Reaching your Unsaved Co-Worker

By Dr. Ken Matto

Let's face it, we all have them. They are the co-workers who blaspheme from the minute we enter work to the minute we leave. We must realize these unbelievers have no fear of God as the Bible teaches us so plainly. (Psalm 36:1-5) This following statement is personal but I have stopped asking people to quit swearing because I realized I would not get any work done if I continually tried to police the mouths of my co-workers. Do not let Satan get you into bondage believing you must correct every foul mouth. For an unbeliever to stop swearing as a normal way of life it would mean require a radical transformation. In other words they must become saved.

Christians in this situation are comparable to Lot dwelling in Sodom, his righteous spirit was vexed all day long. (2 Peter 2:7-9) We are forced to dwell with unbelievers because we are commanded to work. Sending the Christian to work in a hostile environment is part of God's plan for world evangelization. The lion's share of unbelievers who work everyday never go to church and the only opportunity for them to see that Christians are not cultists and hypocrites is in the work place.

Now the question remains, how do I reach them without being labeled a troublemaker? This is where the Lord's statement is apropos. "Be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves." I would like to share 8 principles with you on how to reach your co-workers without repelling them.


1. If there is a group of believers where you work, do not participate in gossip groups. If we are sinning, how do we expect to reach others.

2. Pray and ask God for an opportunity to witness to people, one on one. Never try to witness to people while they are in a group. Satan's people are very bold in their groups. Wait for God's timing. The Christian's strength is in patience and endurance, not frontal charges.

3. Purchase some tracts and leave them around the lunchroom and in the bathrooms. Have the call letters of a local Christian radio station written on back. The amount you distribute in this manner is at your discretion.

4. If a group calls you over for a "Christian roast," go, and ask the Lord for wisdom. Read and understand Luke 12:11-12. Verse 12 is my Preaching Principle.

5. Save all your old Christian books and magazines and leave them in the lunchroom. You will probably be surprised who will read them. Normally the most vulgar person is the most hungriest for spiritual fulfillment.

6. Realize that many rejections will come but you are commanded to be obedient. Remember Noah preached God's word for a century without any results, so do not lose heart.

7. Gather all the Christians together in the workplace and invite them to one of the homes. Plan a strategy for evangelizing the work place. With a working plan, you would come down on your work place with a spiritual blitzkrieg.

8. Let every believer adopt a daily prayer time for one or two of the unbelievers. You will see a difference but it may get worse before it improves. This is Satan trying to increase his hold on his people. Satan fears the power of the church on its knees.

Christians rarely if ever win a victory through government or management, it is done through the power of Christ.