Christian Ignorance

Is it a Badge of Honor?

By Dr. Ken Matto

(1 Pet 1:14 KJV) As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance:

This article may come across as one lacking love but the type of love it will be lacking is the phony love that many Christians think is real. This article was triggered by listening to the October 10, 2003 broadcast of the Southwest Radio Church with guest Caryl Matriciana who did an expos on the book Harry Potter. Caryl was a former new age adherent and is quite competent to analyze books like Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a series of books based on the occult and witchcraft. She reported that many Christian parents are allowing their children to read these demonic books. These same parents only see this series as harmless fun. Witchcraft is the fasting growing religion among teenagers today. Witchcraft is recognized by the IRS as a religion and it is tax exempt. Bibles are not allowed in the classrooms but the Harry Potter series is allowed to be read aloud in those same classrooms. This shows the satanic stronghold on the public schools in this country. Now we cannot control what is taught in a school system dedicated to Satan but as Christians why would they ever want to get involved with witchcraft, even just reading the books plants ideas in a person’s head.

In the interview Caryl says, “Why are Christian parents or grandparents allowing their children to read books or see the movies that are an accurate portrayal of witchcraft which is desensitizing our children and also laughing in the face of God who tells us to stay away from sorcery and divination because He knows the seductive dangers of how this kind of thing can lure us away from God.”

For Christian parents to allow their children to read or even possess this stuff amounts to nothing more than spiritual child abuse. The parents are to rule the children, not the other way around. If the children don’t like it then take away their cell phone, MP3 player, computer, PDA, and any other baby sitter you bought for them. Get involved in your children’s life and know what they are being force fed in the failed school system. The Bible is replete with warnings about dabbling with the occult. When Christian parents allow their children to play with the occult, it is no longer ignorance, but is stupidity.

The above verse speaks about the term “ignorance” and in the Greek it means “a lack of knowledge or a want of perception.” When the Bible uses this term, it is always in the context of pre-salvation unbelief. When a person becomes a Christian, they are no longer considered ignorant since they now have the Bible as their guidebook. The Bible now becomes the guideline for Christian living. The reason that Christian children are being allowed to run free like the children of the Devil, is because of the pathetic spiritual condition of the parents. It is no wonder why it is so hard to tell who is saved and who is not. Today, there is little difference between the two groups. Christians who set aside the Bible and attempt to get their spiritual direction from the frauds on TBN or the amalgamated Gospel you hear on radio, are heading in the direction of spiritual failure. There should be a great outcry by Christian parents over the fact that their children are forced to hear such Satanism while going for an education.

I am not just pointing the finger at Christian parents but at all Christians in general. How long will you remain in ignorance about the serious events happening in and to the Christian community? Did you know that the Sodomites want to de-legalize marriage so they can get the same benefits for themselves as married people have? Christians have become so neutralized that they wouldn’t raise their voices if the Catholic Church started its inquisition again. Yet, there is an inquisition going on and it is aimed right at true Christianity. This inquisition is not coming at us with fagots and torches, but is coming at us through subtle invasion. In Canada, the Bible is considered hate literature because it condemns Sodomy. These sodomites who think they are on top of the world, should do a history check. They would find out that right before every major event of destruction in history, Sodomy had a prevalent place. Never before has any time in history seen what we are today. Same sex marriages, Bible as hate literature, occult invasion, removal of God’s Word from a courthouse, the mass persecution of Christians both physical and verbal, drugs, etc.

Now is not the time for Christians to remain ignorant. Christians lose their power simply because they lose interest in their Bibles. They would rather read Christian fiction, romance novels, prophetic fiction, and many others, only to keep themselves from knowing the word of God. Satan has gotten Christians to believe that we don’t need God’s Word. I can say this dogmatically because of the condition Christianity is in right now. If the same amount of Christians would study their Bibles as much as they read “Left behind” or other useless materials, there would be a mighty army and this world would know that the church of God is alive and well on planet Earth. Unfortunately, the only time Christians speak up is if they know there will be no consequences for their actions. Churches will speak up only if they won’t lose their tax exempt status. This means that the majority of churches are filtering their message through the godless IRS rules so they don’t offend the unbeliever. These churches are anathema.

Christian ignorance is not a badge of honor but a symbol of shame. Christians need to get back to the Scriptures and regain the strength Christianity once had. It is a shame that ungodly religions are making their way into this country and taking leadership roles while Christians are wallowing in the mud. If you want to know why Christianity is being overrun by false religions, Sodomites, and anti-Christian sentiment, then look to your own habits. When was the last time you read the Minor prophets, better yet when was the last time you read John 3:15 or 17? When was the last time you sat at supper as a family and discussed spiritual issues rather than discussing your arrogant 11 year old son’s useless sports trophies? Have you ever heard your daughter say that she would like to be like Ruth in the Bible or do you see her moving in the direction of wanting to be Britney Spears? The sad fact is the majority of Christians are biblically ignorant by design. Their refusal to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ is a sad commentary on our day. No, you can’t become biblically astute by reading your paperback NIV. The Bible was written by God to be studied and not hurried through. Biblical truths are eternal truths!

If you are reading this article and are angry, it is because I have described you well. Instead of being angry, assess where you are right now and begin to reclaim your spiritual heritage in the Kingdom of God. This world is passing away and may end very soon. What values do you think are up in Heaven? Are they the values of this world with all its sin and debauchery, or are they the righteous values set forth in the Bible? If you don’t know biblical values, then now would be a good time to start studying them. I don’t know where you are in your spiritual walk, but you need to ask yourself two questions. “Is God pleased with my walk?” and “Have others been led astray because of me?” The time to stop pleasing yourself is now and the time to start pleasing God is now!