who want to partner with Rome do not see that it is they who have compromised and Rome has never added one Protestant thing to their agenda. It is the Protestants who have surrendered to this pagan system in Rome.
This article is about the origin of the Crusades and not about the present sell out of the Protestant churches to Rome.
First Crusade - Pope Urban II (1095-1099)
Second Crusade - Pope Blessed Eugene III - King Louie VII enlisted by Bernard of Clairvaux (1147-1149)
Third Crusade - Pope Gregory VIII (1188-1192)
Fourth Crusade - Pope Innocent III (1198-1216)
Fifth Crusade - Pope Honorius III (1217-1221)
Sixth Crusade - Pope Gregory IX (1228-29)
Seventh Crusade - Pope Innocent IV (1248-1250)
Eighth Crusade - Pope Blessed Gregory X (1270) ?
Ninth Crusade - Pope Blessed Gregory X (1271-1272)
So here you have the list of the Popes who were in power when the Crusades were happening. The next time someone claims that the Crusades were of Christian origin, show them this list of the Popes. The last time I looked, it was only the Roman Catholic Institution who had Popes and not the Protestant church. The body of Christ would never organize crusades where people will be killed for political power. The Crusades were never of true Christian origin and when preachers speak about it, they must speak about who the real culprits were. The Roman Catholic Institution never represented the body of Christ on earth since it is made of all unbelievers. Dressing in religious regalia never made anyone holy, only the indwelling Holy Spirit upon salvation makes a person holy.