Proverbs 5:6-10
Prov 5:6 (KJB)
Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.
Here Solomon counsels his son to ponder the ways of the strange woman. Her ways are moveable which means that she can change her mode of sinful enticement which can cause a man to suffer increased lust. Many times a man falls into a woman’s trap and does not know he was trapped and will not be able to run from her. It is better to ponder the path of life before one gets involved in any type of adulterous relationship and realize that it is a satanic trap. This pondering must also be done when one comes in contact with a false gospel dripping with smooth oil. This world holds many traps for the true believer and those traps come spiritually and physically because as long as we are in this physical body, we can be tempted in the flesh very easily and because the flesh is weak, we can fall very fast.
Prov 5:7 (KJB)
Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.
The word “therefore” always brings us back to what was just said and points us to what is going to be said. Solomon counsels his children to heed his words and not depart from what he is teaching them because all the problems which he just revealed will come upon them if they decide to ignore his words. Anytime a believer ignores the warnings in Scripture, there will always be consequences to the evil actions. There is no such thing as being able to control it. The reality is that you should not be controlling sin but avoiding it because sin eventually gets out of control and decimates the person fooling around with it.
Prov 5:8 (KJB)
Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:
Here is an admonishment to avoid the temptation by staying as far away from her as possible. The problem with too many Christians today is that we see how close to the fire we can get without getting burned. You cannot flirt with temptation and believe that you can walk away unscathed simply because if you dwell at the sin pot, your mind will eventually create a justification for taking the plunge. Once you have a mental justification, it is only a short step to acting on that impulse and sometimes sin can bury us so deep that we feel it is impossible to come back and then we have guilt believing we let God down plus whenever we flirt with sin we can be guaranteed that we will lose our testimony. Christians have much to gain by avoiding temptation and much to lose by succumbing to it.
Prov 5:9 (KJB)
Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel:
Honour - Glory or vitality
Here is another tenet of an adulterous relationship which many do not factor in because they are blinded by the belief that all will be just pleasure. If one gets caught up in an adulterous affair, then there is going to come a time when the pouring out of material goods will begin. An adulterous relationship is like a tornado, it sweeps everything in its path which means that a person will be giving and working hard to support their adulterous lover. That siphoning off of your vitality will bring you to a point of total weakness trying to maintain that relationship. An adulteress will expect to be taken care of and you will be working extra hard to take care of her. The situation will be a cruel situation for you as you try to maintain it and not be found out. The years of cruel will be the years of sin and uncleanness that you will be wallowing in. This cruelty will also come upon you very heavily if you are found out either by friends or by her husband. The adulteress herself will know that she has you and that you will be unable to leave her, especially if she threatens to expose you. This is why Solomon is admonishing his children to never get involved with an adulteress. This is also a warning to us that we must never become involved with a false gospel because it saps our strength and it becomes a cruel taskmaster, especially if it is one that is steeped in works. All your life will be relegated to that false gospel.
Prov 5:10 (KJB)
Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labours be in the house of a stranger;
Instead of building your own house, all your wealth and labor will be to support the house of the adulteress. It will take all your goods and labor as if you threw them down the well. The house of the stranger will always be a bottomless pit and will never be satisfied. What if the adulteress decides to blackmail the adulterer? That would mean all his money and effort of labor would be to cover his sin. We remember seeing this back in 1987 with Jim Bakker when he paid Jessica Hahn $265,000 in hush money to keep their adultery quiet. Guess what? It didn’t work, it became as public as the daily weather report. This is why we are admonished heavily to run as fast as we can from the temptress or the tempter. (James 4:7 KJV) Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. False gospels are also bottomless pits as they take your strength and finances continually.