The Car Buyer

By Dr. Ken Matto

A man was looking for a new car so he wandered into a New Car Dealer and went inside. He started looking at some of the models when the salesman approached him.

Salesman: Welcome to Mania Motors
Buyer: Hello, I am looking for a new car because my old car is out of date and I have trouble driving it.
Salesman: Well here at Mania Motors we sell many different models. What did you have in mind?

Buyer: Well I am not sure. One that is easy to drive. Can we look at your inventory?
Salesman: We sure can. Let me grab my coat.

Buyer: It looks like you have many different models. I will look at them and can you tell me the characteristics of them so I can make a decision?
Salesman: Not a problem - Maten Corporation makes many wonderful cars.

Buyer: What about this one?
Salesman: This is the Maraino but it has no headlights yet many buy it.
Buyer: Then how would I drive at night? What about this one?
Salesman: That is the Methuo but it has no steering wheel yet we sold hundreds.
Buyer: How would I turn the car? What about this one?
Salesman: That is one of our best models. It is the Miaino but it has no Windshield yet we can’t keep enough in stock.
Buyer: How would I see as the rain and snow would come in? What about this one?
Salesman: That is the Miasma but it has no seats yet we have sold more than other dealers have.
Buyer: What am I supposed to do, stand while I drive? What about this one?

Salesman: This is our bestseller. It is the Mnema but it has no engine.
Buyer: How can I drive it without an engine? I have seen enough, I don’t want any of your cars because they are all flawed and missing vital things.

Buyer: Calls Wife>>I will be home soon, I have to stop off at the Christian Bookstore.
Buyer walks into Christian Book Store and sees the salesman.
Buyer: Hello brother, I am looking to buy a Bible.

Salesman: I have plenty of versions but here is the latest. It is put out by Moichalis Publishing.
Buyer: Is it a good, accurate version?

Salesman: It is the most modern, up to date. It leaves out the name of Jesus 125 times, it is missing 60,000 words, it is translated from the oldest and best manuscripts, it does not speak about sin, it has many omissions and deletions, the editors reject Genesis 1-3, it questions salvation, Heaven, hell, Jesus as God, the Incarnation, the Resurrection, and the ascension.

Buyer: Sounds good I will take it!

The moral of the story: The average Christian shows more concern about what kind of car they drive over what Bible they use. They place the temporary over the eternal. They would never buy a car with such important things missing, yet they will buy and defend a Bible version which has many omissions and deletions of important teachings and doctrine without any concern for the consequences of such actions. If you would not buy a car with so many things missing, why would you buy a Bible with so many things missing? Think about it!