Proverbs 14:16-20
Prov 14:16 (KJB)
A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident.
Rageth - Pass on or pass through - moving from one location to another
Confident - To trust or place confidence in
The wise man will fear the Lord and that fear will bring about a departure from doing anything evil. He knows that if others know him as a Christian and he is caught doing evil things, then he will lose his testimony and people will also start labeling Christianity as a fraud. He departs from evil because he knows that the end of evil acts can cause him much pain and he can lose his life if he persists but his proper fear of God prevents him from crossing over any boundary. On the other hand, the fool does not think or consider such things as consequences. He continues to go on in his foolish ways and ventures. He may not be successful in one city so he may go and try his evil ways in another city in hopes of capturing some of the wealth. He may not even move to another location but may go from one scheme to another. I remember years ago when I was caught up in the Multilevel marketing schemes. I ran into people who went from one system to another and always wound up on the short end. The companies which I was involved in have all gone bankrupt except for one. I made nothing in these schemes. This is why a foolish person feels confident in them because they are always believing the advertising that they will become millionaires and never work again. The ones I know are back at work.
Prov 14:17 (KJV)
He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly: and a man of wicked devices is hated.
Soon angry - Quick Tempered
Devices - Plans
Hated - An emotional attitude toward someone who is abhorred or disdained
The person who has a quick temper will definitely act in foolishness. This person will make all kinds of mistakes which will affect himself and others. Hasty words or actions are never based upon good planning methods. If he sees that he is not getting his way, he is liable to sabotage those who are. A quick temper will never accomplish anything nor will it ever gain friends. Those with quick tempers are apt to commit violent acts against others. Then a man who lives on wicked plans will be hated by all those he comes in contact with. No one likes to work or associate with someone who consistently concocts plans which are evil. This man too will never accomplish anything and he will not gain any friends, in fact, he will be hated and people will desire to get away from him.
Prov 14:18 (KJB)
The simple inherit folly: but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.
Inherit - To take possession of
Crowned - Wear like a headdress
Knowledge - Skill or perception
Since the simple have probably come from parents who have trained them by their own way of life, the simple seem to inherit foolishness. As soon as they are old enough, they begin to make their own foolish decisions which eventually will come back to them in the form of some type of consequences. It seems in some family lines there is a perpetuity of foolishness. On the contrary, those who are prudent or clever, are satiated with proper skill through knowledge and their actions are so visible to others, that it is like they are wearing their skill like a headdress.
Prov 14:19 (KJB)
The evil bow before the good; and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.
Bow - Brought low
Sometimes it seems that the ways of the wicked are superior in this life and it may seem like they are more beneficial than the way of the righteous. Yet, when the end comes, the evil will be brought low and the wicked will be brought low before the gates of the righteous. In ancient times, those who ruled in the city would sit at the gates where they would observe all the commerce going on from visitors from other cities and kingdoms. Our Proverbs verse states that there is going to come a time when the believers will rule and the unbelievers will bow before them, either in deference or in principle. It may be at the Great White Judgment when the believer shares in the final judgment in some manner. Nevertheless, even though worldly methods seem more correct, the way of the righteous always yields the right fruit and the right results.
Prov 14:20 (KJB)
The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the rich hath many friends.
Here is a principle which is entrenched in the world. Those who are rich will have many friends and the reason they have many friends is because they are rich. They may be altruistic and give much to charities, of course, receiving their name on a big plaque to be posted where they gave and that they gave. If the rich were not rich, they would be in the same boat as the poor person who is hated even of his own neighbor. The poor people cannot give big chunks of money to causes nor can they dedicate much time because they must make a living and raise their own families because they cannot afford a butler or nanny. In every society, poor people are looked down on and are treated as cattle by the wealthy. One principle is that if a poor person has a friend, they are a friend for the right reason because the poor person cannot give them things to buy their friendship. Many rich people have to buy friendships and therefore, they are the truly lonely ones on earth today. That is why many rich people turn an evil eye to the poor because their lives are lived in reality and that raises the jealousy level of the rich.