Acts 28:29
Acts 28:29
(KJV) And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves.
(1611 KJV) And when hee had saide these words, the Iewes departed, and had great reasoning among themselues.
(1526 Tyndale) And when he had sayde that the Iewes departed and had grete despicios amonge them selves.
(1382 Wycliffe) And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, Jewis wenten out fro hym, and hadden myche questioun, ethir musyng, among hem silf.
Counterfeit Versions
(CSB) Omitted
(NIV) Omitted
(NASV) [When he had spoken these words, the Jews departed, having a great dispute among themselves.]
(AMP) And when he had said these things, the Jews went away, arguing and disputing among themselves.
(NLT) Omitted
(ESV) Omitted)
(HCSB) [After he said these things, the Jews departed, while engaging in a prolonged debate among themselves.]
(NCV) Omitted
(RSV) Omitted)
(NAB-Roman Catholic) Omitted
(NWT- Jehovah’s Witnesses) Omitted
Textus Receptus - Traditional Text
kai tauta autou eipontoV aphlqon oi ioudaioi pollhn econteV en eautoiV suzhthsin
Hort-Westcott - Critical Text
Corrupted Manuscripts
This verse is corrupted in the following manuscripts:
Aleph 01 - Sinaiticus - Nineteenth Century Counterfeit
A 02 - Alexandrinus - Fifth century
B 03 - Vaticanus - Fourth century
E 08 - Sixth century
P 74 - Seventh Century
Manuscripts which agree with the Textus Receptus for this verse
Byzantine Text (450-1450 A.D.)
L 020 - Ninth century
P 025 - Ninth century
Published Critical Greek Texts with Corruptions
Omits entire verse
Lachmann, Karl - 1842
Tischendorf, Constantine - 1869
Tregelles, Samuel - 1857
Alford, Henry - 1849 revised in 1871
Wordsworth, Christopher - 1856 revised in 1870
Westcott and Hort - 1881
Weiss, Bernhard - 1894
Nestle - 1927 as revised in seventeenth edition in 1941
Nestle-Aland - 1979 - Twenty Sixth Edition
Nestle-Aland - 1993 - Twenty Seventh Edition
United Bible Societies - 1983 - Fourth Edition
Von Soden, Freiherr - 1902
Affected Teaching
The Apostle Paul had just finished telling the Jews that the Gospel is now being sent to the Gentiles because the hardness of the heart of the Jews. Those who heard Paul’s statements had great trouble with these words and that is why they had great reasoning among them concerning what Paul had taught them. The word for “reasoning” may also be understood as “dispute or discussion.” No doubt Paul had really stirred the pot and gave his visitors some things to think about. The way these people left Paul is the way that all should leave a good Bible study or sermon, and that is with great discussion. The modern churches have adopted such an innocuous Gospel that no one discusses it anymore, instead everyone feels good about themselves. A good message should always leave someone questioning and searching. (2 Cor 13:5 KJV) Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? Why this verse has been omitted in the modern versions remains a mystery but we can be sure that the modern versions leave no place for discussion since those who use them believe they have instant understanding because of the so-called “updated language” but then again, how can one have understanding of a passage when it is missing?