When I lost a job in June of 1990 and was not hired in another job until October 1992, I thought sometimes that God had abandoned me. I did not work for 27 months and during that time I had a knee operation, chest pains, in fact, I had an EKG and the attending physician stated that I had a very tiny heart attack. It wasn't until 1995 I found out that I didn't. This was a bleak time in my Christian walk, as I sent out over 1000 resumes but received very little response. Here I did and taught giving to God's work and as little as I had, I gave, and the Scriptures teach that give and it shall be given to you. I wondered why I was out of work so long.

I knew cheap, self-centered Christians buying everything they wanted with disregard for the Great Commission or even my situation. One of my Christian friends was even bragging to me that he was making so much money, yet didn't help me out with even a penny. Yet, during this time God taught me one overwhelming lesson and that is "will I be faithful under serious times of adversity?" 27 months of unemployment is definitely serious adversity. While even to this day, I do not fully know why I was out of work for that long period of time, yet I know that God had a purpose for it, and it may be to write this book so other believers can cope with their unemployment situation. I submitted this book to some publishers but they rejected it. Now I offer it to the world free of charge and may God bless it to your heart. Feel free to download it and use it to help yourself or others, the only thing I ask is that you do not sell it or charge anyone where this material is being used to help. That is "Simony!"

 Dr. Ken Matto

September 28, 1997

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