Mark 7:26-30

Mark 7:26 (KJB)
The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation; and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.

The woman was Greek which meant that she was a Gentile and not a Jew. The term “Greek” at that period in history was synonymous with the term “Gentile.” This is why the Jews had stated that Paul brought Greeks into the temple which meant he polluted the sanctuary. (Acts 21:28 KJV) Crying out, Men of Israel, help: This is the man, that teacheth all men every where against the people, and the law, and this place: and further brought Greeks also into the temple, and hath polluted this holy place. The woman was “Syrophenician” which meant she was of Phoenicia in the province of Syria. The tense of the verb behind “besought” meant that she was continually begging Jesus to free her daughter from that devil which possessed her.

Mark 7:27 (KJB)
But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.

God’s initial plan of evangelization was to bring the true Gospel to Israel first and then the Gentiles. This was also the plan under which the Apostles worked after Pentecost for a while. This is why Jesus is telling her that the children must be filled first, that is, the children of Israel must first be filled with the Gospel. It is not proper for the Gospel to be given to others when the nation of Israel had not heard yet. Now He refers to casting crumbs to the dogs. Jesus is not being mean or derogatory but He was using the terms the Jews used back then to describe the Gentiles. Dogs were unclean animals under the law. Jesus was setting up another teaching lesson.

Mark 7:28 (KJB)
And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs.

The woman did not deny what Jesus had spoken concerning the dogs and the children’s bread. Then the woman answers Jesus by stating that even the dogs eat of the food which comes from the table of the master. By making this statement, she was showing that her faith was unshakeable and that she believed that Jesus was going to answer her request. She knew that even the smallest crumb of power from Jesus would be sufficient enough to drive the devil out of her daughter. This woman showed the utmost persistence and would not be deterred from her petition. She could have left in rage after being compared to a dog, but she did not. (Luke 18:1 KJV) And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; She gives a good lesson on the persistent prayer life. The nation of Israel did not like the true Gospel so the Gospel then went off their plate and went to the Gentiles. Jesus knew that she understood what He was saying. From the time of Abraham to the present, the focus was on the house of Israel but soon it will turn from them to the entire world. No longer would God be focusing on one nation.

Mark 7:29 (KJB)
And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.

Jesus was very satisfied in her hearing and understanding of what He was saying. The fact that the woman showed faith was what Jesus responded to and that resulted in her daughter being healed from devil possession. It seemed the resistance that she met from Jesus only served to strengthen her faith even more. Sometimes when we pray about a situation, the situation seems to get worse or more intense but when the answer comes, that intensity will serve to make the answer more welcome. Jesus then finally verbally acknowledges her great faith to all around them. She would not relent one bit and that resulted in her receiving the petition about her daughter and the result was that her daughter was freed from the possession by that devil. One other great principle taught in this story and that is the woman did not plead for herself, but for her daughter. Her faith was great on behalf of someone else. How many times will we remain persistent in prayer for ourselves but will pray only glib prayers for others, even family members?

Mark 7:30 (KJB)
And when she was come to her house, she found the devil gone out, and her daughter laid upon the bed.

Then as she returned to her home, she had found that the devil which possessed her daughter was gone and her daughter was laid out on the bed and no doubt was resting because being possessed by a devil can be a very traumatic experience which can weaken the physical body. She was instantly restored to health at the moment Jesus commanded that devil to leave her. The mother had an opportunity to see her faith realized.